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NPR News: 09-29-2020 11PM ET

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live from NPR news on Shea Stephens a contentious debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee. Joe Biden has concluded in Cleveland and Tiaras Barbara sprunt has details. The first of the three scheduled presidential debates was more of a shouting match than a discussion of the issues Fox News Sunday moderator Chris Wallace in treated both candidates to stop interrupting each other and answer his questions on Health Care the coronavirus pandemic and the future of the Supreme Court Wallace warned Trump that he was the bigger offender as he talked over both the moderator and the former vice-president the pair traded insults constantly with Biden calling Trump quote. The worst president America has ever had Trump intern reviews fighting for what he sees as an ineffective tenure as a former vice-president and Senator Barbara Sprint NPR news warp speed. That's the crash program to develop a coronavirus vaccine as nprc.

Good luck and reports government contracts for those drugs could be kept secret NPR has learned that operation warp-speed has issued more than six billion dollars in coronavirus contracts through a non-government intermediary this approach allows operation warp-speed to award the money quickly, but can weaken the oversight and transparency of traditional Government Contracting Robin Feldman a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the law says, it makes some sense to cut through red tape during a crisis, but there's a trade-off we have to be on a wartime footing with we have to operate in in a different way. However,

We have to be careful about what we throw out in that process a senior Administration official tells NPR that the government took this approach to address a pandemic Sydney Lufkin and PR news call Merlin's are helping Cruz get a better handle on one of the mass of wildfires devastating parts of California is Wine Country in Sonoma County. Laura Colgate says, she and her neighbors had little time to flee it's emotionally exhausting but we walked past the neighbor's house and they had a chicken pen and you can see all the chickens were not that didn't make it, Calistoga in Napa County have to evacuate Alano rebates. That's things are bad, but could have been worse in his community and the County's Deer Park neighborhood neighborhood. That's the school. I went to grade school at be gone, but that's the positive is that we're all here. I haven't heard of anybody that I know that is passed away due to this fire. So it's a huge.

Singing this so-called Zog fire North of San Francisco is still burning out of control after claiming three lies and Destroy nearly 150 structures lower as investors awaited the outcome of the first presidential debate the Dow lost 131 points. This is NPR.

Walt Disney Company is laying off 28000 workers from his Parks experiences and products division as NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports Disney theme parks resorts and Cruises have been devastated by covid-19 for stiff need a shutter businesses around the world in a letter to employees Josh tomorrow chairman of Disney Parks experiences and products, right? We are now forced to reduce the size of our team across executive salary and hourly roles of the twenty-eight Thousand employees affected 67% are part-time since April Disney covered health care costs to furloughed employees. Tomorrow says Disney is talking with impacted employees as well as to the Union's on next steps tomorrow cause a decision heartbreaking but the only feasible option do to the continued uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic Elizabeth Blair. NPR news says he is not opposed to

Purchase order to release transcripts of the grand jury deliberations in the Brianna Taylor investigation Daniel Cameron acknowledges that he never recommended homicide charges against any of the police officers involved in the shooting death of Taylor during a botched raid on her home. One of the three officers is charged with wanton endangerment for firing bullets at and Ruth the home of Taylor's neighbor an unnamed member of the grand jury requested that the information be brought to light you are so users are higher in pre-market trading Asian Shares are mixed. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR News sports.
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