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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump is suggesting American should brace themselves were some tough times ahead during the coronavirus pandemic Trump was speaking at his first briefing in 3 months on his administration's response to the crisis NPR Tamara Keith for force that unlike past briefing scientist and health officials were absent haltingly at times from notes six months into the pandemic. He's facing criticism is cases spike in the Sunbelt developing a strategy that's going to be very very powerful we've developed as we go along some areas of our country doing very well others are doing less well.

It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something. I don't like saying about things but that's the way it is. If they don't get masked have an impact and can slow the spread of the disease Tamara Keith NPR news real plan for rebuilding the country after the pandemic. He's promising to spend almost eight hundred billion dollars over 10 years of collected on a range of programs including caregiver Services for Seniors and preschoolers virus infection rate in the nation is much higher than the number of cases confirmed that the CDC says the total remains far below the number needed to provide widespread immunity to the virus and the Arts Rob Stein explains CDC researchers analyze blood samples from more than 16,000 Americans Coast to Coast based on the number of people who had antibodies to the coronavirus. The researchers say the actual number of Americans who have been infected.

Is about 10 times higher than the 3.8 million confirm cases, but most people still have not been exposed to the virus. That means most have not developed any kind of immunity. And so the most remain vulnerable to the life-threatening infection Rob Stein NPR news Twitter plans to block the spread of an online conspiracy theory known eschewing on NPR's Bobby Allen reports on the social media companies latest attempt to combat misinformation ahead of the November election to a group of right-wing conspiracy theorist who falsely believe that is so called Deep state is secretly trying to topple President Trump and recent weeks Twitter says, it has permanently suspended more than 7,000 qanon accounts for violating rules against trying to manipulate the platform Twitter official say qanon related tweets will no longer be highlighted and length related to qanon will be blocked on the platform. The Crackdown is expected to affect 150000 accounts. It comes just days.

Twitter was a target of a hack that compromised the accounts of several prominent people including Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Bobby Allen NPR News San Francisco. This is NPR news.

In Minnesota state lawmakers approve the bill that would require officers to intervene. If a colleague violates procedure during an arrest, the measure was prompted by The Death of George Floyd in police custody a Minneapolis officer needles on Floyd's neck as he pleaded for mercy and then passed out three other officers were at the scene, but did not intervene. The Federal Aviation Administration says it will soon issue a proposed airworthiness directive another step toward recertifying Boeing 737 Max & PRS David Shaffer reports of the grounded passenger jet may not be returned to service before October at the earliest flight control system that was partly to blame for 2 737 Max plane crashes at Indonesia Ethiopia that killed 346 people once issued the FAA will allow 45 days for public, to the directive after that. There are still other steps.

Must be completed before the order grounding the trouble playing can be lifted and FAA administrator. Stephen Dixon a former pilot who said he won't sign off on recertifying 737 Max until he flies the plane himself taken together. These steps will likely pushed the timeline for returning the max the service into at least mid-october David Shaffer NPR news channel networking company LinkedIn is laying off almost a thousand employees at its Global sales and hiring offices company official site of slow down in hiring and coronavirus pressures on business as the reason this is NPR news.
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