The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Oct 9: Matthew Aaron Gets Interviewed, AG Bill Barr Crackdown, Lightning Network Vulnerability

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Courtesy of this material today on the show. I'm going to go over today's news. Give me the crypto prices and I get interviewed by Yap Global still in Tucker coming up under the Crypt a lie.

Everyone today is Friday, October 9th 2020 and I'm not going to take any time because you didn't hear me speak a lot in the interview a little bit later. Let's just get into those crypto prices and it's green.

Here we go money talks, and I'm recording this at 2:45 Eastern Standard Time Bitcoin is at $11,060 up 1.5% from yesterday Crossing 11,000.

Aetherium 36364 up 3.7% from yesterday Litecoin 4779 up 1.2% from yesterday chain link 1025 up 8.7% from yesterday, by the way, chili has climbed over 18% in the past two days and xrp at 25.1% up 2% from yesterday to Market Broiler cryptocurrencies IS350. 1 billion dollars with a BTC dominance of 58.3%

In our first news today Apple has told telegram to take down channel is used by protesters in Belarus. The channels are being used to identify. The members of Belarus is authoritarian regime telegram want to keep the channels open Apple fears. They can promote violence. This is a definite piggyback for what we were talking about yesterday in privacy and how they could be used in the future and if you listen to yesterday's episode with India McKinney invite her back on the show to talk about privacy keep an eye out for that is going to be a long form podcast where we dive deep into our freedoms are rights in respect to the internet previously unknown vulnerabilities have been discovered in older versions of the lightning networks. Demon a full note implementation of Bitcoin second letter solution light do not work according to an announcement posted a bike on our front neck pain of cryptographic engineering at lightning lab's for the post the vulnerability affects, the lnd versions 0.10 and Below to save ourselves from those exploits. You should upgrade your software to L&D.

0.1 1.0 or higher as soon as possible the announcement stress. So if you're listening to this network, make sure you understand and you know what version your on and if you're on the wrong version the person 0.10 X and the low, please upgrade and run 0.11 and above the central bank and the bank for international settlements outline requirements for the CBD CVS or Central Bank digital currencies. And here they are converted the CBC should be interchangeable with cash at parity convenience. CBC payment should be a simple to use as other payment methods such as cash or mobile payments instant transaction should be settled instantly or close to it scalable the system to be able to expand to cope with larger volumes and high throughput CBC should be capable of processing large number of transactions to simultaneously he's at 1

Seem to be all self-explanatory, but it is good that they outlined this especially if they're going to be implementing blockchain system that might not be a scalable or have enough bruford to handle transactions. This basically says we told you so step up your game.

And in my most notable news of the day between General Williamsburg announce the release of a report entitled cryptocurrency enforcement framework this report examines, the perceived dangers of cryptocurrencies mailing that they can be used by criminals. But as of the assets are vitally important to the US and its allies a quote from a document says today few Technologies are more potentially transformative and disruptive and more potentially sub ceptable to abuse in cryptocurrency. It goes down to read indeed despite is relatively brief existence cryptocurrency technology plays a role in many of the most significant criminal and National Security threats that the United States bases and that's all gloom and doom but the report also lays down how it could benefit the United States as well if it's used wisely. So just like any other government body all around the world don't get freaked out by this. They need a framework of how technology is going to use. So it's not abused. This could be a very good thing for cryptocurrency, maybe a bad thing for these big pump and dumps are these huge crypto gains at Racine from defy projects or ico's or anything else that might come out in the future, but if we were

Stable system that we can trust to make sure that our kyc AML are cryptos not stolen or you know, we're scammed out of money or Investments. We're going to need people to get in and go. Hey, let's regulate this. We understand this important but let's make sure that it can be used properly. I'm all for regulations Attorney General William Barr also understands the benefits and focuses on those are not the criminal activity people are using it for because as we said before trillions of dollars are floating around the Global Financial system right now for those same activities.

And as you know that Friday's is our longform podcast. So today I'm going to be interviewed by yob globalsat. Dylan Tucker a couple weeks back to reach out to me and said he wanted to interview me for a ride if he was doing for the blog. They're blocked. The link is down the description by the way, and we recorded it. I got a hold of the audio and I said, this is pretty interesting the audio suck. I didn't think I was going to go on the air with it out of the actual original copies around an hour and 20 minutes. We did in about 40 minutes. Recorded it and I just thought it was a good way for you to get to know me a little bit if you're spending so much time with me Monday through Friday getting to know crypto getting to know me a little bit. Maybe you should know my origin stories what I think about a certain things and we'll be what I think about the future of where I'm going with this podcast. So here is Dylan Tucker of the app global interviewing me and I'm not going to come back after this because it's our give me long enough. Have a great weekend. Happy Hai Ling and I will see you on Monday.

A good morning Matt. So thank you again for agreeing to go on the record with Jakob Global. I'm dealing taco from Yelp Global. We are an international PR firm with a focus on helping meaningful fintech blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Tell their story on the global stage on the record is a series that we started where we speak to journalists podcasts and laying figures in digital asset asset fintech blockchain and cryptocurrency Industry. Sorry. Are you ready to go to on the record band Yes, sir. Thank you for having me. Excellent. You're welcome. So firstly can you share a little bit about your background? So how did you get into pug tossing and most specifically what led you to cryptocurrency and blockchain? So I got into cryptocurrency around 2016. My bartender at the time. I was a general manager of a nightclub in Shanghai and my bartender was buying Bitcoin in China via WeChat sending money over to Guangzhou and then they went with his a public key.

I will send him back Bitcoin was super sketchy. But that's how we started messing around Bitcoin that I was like, what you doing, then he's like hey, you got to put some money into this. I know it's going to moon and like I don't know if I had dude, but then after I got out of China, I went to Taiwan for my MBA and I started a podcast because I was dabbling in cryptocurrency about cryptocurrency getting people and I'm boring people into cryptocurrency. It was called I made it because there was no 101 or educational platform out there at the time that I'm bored of people and gave him the 101 information like, you know things like what is auto me know. What is moon mean? What are Lambos? Why are people talking losing all the slaying and talking this way or you know, just you know how to navigate in Investments bass like maker and taker fees and you know how to use exchanges. How do I set up build the confidence of the average person trying to dabble in trading or crypto or just you trying to learn this ecosystem? And so that's what I did is I made a podcast soleo.

Educating people that that's how I got in podcasting and that's how I got into cryptocurrency. So you spent quite a bit of time in China. How long will you in China for I was there for well. It depends which call China but I was in Beijing for 6 years Shanghai 7 Taiwan to and then Hong Kong Singapore everybody happier your favorite. I depend on what time of my life is at a very interesting towns, man. I love them. All. It just all depends. Like when I was in Beijing goes well in Beijing was 2004 and so couch until he was the chairman of the Communist party or the president of China. We're going to call it and it was just a different time at the time. So there was a lot more, you know culture trying to be developed. There's a meeting with a like a grimy city with a lot of cool things happening Jim King in the development of China with their economic rise and all kinds of different things kind of started changing the

Yes, the environment of China like you to start taking the the development of Personality out of China in my opinion and we created which created a do, you know, what kind of Interest evolution of a China is it become but then at that time I was living in Shanghai in Shanghai is its own thing, you know, it's outside of like whatever is happening everywhere else. We just come with cities that are kind of like that. I was just really excited for that time and I was there from 2010 until 16 17 18 sign based on a has been for quite sometime. I think earlier this year you were doing and then and then how did Kylie, and then it was acquired in 2018 after it was acquired. I took some time off from the Crypt of space and just kind of got my bearings move back to my hometown.

Cleveland, Ohio, and when I was over here the Crypt reached out to me and said hey, would you like to start writing for the Crypt? I have noticed that you were in crypto space and I was like not really my thing. I want a podcaster and we worked on a post-dated of the podcast sound like with a lot of people don't know is that we put out probably three weeks or 4 weeks of Test episodes or pilot episode before we got we got the format of the decrypt daily. We just went back and forth to figure out what we would have sounded like he had the editor-in-chief or I don't know what is actual title is but it didn't listen to the big boss or one of the bigger bigger bosses. He wanted to turn me into a journalist. Can I say in the way that they present their self within this medium and so we had to go through that. So I really owe him a debt of gratitude because you know, I wasn't that person and it was easy to do it by myself under my own company, but then when you start working under a company like the Crypt it turns into a different ball game, so I was ready happy to get that new skill set in

But I'll keep going with it. So they reach out to me. We developed the podcast after some discussions in Uno we have what we have and was always going to be evolving and I can't wait to see where it is in when you have when your time from now. So did you get Kylie podcast covers your news in car in the face and in the crypto and blockchain space, but I'd love to know you know, where do you get your stories? Where do you go to find the lightest you nice group in the industry you well, that's not for me mad. That is for the the writer is in the editors. Also every morning. I pop on with the editors and have a 9:30 meeting and I discuss what happened because most of that if there's a little bit of a head of us here in the states and we just don't discuss for the biggest stories in the platform where people reading what are people talking about and so based off of that. I killed myself for the day and I see okay this one really seems like a good lead story. Let's see if we can find people to come out and talk about it. If this is right or is it to the editors if they're you know, the primary sources we reach out during the day.

How to see if I can find somebody to buy show releases at 5 p.m. At 4:05 p.m. And then I just try to build a shelter in the day so I never know the breaking news for somebody reaches out to me and I have like a super awesome lead or connection to see those guys that do all the hard work and I just put the show together editorial team in the US. So do you work closely with those guys as well? I were closer with the UK because of the time difference. They said there be there a little bit ahead of us are the u.s. Is scrambling to make a new news. So well for me to build a show who you because as you know recording editing putting the music in the transitions, you know, of course I need to do my research and find the gas. It doesn't make sense. Even though I we are a little bit behind on the podcast. It doesn't make sense to try to work with the US team. That is also trying to find new news. It would just be kind of counterproductive.

Make sure must keep you busy. Where do you look? I mean, what do you look for in a pitch for the decrypt daily? Is there anything you know that you you stay in pictures that you got yet? That's a good Bond or you know why things that you you hate saying in a pitch that someone sends you from a company offering to pay off a scent? I have one really big rule. It's I don't care about the company I care about news in for the most part if your if your company and I don't care what the company is if it's Ripple or if it's a bigger company, you know that are in the space with the girl named Charlie Lee or whoever vitalik. That's great. You know, of course I'll have obviously if it was going a different daily on the Friday episode which is my longer-form discussion podcast discussion episode item news in there, but it's more of a discussion-based episode but during the during the week. I just want to find out what these companies are doing. So if it's a small company or a big company, what I want to do is bring it to the average person or people who are trying to pay attention to or navigate to space to get that news out there.

So they know what's happening in generally what's happening with these companies. So I guess long story short is if a company has news then it'll be under the curve daily. If they just want to pitch their project and tell me some BS about you know, hey, this is where we going to do. No further. There was some vaporware and tell me. Big hugs dreams and white papers that they can stay off myself. So it's going to be it's going to be need to go to be timely is that has got to be news guy be timely. So when people reach out to me and say hey, I'm going to I want to come and visit Bailey. I always ask what's the news and they say hey, this is under embargo until the same, you know the 10th of October this week or sometime before then and then release it on the time that's what I'm looking for. So I guess you know speaking of the news of 2020 was saying a huge Opdyke in the day five spice this year. So, I guess I wanted to know in your opinion. Where where do you say this face headed to know in this year and into 2021 base is kind of like the Mark Twain quote history doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does.

Crime in what I see with D5 is that Defy is busy following the Playbook of 2017, you know, you had ico's ico's want to know they made a lot of money in a minute. Annoys a lot of new people in space to invest in gold with QR code on the blockchain, you know, what happened to that or you know, the mini voting on The blockchain platforms or the Nova Medical Records on the blockchain everything on the blockchain companies came out with these white papers invested and you know people and then they go away or their you know, did they found out that I was a little harder to do than I thought and I kind of feel that this was happening defies. I defy is a new way to a new way that everybody seemed excited because of the money potential here, but is it really doing anything with the space? I think that still needs time to flush out. It was still need to have defiled sure you needed help people understand how what it is and what it's doing and how to use it. So just like ico's or just like

Transition switch from ico's to stos to iOS to whatever new hype way to get money into the system. None of his flesh. None of us mature enough to actually do anything for the average person. So I see the Defy is just one of those Stepping Stones of lists. Try to figure out what black sand can be used for and what can catch on for the masses. And and do you say it might be a bit of a loaded question and you know, you're my only be able to speculate but I'm interested to know I guess from your perspective having spoken to so many different people in the industry and having United of your ear to the ground so his face with a lot of the company's, you know, if you think it's going somewhere or if you think it will be lock the 2017 crisis, it will serve paid her out, I guess in the next 12 months. So sorry. I think it's the one hundred percent going to Peter out in the next 12 months or so I take that back was called 99% out of 100% in anything up but doesn't have potential to be toward the masses. Yes, of course.

I mean we have companies that are you know during how to incorporate crypto project products or exchanges to be you know book as like a bank, you know people going to be having so, you know debit cards with crypto or being paid out with the with our rewards in crypto be able to swap their crypto for for goods or services pretty easily. I use it as a investment partner Investment Portfolio. This is part of the mainstream adoption, but I don't think that you know, the average person that I know people that are you know in traffic right now is 8:30 in the morning in Cleveland, Ohio. There isn't sitting in traffic right now isn't even care about it until that it's your private keys are stored in your iPhone be able to unlock with your face ID or your fingerprints and use your crypto as like it's anything like your Apple pay or Google pay or your Chase or you're working or what-have-you if people aren't if it's not integrated with everyday life than this is not going to work and honestly, nobody knows how the internet works. Nobody knows how their emails work. You don't be so it's like who cares?

It just does it work needs people using black chain and if people using Bitcoin or people using some kind of currency for certain transaction or Commodities or whatever is whatever they're using for people don't care how it works just as long as if it works and it's not working right now for the average person because shit is just too complex. You're right. I think I think that's definitely a long way to guard. It's an exciting space, but I think we're a little bit. Having these things in Berlin to offer and hopefully not too far off, but it's still a little bit a little way to guard I think will look when he's already thinking about it. It's just are they going to implement it? And here's the thing is it's cryptocurrency is crypto. It's these different aspects. You know what it's like on the blockchain is break. If it's a bass system as a platform like, you know, like an aetherium, but people don't want to care about the attacks. They just wanted to text to work. So I just see it being that people still write checks at grocery stores.

Even though I can feel my Apple watch I have yet to see many people pay with your Apple watch that in a grocery store. I mean, this is in Ohio. I mean, California still a different but in Ohio, I have yet to see anybody in front of me pay with IP on my Apple watch they still offer the service it's still as taking time. So it's like crypto give me the same thing is going to be decades out until you see everybody using some kind of blockchain based payment solution or investment solution or transaction solution. It's just this is a ways away. But this is the groundwork for Paul Casas particularly in the industry, and I've noticed that you've shed Twitter pause in the past. Sorry. I wanted to know whether you use Twitter or other social media platforms, you know to fold me a story for the ticket dialing definition question. I don't use Twitter for anything for the most part or your Facebook or anyting my Twitter polls are because I'm just curious about certain things.

See who wants to answer and like hey, do you think Trump or bite at me and I'll just prepare with your ass. If you don't get enough of Yasmin on my Twitter polls to any kind of significant results to maybe go out of this is what people are thinking north of demographic that follow me any kind of a diver diverse demographics to even you show significant results. I look at Twitter and see what they were saying see if it's newsworthy. Of course I tag people but I first person feel that social media is a one-way conversation. It's a good way to advertise as a good way to put your things out there. It's a good way to think or connect with people who are following you in one way or the other but it's not in the way for conversation. It's relaxing you want slacks no depth. It lacks everything that you need in a proper conversation to get proper opinions across and have actually learn about something. This is a one-way conversation. I mean look at YouTube YouTube people put up videos to have that one way conversation going to tell you about this not have the conversation, but we can tell you about this.

Sew-in Twitter and Facebook. Is that the same thing but in text form so I don't use it for anything more than just, you know, putting something out there and I don't think they should be used for that. And that's why I have a podcast to have that new must have that conversation. Yeah, I guess it's a gray that it is, you know, I should have one way conversation anyway, and you know people do look to these iPod cost to find, you know, that that day but conversation enter communicate with different people from different perspectives, which I think you know, that script daily does does really well. So I guess on that, you know, you've you've interviewed many of the heavyweights in the industry night my temperature, do you have any advice for Founder's you say your spikes people in the spice in preparation for doing a live interview or a podcast or another need to be like the degree of dilate 100% get a fucking microphone that stuff. That is the first and only raw rice and I have everybody how many people

My show that isn't prepared to have a good sound the good sound of the way that you present yourself the way that you speak the thoughts that you have the way that you are the Cadence that you were speaking represent your brand and this is so interesting that you have these CEOs in the air quotes. They come on they just raised, you know millions of dollars from their Ico and didn't buy $100 fucking Mike and they come out with stutters and and have no clue. What the hell they're talking about about their own project. Yes. Still want to be on a podcast to promote get a microphone know what you're talking about get a good place for good sound and then come on that's good advice. I think it's it's simple but it's you know, you can be 18 makeup raikkonen to be really the sound quality. I think you just have to understand that there is different ways to look at your brand. And yes, you can have a great logo. Yes, you can have great marketing. But if you come on up Podcast, what is your brand there? It's what you're the person who's on that podcast says how they say it and if it's clear enough.

How to get enough audio quality for people to a really you don't absorb it until after not having those three aspects then you're hurting your brand and it's just the same thing as YouTube. Do I zoom car YouTube car nice shirt have a good have a good night. And I have to think of different aspects about your background. I mean if you're going to have your kids running around the background and dirty diapers over the place right now, but hopefully you can find a nice corner of your house that looks pretty good and you know pictures of your family in the back and then you really have to think about what audio marketing sounds looks like she sounds like in this is the same thing as everything else of your of your business. So everybody to really consider that when you go on to podcast and Heather lose the hair and makeup of a podcast exactly exactly one hundred percent. I love it.

Give to someone interested in becoming a podcast. I install starting their own podcast. Just just do it just f---ing do it podcasting is a door opener and I'm so surprised. What can you start that over podcasting is such low barrier-to-entry that everybody should have a podcast that is doing anything entrepreneurial or not. If they just when I talk to people why do I say that if you were just a person in your house that just no go to a 95 but wants to expand have more and deeper conversations about different things have a podcast have your buddies from down the street come over. I'll sit around have a couple beers are glasses of wine and talk politics Talk Sports Talk, whatever you guys are interested in. Those are deeper conversations are going to have it's a great idea to put it out there. If you're a business person or entrepreneur trying to start up. It doesn't matter. If you refresh a fashion brand or personal care or whatever you're going to do. You have an elf medium now to reach out to different people in your industry get them on.

Your platform and have that conversation to make that you don't break down those that barrier of introduction. Even this rate hard to send an email and say hey person that's already established in my industry come and talk to me about my business. Nobody's going to do that. Hey person in my industry that's already established come and talk to me about what you do and was break down those that barrier of introduction. Now, you have a friend right and you did that because of a podcast and so any business should have a podcast in every aspect why because it breaks down barriers to reach out to different people in your industry app good conversation and it's a great self-promotion. Also again, if you're the mom and pop or the person in your house that has a little extra time talk to your neighbors such great conversations. Make one for your city make one for something to believe in that should be in the board of education for your small-town. Those are great ways to have conversations in your community in that you wouldn't have before. Yes start a podcast start it now just think about what you do and don't care about how you were listening to it for yourself. I really like that idea if you know

Connecting People by funeral in the neighborhoods but also unit professionally in podcast being a way that people can connect with you know, that competition all people that might not have been in the same room with them have I not you not offered offer to have them on their broadcast. Yeah. I think it's just it's overlooked the everybody wants to be the next Big Joe Rogan podcast Buffet. Let's be honest. You're not going to be I mean you could be but is that even the odds are astronomical that you probably won't be but within the not having a podcast with Joe Rogan status, there's so much in between that could be so beneficial for so many people even a hundred people listening. If you could be 10% of your town could be super influential, you know, if you have like a little small small town in somewhere in the midwest Outlaws football you start a high school football podcast you bring on the high school football players to come and talk on your podcast and talk to their parents you talk about

College goals for them and play Intro and that'll be an amazing new nice podcasts that will engage your whole town. And so what if you only have a hundred people listening to your podcast that's a hundred people in a town of mb2000 that is going to change the way that you want to interact with your town your community with for these kids. If you give them something going into the future, I mean Sky Zone with a podcast. So what I'm saying is start a podcast everybody should have a podcast or YouTube channel. You don't have to be Joe Rogan, but you can be very very very successful in your in your own space cool. That's great advice. I'll I'll certainly be coming to you when I stop my podcast. You'll be my first listen to podcast but I loved by guests will actually laid while into my next question see this one might be a little bit Tuffy I think but I wanted to ask what are y'all?

Favorite podcasts right now. I know that you you listen to quite a few cir what it what are your favorite ones at the moment? That is a tough one time have to pull up my night at my Spotify and see if she was here. Let's see her I guess broad podcast list is here. What's on my list right now? I must do a new podcast called who we are which is a Chronicle of racism in America that takes you by Ben & Jerry's so that's my new podcast that I'm listening to. I love anything out of the NPR and your time. So the daily with Michael Barbaro is always on my list up first on NPR politics podcast. Those those both listen to everyday. I mean, there's weekly podcast that I listen to Mission Log which is you know, what's the podcast on Star Trek? I love Star Trek Trekkie by listen to Mission Log see her partially examined life, which is a podcast on philosophy. So they break down different philosophers and different ways. They write in

Deep dive into different philosophical ideas. And then you know, I just kind of like Debo around and different ones as well and see what their see what the was on there like the Skeptics Guide to the universe. Is there weekly podcast breakdown scientific articles throughout the week that come out and really delve into them to see if they're you know, they hold up in a scientific method matter. So, I really try to find stuff that you know, I can learn from stuff that engage me with different ways of my society different, you know things that are happening in stay up-to-date. Yeah. I listen to you. Like I said, they don't probably around 6 to 7 podcast a day and then I probably go through anywhere from four to six audiobooks month. So I'm all I always have something in my ears. So you must go through quite a few pairs of headphones apple apple airpods my friends Apple airpods Pros. That's all I need right now. And then I have my Bose qc35 since those two have been holding up pretty well.

Vines and devising that we are farts that my airpods are my my daily drivers but my qc35 Zara my recording headphones which they're actually, I don't like that much for it for a recording but I still use them because they're over here that I got him for what since they came outside the first model of Pi the first month it came out and they're the best voice quality noise cancelling headphones I've ever owned the airpods there more usable user-friendly because you're small you put the most time to my next question is Ulcer ulcer quite broad. I know you've interviewed hundreds maybe thousands of people in your creative United's record. I want I want I see I want I want magic of dilating. Do you have a favorite interview or perhaps a favor interview a man?

Back, we know maybe about 3 years for this one. There's this guy, I don't even know where he went. He just fell off the face of the Earth, but for a couple months there he was my go-to for deep philosophical conversation people I have on there that were interesting that was very excited for like, you know, I had CZ on I had John McAfee on I had you know fluffy pony on I had you so we had a lot of people on and in so they those guys kind of like made me a little nervous or anxious to know coming into his interviews because of who they were used to it though. The person that I've always known I was like talking to and he's actually a good friend of my friend of mine because of interviews with a guy named Doug Pike and he's a PhD candidate over in Rutgers University. He's going to be doing his post iqor in Princeton also the founder of your acquaintance. And you know, if we've become really close up to in and talk so quite a bit, but my all-time favorite series of interviews was it with a guy named a has amount? I keep a he was working for a shoe many.

Play Bang the unbank, I don't even know if they're still around on those what happened with them, but he and I had some amazing conversation every time he got out of there. He was brilliant. They were never the most listened to but they were like this my cup of tea because we were stuck about things like human rights and the black chain for example in the EU back. I think it was 2016 or 17 that you pass a law that made internet access the internet a human right what you made us start thinking about a if you would need if you have the right to access to the internet. Do you also have rights to at the everything that the internet provides and that could be transaction with Bitcoin or transacting in general or banking or this that other thing so it's like do you have the right to your communication? And I was just you know, what means and and in Twitter whatever like whatever that hose is it is a freedom of speech or communication the religion or whatever. So like what is right to ask?

Anyway, we started this just one. D diving through that and I thought it was a great conversation and we always did things like that. So has them out and I keep of human Egg Cafe you ever listen to this bro come out of the Woodworks and give me a call. So you'd like to have him on the decrypt daily. I'm sure I would like to see what he's been doing them for all I know he Banica exited. I have no clue. How did you connect with weave has a was it through a human egg with did he come on for an interview? I'm through that way. Oh, how did that connection get mad easily for Humanity, And then it was just you know, he popped on as himself, you know just have those conversations tend to represent the company. How do we ask me then? Probably connection. I was probably to a PR Company. I'm not too sure your companies are honestly the backbone of any podcast is is you get in touch with people who represent other people and they just say hey to go out of podcast and you know, you couldn't I couldn't reach out to all the people that I've reached out to without the support of PR.

Bunnies that you know a ditto Waxman, yeah, of course that you know help, you know, make those connections. That's right. That's why we do here cuz we do love connecting you to to a client's and you know, I'm helping you share share that story Suna in a meaningful way. That helps Drive the industry for words, but I think Samantha yep is an extraordinary individual and I really appreciate you reaching out to where I was working with her for those clients help you guys do a good product and I appreciate all the support that all the pr companies to give me. She's my boss. So it might seem like I have to say this but I've also learned a lot from her and you know, we weren't we all love what we do at youngboy both. It's great to be working with, you know podcast like the decrypt dilate, you know, every wakin telling Amazing Stories. Excellent. Well, I think that's all my questions for today. But thank you so much for going on the record with us Matt and we look forward to it, you know, continuing our relationship and working with you again, and who knows you're in a couple of months we might get you back on for another one in.

Say what's been happening to come back on and talk to you guys. And if everybody is listening in one to know more about the app. Actually I did a podcast with Samantha. Yeah back to a couple months ago out Links at in the show notes of this podcast released into this haunted decrypt daily and for That interview because it was it was good to understand a little bit about behind PR and how that works and I go to the heart on her, but she holds her own so it listened to that interview.
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