The Indicator from Planet Money - Daymond John Plays Overrated Or Underrated

Daymond John and what he thinks is overrated and what's underrated

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This is the indicator from Planet Money. I'm Stacey Vanek Smith, and I'm Daymond. John is known as one of the sharpest dressed investors on ABC's Shark Tank a business reality show the entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their product in front of high-profile investors of all kinds make millions of dollars. There's a sock business barbecue business to 30% if my bombas guys agree do you okay with that?

Come out, of course while looking at that. We really wanted things.

John talked to this in a previous episode about what it's like to be a shark and about his entrepreneurial Journey with his clothing line FUBU in about the lowdown on his new book power. And today we are bringing him back to play one of our favorite games overrated or underrated that's if Economist tile account. It is the game of we asked Our Guest about something in the news or something. It's on her mind anything really and then the guest gets to tell us if that thing is overrated or underrated by Society is a kind of rapid fire games. They have to answer totally authentic or demon John on what he considers to be overrated and what it considers to be underrated from the expensive perfume. Your boyfriend gives you do how being a billionaire might not really be all that it's cracked up to be

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Go on Shark Tank, one of the things that makes it such a fun show to watch but I've always wondered about it sort of the theatrics of the pitch like your uncle come out in costumes or the lights mean on fire overrated underrated Show versus the actual like numbers and fundamentals of the business underrated really and they want to relate to you and an investor wants to say I've had that problem too or my wife or my husband have that problem. I can see it. I mean, we see it all the time on infomercials are you tired of doing this? There's got to be a better way wait, there's more and when you come out and you have the costumes and telling the story of how you got into this point. There's a reason why some of these things work. So one of the things that I have always noticed on Shark Tank, it seems like you're always the best rest of the sharks like you have the most style. So overrated underrated how you dress.

People are judging you. You were judging people in the first 30 seconds of seeing them. I like you as an example of you know, you walk into a bank and you have a lot of flashy jewelry on a virus of the things that you don't have a lot of the things you may need the banker the financial institutions don't think you probably loose with your money as well. Right? If you come over to my house and Norco in my office and you say you're a colder unless I ask you wear a suit you been up being a suit cuz that doesn't look like you're going to be coding in the dark room your pajamas for 3 days straight in the suit. I just don't believe you like, how would you dress for raising money? I would go to the place wherever I'm going and I would not Park My Car anywhere near because my car would probably blow up. So when they see me rollin that bad boy, I don't give him any way you can buy at whatever another car I would have probably about five pieces that I can afford in my closet, you know, a navy suit a black suit.

And then I would have a white shirt a black shirt and then I would have 10 different cheap ties and I was just mix and match those things and I would I knew how to sew so I would tell her I'm a little bit they wouldn't seem too baggy. But however, when I walk in the room as though fool guy, I was wearing my own clothes. How can I sell you clothes that I don't even want to wear myself. So it was when I was walking into clubs at night to talk to rappers. I was wearing FUBU overrated underrated writing a book on how so because when you write a book you have to open yourself up, so I'll give you example, we don't want to put my first book and I said, hey, you know, my my father left when I was 10 years old and I never saw him again. You can't just make that statement the right of my clothes ride with me said so how you feeling I got. So how did you really feel like you have to dig into yourself? Right because you're laying yourself out and I'm like making a statement here over there you may I may slip a statement by you and you may not ask me any further, but her book is there and it's there forever.

Overrated underrated a Ghost Rider underrated they got to get into your body and speak for you and make it flow and make it make sense. The way that you would speaking people are buying the book because they want to hear your voice. Yeah. Yeah my book. Sorry to talk like and my my my supporters really know me if they was said this and that Damon like maybe there's some people have an entrepreneurial Spirit people don't like I've never wanted to start a business, but maybe it's I don't know if it's like a natural anything or if it's just something that like you learn and develop an affinity for so overrated underrated the entrepreneurial spirit. I couldn't do it alone. And if that the people that I have they didn't have my back and then think like entrepreneurs then I'm the only person thinking like that. I think it's is underrated the thought process of being an entrepreneur.

Overrated underrated Angel Investors. Anybody who is an investor. You just need to know what they really want people always think it's only again transactional but somebody may want to be an investor with you because they believe in your cause or they want to educate themselves. So they can I invest in the business and I think it's appropriate launching a fragrance overrated. I mean, it seems So Glamorous stock with a bunch of never sell. I mean by launching fragrances very challenging business, you know, because the juice the fragrance only cost a dollar but to pay for a little blowing cars that you see in the magazine to pay for all the people who are waiving the sense when you walk through with Macy's and Eliza and the Billboards that rules out to be about three million dollars with the money.

Well, it's only a dollar for the actual for the bottle chords by the 80 or a hundred if you're wearing a fragrance right now. I can't I can't tell when you walk down the street. I can't tell what it is. I can tell her to Mercedes-Benz as I can tell what Apple computer so you have to break people's habits of the fragrance of the currently wherever I've been wearing obsessional jaquar for 20 years. Why do I want this new fragrance so fragrance and Liquors are very very hard to but I know it's interesting that so much of it is packaging and branding but I guess that mean I mean that's the case of a lot of things but I guess especially maybe fragrance overrated underrated having money, I guess having a substantial amount of money overrated do I believe that you should be able to have the money when God forbid something happens to your family other resources take care of yourselves. Absolutely, but a billion dollars. I have no idea what I would do with it mean either me neither omigosh. I don't know I guess I guess I would buy property. That's the only

I can't even think to do when I go I can put into the Forestry Department so that it's not turned into a mole that that actually seems like a pretty good use of a billion dollars. I think those are actually all my questions for overrated underrated. Thanks. Thanks for joining. This episode of the indicator was produced by Autumn barns Courtney Cronin and Villa Huxtable. Our editor is Patty Hearst and the indicator is a production of NPR underrated vs. Overrated.
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