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NPR News: 10-04-2020 8AM ET

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Support for this podcast in the following message come from Dun & Bradstreet offering account-based Marketing Solutions that he'll be to be teams execute AVM strategies that can help accelerate. The buyer's journey and increase sales efficiency. Learn more at ABM Snyder White House doctor says he is very happy with the improvements President Trump is making the NPR is Franco Ordonez reports at the optimistic assessment is in contrast with some concerning messages about the president's Recovery House. Dr. Sean. Connolly said the president was doing well just 72 hours since his diagnosis and that raise questions about the timeline of the president's diagnosis because it would have meant he was positive for the virus on Wednesday afternoon before he had a rally in Minnesota and went to a fundraiser in New Jersey the White House quickly said he misspoke but was also know where these that soon after the doctor's briefing.

Another person familiar with the president's Health raise more concerns noting. We're still not on a clear path to a full recovery. The Associated Press Franco Ordonez NPR news Chief of Staff Meadows appeared on Fox news last night saying he had real concerns about the president's condition Friday morning, and he repeated the White House doctors finding that the next 48 hours or so would be critical. But he also said there was never a consideration or even to risk of a transition of power, Here's our President Trump would not be able to fulfill. His duties is your rationale for the month to go before election day Republican South Carolina, Senator, Lindsey Graham defended his three-term record on the debate stage last night against Democratic Challenger Jamie Harrison in Columbia, South Carolina public radio's Kevin Jackson has more the first debate between Graham and Harrison focused heavily on the coronavirus response and the pending confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, which grams Judiciary case.

Will oversee wall Grandma cute Harrison of supporting a radical agenda is upon a hit back calling up Graham shift confirm a Supreme Court Justice Just weeks before election a stance Granite previously opposed both highlighted their humble beginnings and desire to work across the aisle with their differences were Stark with Harrison, even speaking behind a plexiglass partition sudden concern over the deli coronavirus. Both sides claim victory. The Harrison's campaign said it raised $125,000 during the hour-long debate for NPR news on Gavin Jackson in Charleston to Texas now or toppings and a Texas Attorney General's office or accusing their boss of taking bribes and abusing his office mat large. He is with member station K UT in Austin, he reports a deputy's for attorney general Ken Paxton or asking Federal authorities for investigation officials report resources department Thursday, if using Paxton over range of crimes without detailing them the allegations were reported by the

Austin american-statesman newspaper the aide said they also reported their claims to federal law enforcement Paxton told the newspaper. The allegations were made to stop an investigation into other state employees. He was already under indictment for Securities fraud since 2015. This is NPR news.

Heavy fighting is ongoing between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Enclave of nagorno-karabakh biting their broke out a week ago today. And is it worse since the end of the war in 1994 the threatens to drag in Russia and Turkey Azerbaijan says its second-largest City came under rocket attacks today the government failed to strike back and Israel protest against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of expanded across the country after the Israeli government passed a law last week living large protests in Paris Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem against him in recent months were a health hazard a new coronavirus law restricts protesters two groups of 20 up to a thousand yards from their homes, but this didn't reduce protest. It just made more of them Saturday night thousands help small protested more than a hundred spots according to organizers. They called to resign because he's on trial for corruption and because of his failure to rain in a new virus outbreak.

Several demonstrators were attacked by onlookers Israel tourism Minister has resigned protesting the new limits on demonstrating and accusing attend Yahoo! Focusing more on his trial that on the pandemic Daniel Estrin NPR news, Jerusalem British prime minister Boris Johnson is defending his handling of the coronavirus pandemic telling the BBC today that his government had to strike a difficult balance between saving lives and protecting the economy, but he also warned nobody called a bumpy winter ahead Johnson's critics are calling for tougher social distancing requirements to stem a second wave the UK as Groves High is Coronavirus death toll Bill Snyder NPR news.
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