NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-14-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 10-14-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder Healthcare was again at the Forefront of Supreme Court nominee Amy, Coney Barrett confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. But Barrett declined to comment on the Affordable Care Act and she repeatedly declined to stay to reviews on the decades-old Supreme Court precedent that guarantees the right to use contraceptives and PR Sarah McCammon has more from the third day of Barrett's confirmation hearing Supreme Court nominees, Judge Amy, Coney Barrett has been evasive about her views on contentious decisions like Roe v Wade, which guaranteed abortion rights and she's been much worse coming then someone related issues Vera decline to answer directly when Senator Chris Coons a Democrat from Delaware asked whether Griswold V, Connecticut, which guaranteed married couples the right to birth control was correctly decided in order for Griswold to be overruled you or a state legislature would have to pass a law prohibiting the use of birth control, which seems

you don't shockingly unlikely Barrett called the question and academic exercise and said she believes it's very unlikely any legislature would try to ban contraception Sarah McCammon NPR News Washington the morning the Judiciary panel is to hear from Witnesses both for and against ferrets confirmation. Herself will not be present Wisconsin open an alternate Care Facility Wednesday to deal with the growing number of people hospitalized with covid-19 ion silver with member station wuwm in Milwaukee Wisconsin has one of the highest coronavirus growth rates in the nation last week Wisconsin is average more than 2,800 new coronavirus cases a day meaning unchecked Community spread one reason the state of surging according to Deputy Health secretary Julie Williams fan site after conservative sued courts prevented Governor Tony Evers from issuing Statewide orders to limit Gatherings and closed down bars and restaurants in Wisconsin we do not have that Authority at the state level and so

There are fewer Tools in our toolbox than some of the other states that we have seen in response to Growing hospitalizations Wisconsin opened up an alternate care facility at at State Fair Park. The facility can take non critical patients from hospitals around the state for NPR news. I'm I on Silver and Milwaukee County election because of technical problems, but he Evans a member station BPM in Richmond reports on a federal judge's order for the Commonwealth to give voters more time since website Tuesday the last day residents could sign up to vote. It happened after someone struck a fiber optic line when they were digging in a Richmond suburbs Advocates took Virginia elections officials to court Wednesday arguing almost a day of registrations were lost due to the outage. The new deadline is Thursday the 15th at 11:59 p.m.

President Trump is again demanding that schools reopen at his campaign rally in Iowa tonight from claim. The coronavirus is not a threat to young people siding is 14 year old son Barron as an example in a statement earlier today first lady Melania Trump severe and had contracted the virus that had infected her and her husband and others at the White House at his rally in Des Moines. The president said his son's case was mild a new study shows how the brain produces two different kinds of thirst. On Hamilton reports on Research in the journal Nature. Sometimes people are thirsty for playing water. And sometimes they want to Salty bevricks like a sports drink to find out what brain cells in mice influenced to changes in the volume of fluid in the body other responded to the concentration of salts and other minerals ukeoke of Caltech says when the team stimulated the volume sells mice would drink your water.

Stimulated the other type of cell might start drinking both pure water and John Hamilton NPR news Los Angeles championship series are out at the Atlanta Braves 15 2/3 the victory camping a record-setting 11-run first inning Braves still Lido the series two games to one game 4 of the American League series between Tampa Bay and Houston being played tonight in San Diego on trial Snyder NPR news.
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