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Live from NPR news on Chase Stevens Republican lawmakers are expressing. Hope that Congress will pass a new coronavirus relief bill before the August recess as NPR's Kelsey Snell reports of Senate GOP plan could be unveiled within days will include legal liability protections against covid-19 lawsuits and 105 billion dollars to help schools reopen Republicans are still working with the White House to resolve differences over what their priorities should be Congressional Republicans are particularly. Wary of White House demands to include a payroll tax cut McConnell also acknowledged that a final bill will have to have at least some democratic support but a bill has to start somewhere and this will be the story, says he expects the GOP bill will also include another round of direct payments Kelsey Snell NPR News, Washington.

Hospital says the facility is at full capacity due to an influx of coronavirus patients WABE Sam Whitehead reports that the state is one of many seen us fight canoe infections Grady Memorial Hospital CEO. John Hopper says the Atlanta facility is suspending some elective surgeries because inpatient beds are full and Hopper says his isn't the only hospital that's slammed during the second wave that we're experiencing in many parts of the country were seeing double triple the amount of Cobra in patients that we saw during the peak that we experienced in May Hubbard is one of many Hospital leaders asking Congress for more federal aid covid-19 hospitalizations in Georgia have more than tripled in the last month new cases of also been rising at record levels in recent days for NPR news. I'm Sam Whitehead in Atlanta female President Trump is urging Americans to wear masks and warrants at the pandemic will likely get worse before it gets better Harvard.

Verifying its first year International students if they will not be able to come to campus. This fall WGBH is Kirk carapezza before that those students are being directed to take their courses online undergraduate students Harvard Dean Rakesh. Khurana says a federal rule will prevent 200 incoming International students from coming to the u.s. The Trump Administration reverse its decision last week to rescind the Visas of international students already in the US if they took all of their classes remotely after hundreds of schools and companies back lawsuits challenging that policy but Corona says that reversal does not apply to Harvard newly admitted International students who require sponsorship to get a F-1 Visa if students choose to defer Corunna says Harvard will guarantee they have housing when the college is able to welcome them to campus safely for NPR news on Kirk carapezza in Boston. This is NPR news.

US House lawmakers are set to vote today on whether a monument to Chief Justice Rodger D. Tony should be removed from the US Capitol Tony wrote the 1857 Dred Scott Decision. The US Constitution did not include citizenship or rights for black people. The case was brought by freed slave Dred Scott against his former owner authors other proposal to remove Chinese two foot high marble bust one it replaced with a monument to Justice Thurgood Marshall the nation's first black US Supreme Court member

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will soon issue a proposed airworthiness directive. It'll be another step toward recertifying Boeing 737 Max plane, but NPR's David Shaffer reports that it could be October at the earliest before the grounded jet is carrying passengers again to fix a flawed flight control system. That was partly to blame for 2. 737 Max plane crash. Is it in Tunisia Ethiopia that killed 346 people once issued the FAA will allow 45 days for public, to the director. After that. There are still other steps that must be completed before the order grounding the trouble playing can be lifted and FAA administrator. Steven Dixit. A former pilot is said he won't sign off on recertifying 737 Max until he flies the plane himself to a kid together. These steps will likely pushed the timeline for returning the max the service into at least mid-october David Shaffer NPR news.

Futures are mixed in pre-market trading. This is NPR news.
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