NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-02-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 10-02-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump says he and first lady Melania Trump are waiting their latest coronavirus test results senior Trump aide. Hope Hicks has tested positive for covid-19 after traveling with the president multiple times this week Trump tells Fox News. His social distancing is not easy the Marines and I'm whippin the police officers that with him so much and when they come over, he's very hard to say stay back stay back. You know, it's it's a tough kind of a situation is a terrible thing tweeted that he and the first lady will begin their quarantine process. The Trump re-election campaign is suing the city of Philadelphia alleging that monitors are not being allowed to watch people registering to vote or complete mail in ballot at election offices. The States top elections official says that Pennsylvania law does not give anyone the right to do that.

Two major wildfires are growing. Once again in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming while hundreds of Oregon evacuees are returning home to communities devastated by the holiday Farm fire in Springfield in Northern California. Kqed's Rachael myrow reports that the high winds in the area are increasing challenges for Crews battling the glass fire that's raging in Napa and Sonoma counties. The grass fire is nowhere near California's biggest this record-breaking year, but it's region within a densely populated region something battalion. Chief Mark Brunton says firefighters are keenly aware of we're doing everything we can to try to mitigate that threat but it is something we are extremely concerned it they fire conditioner such and the two conditions are so dry with 24 major wildfires active State firefighters are spread thin and leaning on Force multipliers from elsewhere including National Guard troops from as far east as Wisconsin NPR news on Rachel Myra.

A new survey shows malfunctioning manufacturing activity that is continue to grow last month. But at a slower Pace than during the month of August NPR Scott Horsley reports that factories are learning how to operate during the covid-19 era the survey shows both Factory orders and production Rose in September though. It's not clear that's translating to more factory jobs food and beverage manufacturers are enjoying the fastest growth, but they're also struggling it time to keep factories fully staffed as employees test positive for the coronavirus more have to quarantine after coming into contact with someone who's sick computer and electronics manufacturers also pointed challenges getting the parts. They need on time from China 14 out of 18 manufacturing sectors reported growth last month the factories working with oil and cold say their business has not begun to recover from the pandemic. Horsley. NPR News, Washington Street stocks close higher Thursday, but they have gaining 35 points. You must Futures are lower. This is


Roman Catholic Diocese online island has become the largest in the nation to declare bankruptcy and put the clergy sex abuse Scandal the Rockville Centre. Diocese is facing more than 200 lawsuit alleging past sexual abuse by its clergy members more than 20 Catholic Diocese Across. The Nation are seeking chapter 11 protection.

Hundreds of migrants are taking advantage of newly-opened borders in Central America to make their way North in hopes of reaching the United States as NPR's carry convert for governments along the way a warning of the dangers of migration during the code at 10 tamuk according to local press reports and videos posted on social media hundreds of Hunter and set out on foot late Wednesday from the northern city in San Pedro Sula one video shows a large group of mostly young men and some women carrying children pushing past guards at the Guatemala border after closing its border for months due to the pandemic Guatemala just reopened this Crossings two weeks ago many migrants have told local media. They left Honduras because of lack of jobs or violence both exacerbated during The Cove at Lago down according to the UN has many is 34 million jobs have been lost in Latin America due to the pandemic Mexico's immigration agency warned that it wouldn't Force safe orderly and legal migration Carey.

NPR news Mexico City, will you respond the Emirates Airline $400,000 for flying over a rock during heightened political tensions last year transportation department says the flights were also sold by JetBlue Airways in violation of US policy. This is NPR news.
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