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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens. The Department of Homeland Security is defending the use of federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon and Tiaras Martin. Kosti it's more from recent days show Federal officers in camo fatigues and running skirmishes with protesters in downtown Portland local leaders and civil rights Advocates are incensed, but acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad wolf insist that the officers are acting lawfully and a countably all officers are identified as police Law Enforcement Officers. We are only targeting and arresting those who have been identified as committing criminal acts as the extra officers are in Portland to protect Federal buildings and employees not to patrol the streets and they say they're using unmarked cars because police cars have been targeted during other protests the local officials say the increased Federal presence has antagonized protesters and made the situation. They're worse Martin tosti NPR news Twitter plans to block the spread of online conspiracy.

Very known as qanon & Tiaras Bobby Allen reports on the social media companies latest attempt to combat misinformation ahead of the elections in November has a loose group of right-wing conspiracy theorist who falsely believe that is so called Deep state is secretly trying to topple President Trump and recent weeks Twitter says, it has permanently suspended more than 7,000 qanon accounts for violating rules against trying to manipulate the platform Twitter official say qanon related tweets will no longer be highlighted and Link's related to qanon will be blocked on the platform. The Crackdown is expected to affect 150000 accounts. It comes just days after Twitter was a target of a hack that compromise the accounts of several prominent people including Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco. President Trump has signed a memorandum to prevent undocumented residents from being included in the 2020 census of the US Constitution requires that every head in the nation be counted.

Seats in the US House are distributed every 10 years based on US population changes United Airlines is reporting a huge second-quarter loss as the covid-19 pandemic continues to nearly crippled demand for air travel and fear is David shaper reports that the continued losses could lead to widespread job Cuts this fall for your history in adjusted that loss of 2.6 billion dollars compared to a more than 1 billion dollar profit in the second quarter last year United flu almost 88% fewer passengers. This April May and June burning through about 40 million dollars a day to your life is already notified 36,000 employees. They may lose their jobs would federal payroll. Aid runs out in October the CEOs of United American iag and Germany's Lufthansa are urging the US and European Union to allow the resumption of transatlantic flights and adopt a program for covid-19 testing. This is NPR.

Travel from the United States will be banned in the Bahamas starting Wednesday prime minister Hubert. Minnis says his country. It recorded new coronavirus cases after reopening July 1st, the island chain reportedly has a total of 170 for Coronavirus infections. According to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Most of the visitors arriving at the Bahamas have come from u.s. Top spots including Florida coronavirus testing following a sharp rise and do infections limited government threat to arrest anyone who's not wearing a mask NPR's Julie McCarthy reports official say only about 1% of the Philippine population has been tested for the disease. The Philippines has lagged behind its own goal of testing 40,000 people a day. It's about half that in cases are surging the number of covid-19 infection has jumped nearly four fold two more than 70,000 since the government relaxed a lockdown measures.

June the who is calling the trend worrying and urged that are contact tracing in the Philippines which has southeast Asia second highest number of coronavirus infections after Indonesia using television radio, and the internet School instruction is set it to resume at the end of August unless the president uses his new authority to reschedule the opening of school to McCarthy NPR news on Asian stock market shares are mixed higher in Shanghai US futures are mostly higher in pre-market trading following mix trading on Wall Street. Tuesday is NPR news.
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