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NPR News: 10-13-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Louise schiavone after more than 11 hours. The Senate Judiciary Committee has wrapped up day 2 of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy, Coney Barrett. There was no shouting but Democrats brought the political Heath repeatedly pressing beridon where she would stand on abortion rights the Affordable Care Act and what she served the agenda of the presidential appointed her. I can't really speak to what the president has said on Twitter. He hasn't said any of that to me and what I can tell you as I have told your colleagues earlier today is that no one has elicited from me any commitment in a case or even brought up a commitment and the case. I am 100% committed to judicial independence from political pressure hearings resume in the morning the Trump Administration canned and the 2020 Census count early after the Supreme Court approved the request to suspend a lower court order that had extended it.

NPR reports the high Court's ruling comes after an emergency request from the Trump Administration. As soon as the shuttle ministration would like lower courts previously gave the girl a more time to try to get an accurate and complete count Trump officials have said they want to end counting immediately in order to try to get the numbers to President Trump by the end of this year. It was at the same set of numbers from which Trump wants to exclude unauthorized immigrants despite the Constitution's requirements include the number of persons in each state. The numbers are used to determine each state shift congressional seats and Electoral College votes. How do you log in New York is in the country and today the state has a new system for triggering public health restrictions from Member station kuer in Salt Lake City Sonia Hudson reports Governor, Gary Herbert.

Mountain infection rates in Utah are the highest they've ever been straining the states Healthcare System under Utah's new transmission index counties will automatically be moved to different action levels High moderate or low based on their per capita case count test positivity rate in the states Intensive Care Unit capacity here State epidemiologist. Dr. Angela Dunn really encouraging her that we are using data, which is an objective measure to drive where counties are required in high transmission areas. And for the next two weeks, they'll be required in moderate transmission areas and then attempt to short-circuit the surgeon cases for NPR news. I'm Sonia Hudson in Salt Lake City with coronavirus cases, moving higher again around the world news that Eli Lilly and Johnson and Johnson were pausing related drug trials is leading markets lower the S&P 500 lost 22 points today to take down 3% in early trading. This is NPR.

In the wake of the investigation into the death of Brianna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky black safe leaders in nearby Lexington are calling for police reforms in that city as Brenda never station W EKU reports. They are also asking for greater engagement by local law enforcement leaders in Lexington, Jefferson County criminal investigation of the police officers who killed Brianna Taylor fine recused himself from the case because his office filed charges against Kenneth Walker Taylor's boyfriend those charges were dropped and Reverend David Peeples says, the circumstances have changed that prevents him from doing the job he was elected to do.

The world is watching the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The more importantly God Is Watching The Lexington mayor's office has temporarily suspended the practice for NPR news. I'm Corrine Boyer and Lexington cable news ratings for 2020 so far are up significantly over 2019 with Americans hanging on every update about the coronavirus pandemic and events in the election year. The Nielsen company says that collectively The Prime Time ratings for CNN Fox News channel on MSNBC were up 72% over last year Facebook says that paid advertisements discouraging vaccination will now be banned on the social media platform.

I'm Louise schiavone NPR News, Washington
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