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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer facing a lawsuit and backlash over an order requiring schools to reopen Florida's governor appealed directly to parents today NPR's Greg Allen report to give a televised address and concerns about the coronavirus should not keep children out of school Union representing Florida's teachers is suing the block an order requiring all school districts to offer in class instruction 5 days a week do union says you order violate CDC guidelines in the state's responsibility to ensure schools are operated safely Governor, Ron DeSantis parents and students can offer online instruction if that's what they want. But the status says the virus poses little risk to children while their wrists from two students from in person learning Arlo the cost of keeping schools closed are enormous continuing with online learning.

NPR news Miami has declined to release around 300 my parents and children being held in US detention centers immigration officials shortcomings in terms of controlling the spread of the coronavirus lawyers for the families and request their preliminary injunction forcing the beliefs of the families because they fear they were the fear of being infected by the virus more than 3,700 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at us Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities during a state visit to Denmark Secretary of State hell has pledged the US will become more of a partner and trying to push back Russian and Chinese influence in the Arctic region since will overgard has that story both in or near the Arctic Circle in recent years. Russia has increased its military presence there and China has stepped up economic investment last year President Trump made Waves by suggesting the

U.s. By Greenland something the Danish foreign minister said was not on the table at today's meeting Pompeo. Meanwhile same to Denmark for helping to promote sovereignty and transparency in the Arctic. This mission is all the more urgent as we Face new competition that region from countries that don't always play by those rules. If it all to say they hope the Arctic can remain a low voltage region and not a playground for super powers for NPR news. I'm sisal Overgaard in billund Denmark carriers now requires customers to Wareham Mass on board its flight but the airline is taking things a step further with requirement Mashpee wanted ticket counters. And in the airport lounges. It says, it's broadening his mask wearing require an effort to establish another level of protection stocks closed higher today the Dow 465 points the NASDAQ Rose 25 points. This is NPR.

Authorities now say gunfire outside of South Chicago funeral home that would it 15 people with part of an ongoing conflict involving the gang of the man being mourned police officials. Say the person whose funeral the victims were attending was killed in a drive-by shooting last week in retaliation for a previous shooting arrest been made OH police at last word said they were questioning a person of interest the violence comes as the Trump Administration is announcing plans to send federal agents to that City and others to do with recent violence a Canadian federal judge struck down the safe Third Country agreement between Canada and the US supported sake agreement between the two countries in dealing with refugees into effect in 2004 means that Canada and the US recognize each other as safe places for refugees to seek protection. So those are land in the US who then try to enter Canada at official Crossings are turned back because they must pursue their claims in the country where they first arrived but federal judge Ann-Marie MacDonald ruled that parts of the

Violate the Constitutional guarantee of life liberty and security and said that the agreement exposes ineligible claimants to detention and other rights violations of ruling is on hold for 6 months to allow time for the Canadian government to respond for NPR news. I'm done Carpenter and Toronto packing plant was much more severe than first thought the State Department of Health initially said Jordan 21 workers the Tyson Food plant in Columbus Junction a tested positive for the virus, but days earlier Tyson officials and apparently put the number of more than 500. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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