NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-10-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 10-10-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on your ROM. The National Hurricane Center is tracking tropical storm Delta as it moves across Central in North Louisiana. NPR's John's Denton says Delta came ashore near Creole, Louisiana last evening as a category 2 hurricane.

After visiting Creole Delta ripped into Lake Charles briefly following the August 27th path of hurricane Laura National Hurricane Center forecast for Kent Graham in Miami, since Delta remains a problem today significant rainfall tropical rain still get 6 to 10 inches of rain right around the corner right around that Center of Southwest Louisiana up for Central Louisiana through almost a whole state of Louisiana for the Carolinas as well. He gets some of that listing some of those mountains of North Carolina is a very thick is 4 to 6 inches of rain at the peak a half million people lost power in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi according to power outage. Us John Steppin NPR news days after being hospitalized with covid-19. You told fox has Tucker Carlson tonight. He stopped taking medication for the coronavirus. I feel really good. I feel very strong. I know a lot of people that have had the Cove in or the

Rhinoviruses I call it because it came from China but I feel really really strong and a lot of people don't feel that way sometimes for a while afterwards, but not very good the commission on presidential debate yesterday officially canceled next week presidential debate the nonpartisan group earlier decided it would be held October 15th virtually rather than in-person. The President Trump had rejected that idea Democratic candidate. Joe Biden has now are scheduled a town hall-style event for himself that night the commission says that the final debate will be held October 22nd. A federal judge says Texas counties may have more than one ballot drop box from Member station Kera Jasper's report earlier in the year Texas is Republican Governor, Greg. Abbott said counties could accept mail ballot at drop boxes during the early voting. It only applied to voters who qualify for mail ballot in the first place.

Black people with a disability or who are 65 and older voters dropping off a ballot have to show photo ID and some Texas counties plan to have several drop off sites to ease congestion, but suddenly last week Abbott said counties could use only one ballot drop site during the early voting. He cited ballot security as a rationale while voting rights groups called it voter suppression. A federal judge ever said the state of Texas didn't give credible evidence for it security concerns and ruled the County's can have multiple drop off site. The state will likely appeal. I'm Brett Jasper's in Dallas coming to NPR news.

Stocks Heather best week since August with the Dow finishing 3.3% higher NPR's Jim zarroli reports improve prospects for another stimulus bill in some form helped Drive the market higher the White House and house Democrats have been at odds over the size of another coronavirus Aid Bill the week began with President Trump saying he was canceling talks over a new bill which sent stocks falling sharply. But as the week went on Treasury secretary Steven mnuchin and house Speaker Nancy Pelosi where once again in talks and by the end of the week investors were feeling a lot more optimistic about the outcome the S&P 500 finish the week up 3.8% its best week since July and both the Dow and the NASDAQ composite index for hire Jim. Zarroli NPR news, the Russian foreign minister announced yesterday that Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to a cease-fire starting today Sergey lavrov said the party

I'm also agree to talks and it's settling the conflict the two former Soviet republics both claim in the Gorno Carib of a region, which is located within Azerbaijan, but governed by ethnic Armenian armed conflict erupted September 27th hundreds of died South Korea's military says it appears North Korea staged a large-scale military parade in the capital early today to observe the 75th anniversary of the founding of North Korea's ruling Workers. Party officials have been suggesting ruler Kim Jong on would use the event as a show of power head of the u.s. Presidential election. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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