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NPR News: 10-05-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news underwear ROM President Trump really left the hospital at Walter Reed National military Medical Center Sunday to wave to supporters from an SUV NPR's Tamara Keith's reports.

Being treated for covid-19 or typically kept in isolation with family unable to visit and their care providers donning personal protective equipment to avoid infection for Trump's brief motorcade to wave to supporters outside the hospital he was I was riding in his SUV including Secret Service agents who are wearing full PPE Trump who wore a mask and kept the window rolled up preview the trip and a video we did moments before I'm not telling anybody but you but I'm about to make a little surprise visit Trump also said his experience with the virus has been an interesting journey and that he learned a lot Tamara Keith NPR news. The Joe Biden campaign said Sunday, the Democratic presidential candidate has tested negative again for the coronavirus. The former vice president had to share the debate stage with Trump for more than 90 minutes last Tuesday. His campaign said he had previously

Negative into test on Friday the day the president had disclosed. He had tested positive coronavirus has made voting in person more difficult this year, but several Civic institutions are stepping up to help including museums. NPR's Neda ulaby has more museums may not be as enormous or well-ventilated of sports Arenas, but they're also helping out by opening their doors to co-workers and voters this year fall in Prices range from the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin to the state of Alaska library archives museum in Juneau to the Hoboken historical museums in New Jersey Historical Museum is the best absolute best organization in Hoboken video. Some museums have long served as polling places such as the Brooklyn Museum in New York and Watts Towers in Los Angeles, they make sense as places to vote because so many are ADA compliance convenience and they offer an opportunity to check out our tour local history before casting a ballot.

Neda ulaby NPR news the British government says it's identified an additional fifteen thousand covid-19 cases, which were not counted because of what officials called a technical issue NPR's Frank langfitt reports from London has occurred in recent days and that the results have been transferred to the government's track-and-trace system before the missing cases were discovered the UK was averaging between 6 and 7000 cases a day. This is just the latest covid-19 dere by the British government, which has an approval rating of just 29% NPR's Frank langfitt reporting from London. You're listening to NPR news.

At least eight people are still missing after a devastating floods hit a mountainous region between the border of France and Italy this weekend at least four people died about 100 homes were damaged or destroyed the first African American to play in a major American Symphony turns 100 years old. Sunday, Colorado Public Radio. Is it Kevin Beaty was there for the celebration bass player Charlie Burrell greeted dozens of friends and family during a drive-by birthday party over the weekend by Pharrell is known as the Jackie Robinson music in 1949. He broke classical music color barrier when he accepted a job with a Denver Symphony. It's now known as a Colorado Symphony. He went on to play with the San Francisco Symphony 2

Route is also known for playing jazz. And in his career. He perform with greats like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. He was also a regular figure in Denver is thriving Jazz scene which made the city's historically black Five Points neighborhood. I'm major hub for National acts for NPR news on Kevin Beaty in Denver California wildfires this year have now burned more than four million Acres more than twice the record of previous years and an area larger than the state of Connecticut at least 31 people have died more than 8,400 buildings of burned scientists. A climate change has made California dryer contributing to larger wildfires this year. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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