NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-02-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 10-02-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum. President. Trump was be sending the next few days at least at Walter Reed National military Medical Center. That's after reports. The president has a slight fever and is fatigue is tested positive for the coronavirus and it said they have mild symptoms of covid-19 as NPR's Franco Ordonez reports Trump was flown to Walter Reed this evening first appearance since announcing he had contracted the virus President Trump walked out of the South entrance of The Wine House wearing a mask. He gave a thumbs-up to reporters as he boarded Marine One. The White House says, he's relocating to Walter Reed out of an abundance of caution at the recommendation of Physicians and medical experts earlier in the day Trump received a single 8 gram dose of an antibody cocktail after he was confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus White House Press Secretary Kayleigh mcenany said the president remains in good spirits and has mild symptoms. She said he

You working from Walter Reed for the next few days Franco Ordonez NPR news local Health officials in New Jersey want to know who attended Trump's fundraiser is Bedminster golf course. He has to remember station WNYC Karen. He reports County Health officials have already asked the Trump National Golf Course for a list of who attended Thursday's fund-raiser on the names of any staff members who work the event and contact racing has begun. And as far as we know folks are cooperating and we need the Murphy is urging anyone who was there to self quarantine for 14 days and get tested Health officials haven't said whether anyone else links to the fundraiser has tested positive for NPR news on Karen G. Former White House adviser kellyanne Conway Twitter tonight that she's been diagnosed with covid-19. She said she's a light cough but is otherwise fine Conway had attended last week's announcement.

That the president was nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in Northern California. Fire crews are making some progress against is stubborn Wildfire burning in the wine country of Napa and Sonoma County. The glass fire is still only 6% contained NPR's Eric Westervelt report previous record Wildfire years and they're still two months left in Fire season Cruise have slightly expanded the lines around the glass fire after predicted Fierce winds did not materialize. But how far is Jonathan Cox is the weather remains a serious worry? We're not going to rest easy until we get some substantial gain as we see that the weather pattern change again that. Between a high or low is is really concerning for us, but that's why I still moving dangerously close to the communities of Calistoga and angwen which remain under evacuation orders Eric Westervelt NPR news.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles say they've charged disgraced movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein with another six sexual assault charges involving five women in California. Weinstein is 68. He's already serving a 23-year prison term in New York after convictions earlier this year for the rape and sexual assault of two women a spokesman says Weinstein continues to maintain that any physical encounter. He's had his life has been consensual the mayor of Rochester New York was indicted today on felony campaign finance charges James Brown of members station, wxxi reports mayor lovely Warren along with the cities Finance director and a former campaign Treasurer say something for years in prison a grand jury concluded that the mayor and her so she should be charged with fraud for illegally controlling an independent political action committee in Warren RI election fun at the same time the other charge accuses Warren and her co-defendants of routinely Brittany state camp.

Finance laws by city limits on contributions Monroe County district attorney said you throw Ali says warn can continue her duties as a mayor of Rochester. All rain mitts are expected on Monday for NPR news. I'm just rounding Rochester New York. The National Hurricane Center is tracking tropical storm gamma, which formed over the Northwestern Caribbean Sea today. It's now headed towards Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula with wings as strong as 40 miles per hour is expected to make landfall tomorrow a tropical storm warning is in effect for the northern half of the peninsula's Caribbean coast including Cancun. I'm Nora raum NPR news.

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