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NPR News: 10-01-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman. The labor department has released its latest weekly report on unemployment. It says 837000 people file first-time claims for jobless benefits last week. That's a little less than the prior week tomorrow. The labor department will release September's employment reports. These won't be reflected yet in unemployment figures but starting today American Airlines and United Airlines are furloughing a combined 32,000 employees are travel has slumped because of the pandemic the carriers got Federal coronavirus relief Aid and agreed not to lay anyone off for September 30th United flight attendant and that Halep flew her last flight last week. I have I Dreamed a Dream

I don't have any answers right now your line say they're seeking a fresh 25 billion dollars in federal aid to make payrolls through March the Centers for Disease Control and prevention has extended a ban on cruises from u.s. Ports and Piers Greg. Allen says the cdc's no sale order expires at the end of October the CDC suspended cruises from u.s. Ports and Marge bars out brakes on a number of ships with at least 41 deaths in this extension. The federal agency says outbreaks on cruise ships currently operating overseas and amplify the spread of covid-19 axios is reporting the CDC director Robert Redfield wanted to extend the cruise band of February was overruled by the White House, the cruise industry has develop protocols currently in use in Europe that require all passengers and crew to be tested before embarking the statement. The cruise lines International Association says, it's confident. It can resume sailing safely from u.s. Ports building on what it hails as its success in

Greg at 1 NPR news, Miami the former CEO of bankrupt Murray energy corporation has filed a claim for black lung benefits by Marie spent years fighting mine safety regulations aimed at reducing the disease. They've missed each of West Virginia Public Broadcasting has more just after his company filed for bankruptcy in October 2019, Marie told NPR. He had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, but it was not linked working underground in mines but his claim for benefits argues. Otherwise the 80 year old writes on a labor department form that he is heavily dependent on oxygen and near-death. He now says his diagnosis is from years of working on the ground first as a minor and then later while supervising operations in 2014 Murray energy spearheaded a lawsuit against the Obama Administration Federal rule that strengthen control coldest in mines that causes black long, like other Co-operators Murray's companies have disputed the claims made by miners who seek black lung benefits for NPR news.

Dave Mystic on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages of 82 points at 27872. You're listening to NPR news.

Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny continues to recuperate in Germany. He was poisoned in Siberia Russia in August and flown to Berlin for treatment speaking to a German publication them only says he blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for the poisoning attack navalny also says he intends to return to Russia South Africa has lifted a ban on International tourism following a drop-in coronavirus cases for travelers from 60 high-risk countries are still not welcome. Ishma phone to call has more from Harare pandemic induced a ban on travel into the country, but the country is not taking any chances by welcoming tourist from high-risk countries. However, international relations Minister Nellie G Pandora announced some exceptions only

Persons who are high schools Visa hold us who are investors in the economy of South Africa or diplomats will be allowed entry needs to produces certificate proving. They were tested not more than 72 hours before traveling on arrival in South Africa besides the production of the certificate. I know restrictions on Old traveling from the rest of Africa for NPR news. I am is muffled equal in Harare. They defeated the Miami Heat 116 298 during the fourth quarter La LED Miami by as many as 32 points. This is NPR.
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