NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-11-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 10-11-2020 9PM ET

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Fly from NPR news on Janine Herbst President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy. Coney. Barrett is vowing to rule based on Law and not her personal views and prepared remarks released today ahead of her Senate confirmation hearing that starts tomorrow. Also says courts are not designed to quote right every wrong in public life is Windsor Johnston reports. It's expected to be a bitter Ford a process judge. Barrett is likely to face a barrage of questions including issues and cases involving abortion. Specifically The Landmark, Roe versus Wade decision Senate Democrats are also likely to press her on whether a Justice ferret would recuse herself from a potential election dispute post November Georgetown law professor Paul Butler George Barrett recuse herself. There's not much binding law about when a justice should recuse herself and the Supreme Court level. It's pretty much up.

Tell her there it is. Also certain to face questions about the Affordable Care Act. The high court is set to hear a challenge to the law next month Windsor Johnston NPR News Washington Kentucky's governor and his family are quarantining after possibly being exposed to the coronavirus. Stephanie Wolfe station wfpl has more of his family received a call from a contact racer Saturday after a member of his security detail tested positive for covid-19. The first family have been in a car with that person earlier in the day the governor and his family have been tested negative, but we want to make sure we're setting the example and that we're also keeping other people around us safe for NPR news on Stephanie wolf in Louisville.

South Carolina Senate candidate Jamie Harrison has raised 57 million dollars in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham a fundraising records for a single quarter the money raised in the third quarter brings Harrison's campaign total 286 million dollars.

Louisiana utility Crews fanned out across the southwestern part of the state restoring electricity in the wake of hurricane. Delta hundreds of thousands are without power. This is resident started to return home to assess the damage roads are lined with debris and houses are missing roofs in an area already devastated by Hurricane Laura and August all this amidst a panic a pandemic rather Governor John Bel Edwards people who were fatigue by these disasters and emergencies. I will just remind you that the covid is not going to go away because we get tired of it.

Two deaths are blamed on the Storm the remnants of Delta. Meanwhile dump heavy rains on parts of Georgia the Carolinas and Virginia today, you're listening to NPR news.

Virginia hyperloop says West Virginia will be home to a 500 million dollar Center the tests and certifies a new high-speed transportation system as a missed its reports. The technology used in this project was once the stuff of science-fiction using magnetic levitation passengers would travel and floating Pods at speeds exceeding 600 miles per hour travel time from Pittsburgh in Chicago would be reduced to 41 minutes trips from New York City to Washington DC would take half an hour. The US Department of Transportation will use the center in Six Mile track to establish regulatory standards wild virgin runs tests on the site. The department recently laid out a framework for regulating emerging means of travel such as the hyperloop construction on the center, which will sit on a former coal. Mine is expected to break ground in the coming year was safety certifications expected by 2025 and Commercial launch by 2030 for NPR news update a message in Morgantown, West, Virginia.

Patriots again after another positive coronavirus test with the Patriots that game had been scheduled for today and then was moved to Monday night that has sent schedule or scrambling trying to accommodate other games about the Patriots and the Tennessee Titans close their facilities again today because of new virus cases Asian markets are trading lower at this hour the age of Dow down about one tenth of a percent the Nikkei the main Market in Japan. About three-tenths of a percent US futures contracts are trading in mixed territory crude oil prices are down 1.2% on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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