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Flying from NPR news on Korva Coleman former Vice President, Joe Biden wants to spend nearly eight hundred billion dollars on caregiving for both children and adults if he's elected president and here's got death row has more than one ounce of proposal this afternoon in Delaware. If the latest in the series of economic plans, the Biden campaign is role in clean energy body wants to lower the cost of childcare through tax credits and state administered subsidies that would go to lower and middle-income families. He also wants to set national standards mandating pre-kindergarten options for three and four-year-olds plan would also spend hundreds of billions of dollars eliminating Medicaid waiting list for Home and Community Care options for older and disabled adults from closing loopholes and exemptions in real estate taxes Scott Detro NPR News Washington increase in the US more Governors are mandating that residence Ware, Mass.

What could this move help avoid a return to lockdowns many scientists say yes and PS3 Eisenman explains researchers at the University of Washington recently reviewed doesn't the studies comparing outcomes in places where Matthews was low with Wonder. It's been high your conclusion. If 95% of people wear cotton masks when interacting with other people each infected person will go on to infect 30% fewer people and forty thousand deaths would be avoided between now and November 1st Thursday based on that evidence. She Shot director of Harvard Global Health Institute says, he thinks widespread mask use could have hurt the need for shutdowns in Brewing hotspots says we've got to at least give it a shot and Rita eisenmann NPR news news report says the Trump Administration will send 150 Federal officers to Chicago Gregory.

Proud of the Chicago Tribune newspaper told NPR's Morning Edition to the officers mission is unclear. President Trump is a ministration have been vague about it. And even after we broke the story that they were going to send these these agents the mayor's office said the feds hadn't shared any definitive plans with the city which has raised some concerns, especially after what you saw out of Portland. We're federal agents reportedly snatch protesters off the streets and threw them into unmarked Vehicles without explaining why they were being detained Federal officials say they're in Portland, Oregon to quell violence, especially your federal buildings. But Oregon public broadcasting reports Federal officers are detaining people who are not near Federal property and it's not clear if all the people pulled off the street have committed any crimes

On Wall Street, the Dow is up more than 300 points. You're listening to NPR news.

Local media in Ukraine's Capital Kiev say a bomb specialist has disarmed to explosives at a City Market separately an armed man took over a long distance bus in Ukraine about 250 miles west of the city. It's not clear how many people aboard he's holding hostages, but the man claims he has explosives the International Organization for migration reports that more than 10,000 people in Yemen have left their home since April because they fear getting the coronavirus Lisa's line reports from Geneva. They remain inside Yemen, despite the Civil War you and migration spokesman Paul Dillon says false information about the coronavirus is one of the key drivers of this new cause of internal displacement on a phobia directed displaced people my grandson. Otherwise in Yemen in other contexts as a result of these false narratives,

People regard hospitals as a source of infection and go there. When is too late to treat their symptoms many don't seek medical treatment for fear of being stigmatized by their communities if they test positive for the disease for NPR news. I'm Lisa schlein in Geneva the top prosecutor in St. Louis has charged a couple with the unlawful use of weapons when they displayed guns in front of their house during a protest against racial Injustice. The couple were photographed holding their gun as protesters marched through their neighborhood supporters say they were lawfully defending their property.

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