NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-08-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 10-08-2020 11PM ET

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Hip hop in American prisons have both grown side by side. This is louder than a riot.

Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens the status of the remaining two presidential debates is uncertain after President Trump, regret it up move to hold the next scheduled one virtually is NPR's I get to Roscoe report organizers a bit concerned about the safety of the debates since Trump tested positive for the coronavirus Trump's campaign initially said it was skip the event arguing that by next week Trump with no longer be contagious. It's not clear how the campaign could make that pledge with any certainty Trump campaign manager Bill stepien said next week's debate should go ahead and person after Trump's doctor said he can restart in-person events on Saturday stepping is one of more than a dozen Close Associates to Trump who tested positive for the coronavirus in the past week the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden said any attempts to move the debates would be an acceptable because both campaigns agree to the schedule months ago ice roster.

NPR news Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the men tied to a militia group who allegedly plotted to kidnap her are sick and depraved and should be brought to Justice Abigail Senske for member station wkar reports that the men were arrested after the FBI have been monitoring their Activity 4 weeks and who planned the kidnapping be done swiftly turned her reaction to the covid-19 crisis chastising Republicans at the state and National level for failing to forcefully condemn extremist groups that have been fixtures a protest against whitmer's Health orders meet with encourage a franchise with domestic terrorist. They legitimize their actions and they are complicit.

When they still can contribute to hate speech they are complicit Whitmore also reference the president's failure to condemn the right-wing proud Boys in last week's presidential debate for NPR news on Abigail Senske in Lansing has picked up speed as it approaches the northern you have ghosts us Gulf Coast where it could cause life-threatening storm surge and flooding forecaster. Say Delta's impact. We felt anywhere from Highland, Texas to Ocean Springs, Mississippi Governor. John Bel Edwards says the storm is expected to make landfall in Louisiana. Unfortunately hurricane expected to make landfall in Southwest Louisiana early tomorrow evening as a category 2 hurricane and

very very close to the exact locations at

Hurricane Laura made landfall just over a month ago with top Winds of 120 miles per hour. It would be the sixth hurricane to hit Louisiana so far this season, this is NPR news.

China says it's joining the covid-19 vaccine Alliance known as Kovacs the country signed an agreement with gavi the International Group that's cold leading the alliance to ensure that vaccines are distributed evenly especially in developing countries. China has for Coronavirus vaccine candidates in the last stage of clinical trials. The World Health Organization says, the number of daily coronavirus cases continues to rise of the global tally. Is it a new all-time high NPR's Jason beaubien reports that the WHL recorded early 300 nearly 339,000 confirmed cases of the disease. As of today has been a slow steady growth in Southeast Asia in the Eastern Mediterranean and record high numbers in Europe United Kingdom, France Belgium, and the Netherlands are all reporting the highest level of infection yet in the pandemic daily cases in Poland and Ukraine have more than doubled since late. September Resurgence is left government officials to tighten social distancing rules in Brussels.

Night clubs in Paris and asked fans to not sing at soccer matches in Amsterdam. Some of the global Rising confirm cases is due to better access to testing but officials said the recent doubling of the daily covid-19 Europe is due to increased Transmission in several parts of the continent Jason beaubien NPR news for new round of federal stimulus. The Dow Jones Industrials game 222 points than a skunk back Composite Index Rose 56 in the S&P 500 at a 27. I'm Shay Stevens, Michigan PR news support.
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