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NPR News: 10-07-2020 1AM ET

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live from NPR news on Shea Stephens has President Trump remains under coronavirus quarantine at the White House. Another senior aide has tested positive for the disease Stephen Miller the White House speechwriter and architect of Trump's immigration an America First policies. Just he self isolating and working remotely as NPR's Tamara Keith reports a growing list of people in the president's Inner Circle have the disease.

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we know of at least 10 key Trump contacts who were involved in debate preparations and other things at the White House move tested positive. There's almost no one there now and those who are there are wearing masks and fears Tamara Keith reporting President Trump says, he's holding coronavirus relief talks with Democrats until after the election saying house Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith. Trump is also tweeted that he wants Congress to immediately approved billions of dollars in Aid to protect jobs in the airline industry to carriers have already cut 32000 job spending Federal relief and a third is preparing for pay cuts and furloughs next year.

Joe Biden is presenting a unifying message to voters in the final month of the presidential campaign as NPR's Barbers front reports the Democratic Presidential nominee delivered his address in a symbolic location. Biden said there wasn't a more fitting place to talk about the cost of division than Gettysburg Pennsylvania the urge people to put aside partisan differences and to unite against hate and extremism. We can disagree about how we move forward. We must take the first steps and starts with how we treat one another how we talk to one another how we respect one another fight and said, he's running as a quote proud Democrat, but would govern as an American president for all Trump's polling numbers have dipped in the wake of his heavily criticized debate performance and his decision to continue minimizing the threat of the coronavirus despite having been hospitalized himself with covid-19 Barbara Sprint NPR news this 67000 acre glass fire in Northern California is down 54%

Retained its KQED is Aditi Bangla boudi report screws are reaching their limits and firefighters are working to contain 23 major wildfires still burning across the state division Chief Jason Martin with Cal Fire does fire Crews have been toiling tirelessly since mid-august when Fire season started and then they're back at it for an extended. Of time. So fatigued as it's really starting to show herself killed 31 people and destroyed more than 8,000 structures for NPR news. I'm busy bundling Moody.

The Trump Administration is preparing you limits on work permits for skilled professionals from overseas. The new rules include additional oversight mandatory higher wages and limits on the number of H-1B visa holders working in u.s. Tech Health Care and other specialized Industries acting Deputy Homeland Security. Secretary. Ken cuccinelli says about a third of applications for H-1B visas would be rejected under the proposed changes President Trump issued an order in June that temporarily suspend the program through the end of the year the Seattle Storm of clench their second championship in the last three years following a 92 to 59 victory over the Las Vegas Aces break excellent reports that the storm swept the best-of-five series 3 games to none. It was the Stars fourth title over all the Houston Comets in Minnesota lights for the WNBA included in a Bradenton, Florida.

Play Seattle in Las Vegas had identical regular season records, but the aces held the number one seed because of two victories over the storm in their regular-season contest and the game Breanna Stewart was the storms leading scorer with 26 points capped a triumphant return for Stuart after she missed the storm 2019 season with a ruptured Achilles tendon for NPR news. I'm Greg Eklund in pre-market trading US futures are in positive territory following Tuesday's losses on Wall Street on Asian stock market shares are Mick higher in Hong Kong. This is NPR news.
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