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NPR News: 10-10-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum. What has gone through Sean. Connolly says President Trump is no longer considered a transmission. Wrist weathers NPR's Franco Ordonez reports. Dr. Connolly says the president has met CDC criteria to end his isolation. He says the president after 10 days and symptoms first appeared has remained fever free for over 24 hours that there is quote no longer evidence of actively replicating virus, but dr. Connelly doesn't specify that President Trump tested negative for the virus. The doctors memo comes as the president prepares an aggressive return to the campaign Trail after having been hospitalized for the coronavirus. The president is down in most major polls in his campaign is eager to shake things up after hosting an event at the White House the president plans to hold rallies in the coming days and key States including, Florida, Iowa and, Pennsylvania.

Franco Ordonez NPR news Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden campaign at a Union facility in Erie, Pennsylvania today. He said President Trump only pretends to care about the working class in that hotly-contested state of federal judges throwing out a lawsuit filed by President Trump's campaign against several voting laws Emily. Previti of member station witf has more Pennsylvania doesn't match the one on file in the state voter registration database Trump's campaign objected to that policy. In addition to rules restricting poll Watchers to voting districts within their counties of residence. The lawsuit also sought a ban on mail ballot drop boxes judge J. Nicholas ranjan wrote Trump's attorneys had sufficiently demonstrated the contested rules had violated or pose a risk for violating voters rights under the Federal Constitution and declined to rule on their claims under

Golden state constitution for NPR news and Emily property in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf Coast are without power today after Hurricane delta made landfall last night as a category 2 storm Paul Braun of member station wrkf has more hurricanes made landfall near the town of Creole, Louisiana 12 miles from where hurricane Laura came ashore in August, Louisiana, governor, John Bel Edwards, and one of the challenges we're going to have is distinguishing between the damage that was caused by Hurricane Laura and that was caused overnight by Hurricane Delta while it's too early to say for sure Delta a weaker, but water hurricane seems to have caused more flooding across a wider swath of the state in Hurricane Laura the storm left nearly 700,000 customers 25% of the state in total without power for NPR news on Paul Braun in Baton Rouge.

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two small planes collided in France today over a small town south east of Paris official say all five people on the planes were killed. No one on the ground was hurt today marks World mental health day and it's hanging on greater significance amid. The pandemic Public Health leader is say they're concerned about the effects of isolation widespread job loss and economic insecurity NPR's Yuki noguchi reports there especially worried about young people many experts warn of a generation lost to covid-19. That was how the European commissioner for health and safety Stella kiriakidis put it around the world rates of depression and anxiety. Remain high. I told us parallel the pain demek. He's a clinical psychologist. Does young Europeans is summer hit an emotional low and send the greatest risk of depression. That's true. Also in the US nearly 40% of Americans reported symptoms of things. I

Eeyore depression at the end of last month that increases to 1/2 among those between the ages of 18 and 29 Yuki noguchi NPR news North Korea unveiled intercontinental ballistic missiles at a parade in Pyongyang today to Martha 75th anniversary of the founding of its ruling party leader Kim Jong on warned that his country would fully mobilize its nuclear force if threatened he described North Korea's continuing efforts to develop nuclear weapons as necessary for its defense. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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