NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-25-2020 10PM ET

NPR News: 09-25-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President. Donald Trump has not yet announced his choice to fill the seat on the Supreme Court. Love bacon by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but sources are saying the president tomorrow. We'll name Judge Amy. Coney. Barrett has his choice Trump could still change his mind. But NPR's Nina totenberg says that the federal judge from Indiana is confirm allow Trump to put in a store conservative stamp on the high court and changed the Dynamics of future Court decisions would dramatically change the court because it would be closely divided as it was until now in most cases just chief justice Roberts votes with the conservatives in the closely-contested cases, but not all of them there have been a few and which he notably has devoted otherwise and instead we would have a course at 6 to 3. They could conservative could afford to lose the Roberts vote. For example.

For a quick confirmation for Barrett if she is confirmed at age 48 you would be the youngest Justice on the court Florida Governor Ron DeSantis today lifted all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses and move to reopen the state's economy. Despite the spread of the coronavirus Republican Governors movie short of revoke debating a politically crucial state where the coronavirus pandemic is hit especially hard nearly fourteen thousand deaths a federal judge's ousted President. Trump's top public lands official NPR's Kurt Ziegler as more of the lawsuit blocking William Perry pendley from continuing to serve as temporary head of the Bureau of Land Management a post. He's held for more than a year. The ruling is in response to a lawsuit by Montana's Democratic governor who would argue penley leading the agency is illegal because he's never been confirmed by the Senate following months of pressure by democrats and some Republicans President Trump withdrew his late hour nomination of penley in August yet. He would continue to lead the agency that manages rough.

A tenth of all the land in the US Henley has long been polarizing prior to coming to the post. He called for us public lands to be transferred to the states or possibly sold. You also spent much of his career as an attorney challenging the agency. Do you know who leads the department of interior spokesman tells NPR the decision will be immediately appealed Kirk Sigler NPR news section of outdoor dining in the city year-round. It says the change will be made permanent program being put forth by the Marilao wing restaurants to see customers on sidewalks and parking spaces for the foreseeable future program has been a lifesaver for many of the city's restaurants with the route in 10,000 currently taking part begun WNYC public radio today to Blasio said he wants to change and become part of the life of New York City for years and generations to come stocks gained ground on Wall Street today the Dow as of 358 points the NASDAQ 241 points, you're listening to NPR.

European union says it will appeal a court decision ruling that apple does not have to repay 15 billion dollars in back taxes to Ireland you feel comes after a legal victory for apple and its long-running fight with the European commission or remotely Nationals ability to strike special tax deals with individual EU countries. The country's largest national forest is Eric Stone of member station, krbd reports the move would open lands for projects on more than 9 million Acres.

Alaska state officials have pushed to roll back the clinton-era roadless rule in the tongass national forest for years some see it as a way to revitalize the Region's struggling Timber industry. But Senator Lisa murkowski, does it only about 1% of the tunguska would be open to old-growth logging renewable energy and Recreation projects environmental groups of hunting grounds and contribute to climate change a final decision could come in as little as 30 days for NPR news. I'm Eric Stone in Ketchikan Alaska was on the endangered species list of games for the birds are also appears to be some debate among environmental groups over just how much of resurgence there's been. However, the red-cockaded Woodpecker has been on the endangered list, but under proposal could move to the threatened list for Disney.

I found 11 states. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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