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NPR News: 09-27-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst President Trump is defending himself against the report that he paid you $750 in federal taxes in each of his first two years in office. If you're is Franco Ordonez reports on the bombshell report by the New York Times that Trump is dismissing calling a story is made up and emphasize the truth would eventually come out when is taxes were released after a long-awaited audit but paid a lot a lot of state income taxes to the New York State charges a lot and I paid a lot of money at stake and it won't be revealed is going to come out and claimed he cannot release his taxes because they're under audit but there is no prohibition stopping him from doing South siding tax return data spanning two decades the New York Times reported that Trump paid no income taxes at all and 10 of the previous 15 years because he reported losing more money than you

Franco Ordonez NPR news reports the order provides a temporary roof. Heaved to Tik Tok which Trump has spent months targeting over its Chinese ownership yet again will be saved for now. A US District Judge has sided with Tik Tok that Trump's ban of the app constitutes a violation of free speech rights or short-term victory for the Chinese own. Came after an emergency hearing in which Tik Tok lawyer said shutting down the app would be like locking the doors to a public forum less than 40 days before a presidential election to talk long-term prospects though. Remain murky the at must find a u.s. Fire by November or will be closed in the US and a deal to rescue the app led by software company Oracle and Walmart appears to be stalled Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco

Power shut-off is underway for tens of thousands of customers in California's Northern and Central Sierra region due to extreme fire risk from ever station. KQED. Sarah hosseini has more PG&E says it will be energized certain electrical lines admit strong Gusty winds expected to persist through Monday morning official say power can be restored once workers in Chernobyl lines were damaged in a recent report to State Regulators. The utility revealed that its Crews found widespread damage to equipment after its last shut off earlier this month. They included downlines snapped poles and branches that is blown into wires. All of which it says could have sparked wildfires had they not been turned off for NPR news on Sarah hosseini and in Northern California wine country the fast-moving glass fire that broke off this morning has burned some 1,500 acres and is 0% contained evacuation orders have been issued for parts of the Napa Valley you listening

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Flexeril government of Yemen and houthi Rebels have agreed to immediately release more than a thousand prisoners. At least I Shyne reports is part of the UN brokered agreement that was reached in Switzerland when implemented this will be the largest prisoner swap between yam is boring party since the conflict began in 2015 US Special Envoy Martin Griffiths is calling on the parties to build a disagreement and swiftly moved to release more detainee's relief and comfort to more than a thousand families.

Who will be reunited with our loved ones because of your ex and your decisions mainly by Saudi arabian-led Coalition airstrikes for NPR news. I'm Lisa schlein in Geneva. The remains of 117 Chinese soldiers who died in the Korean War were returned to China today. Most of the remains were found in the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea. Today's Handover of the remains to Chinese officials at an airport outside soul is the 7th annual Refrigeration ceremony. It was delayed because of the pandemic so far the remains of 716 Chinese soldiers have been sent home Asian markets are trading higher at this hour of the Asia Dow up a fraction the Nikkei the main Market in Japan after only six tenths of a percent US futures contracts are also trading higher at last check on Jeanine Herbst Angeles.

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