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Food is and always has been political if that wasn't clear before the events of 2025 revealed his true and in exactly where fashion so this season we're diving deep learning about the nomadic roots of the Fulani people from the makers of Whetstone media, its point of origin season 3, and I'm inviting you to travel with me your host Stephen Satterfield for another tour of the world of food worldwide.

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Good morning. This is Laura.

Welcome to the new corner office the podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work or location and hours are more flexible than in the past.

Today's tip is to find ways to savor your Monday lunch break. Mondays can be hard but by putting something intentionally enjoyable into the middle of your work day. You make the start of the work week feel far more doable.

So if you're working remotely and flexibly Mondays may feel better now than they did in the past part of that Monday morning dread almost always stemmed from a stressful commute if you're working from home that's gone. But even without the cold and the rain and the traffic it can be hard to transition into work mode from a really good weekend the next break. That is the next weekend can seem a long time in the future but there's a simple way around this plan something fun pretty soon into your Monday work Day offers a good spot for this. You're only a few hours in and anyone can make it to a few hours, right? That's a small wait for something you find genuinely enjoyable.

There are lots of ways to stay for your Monday lunch break. I like to plan a really good meal. We often Grill over the weekend. So my Monday lunch will be leftover steak with either veggies or on a salad a really good grilled steak make salad taste a lot more pleasant to this is a big win in my book. You can order from your favorite restaurant or in person dining is available. This can be a great time to go out maybe with any family members who are also working from home.

But good food isn't the only option for savoring. You might intentionally build in a longer break and go for a run or walk somewhere lovely near your house. You can carve out 20 minutes to read a good book or enjoy a favorite magazine. If you're working from home. Other options present themselves to like taking a 20-minute bubble bath or an app go browser favorite book store or nearby museum. Just choose something. You are genuinely going to look forward to plan ahead. Don't tell yourself all come up with something fun on Monday morning. You won't feel like thinking about it planning ahead. Also allows you to spend more time. Looking forward to the good stuff on Sunday night. You want to find yourself thinking. Wow, I can't wait until my Monday lunch break set of darn Monday again.

And then this is key guard this space. Well, it is so easy to give lunch away. Someone wants to meet or a project is taking longer than you expected. But if you want to reap the benefits of savoring Monday lunch, you need to trust that you won't just give it away for nothing. You are probably better off working a little later in the evening rather than giving up our plan fun. So today and moving forward think about what would make your Monday lunch break. So enjoyable that Monday mornings will start to seem exciting if you can pull that off. Well, you will have a whole lot more happiness and your working life.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to succeeding in the new corner office.

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