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NPR News: 10-15-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman Supreme Court nominee Amy. Coney Barrett has completed her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and we are is Nina totenberg reports. The committee is expected to wrap up the confirmation hearings today. The committee will hear Witnesses for and against the nominee after that. It will hold over the nomination under Senate rules with a vote expected October 22nd in the song of the senate floor for more debate and a final vote expected before election day. It's a sharp contrast to 2016 when Republican leader Mitch McConnell blocked any action on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee for almost 10 months, but the GOP has the votes to Prevail Nina totenberg NPR News Washington President Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee. Joe Biden will participate in separate Townhomes tonight at the same time as NPR Sam Green Glass reports than I was supposed to be the second presidential debate.

Remind a few weeks ago to the first presidential debate. Just a few days later President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus as did many of the president's Inner Circle. So after a bunch of back-and-forth the commission on presidential debates decided the next one would be done virtually when Trump refused to participate the debate fell apart the bottom campaigns that they fill that time by doing a town hall on ABC then came the news that Trump to would do with Townhall, but his would be on NBC at the exact same time drawing criticism that the scheduling doesn't serve the public. There is one more debate on the schedule for now at least October 22nd in Nashville, Sam Green Glass NPR News, Washington the number of coronavirus cases. He's beginning to swell again in Europe with some countries reporting record high numbers of daily infections German Chancellor, Angela Merkel urging German State leaders to implement new restrictions and peers as me Nicholson reports from Berlin.

The French officials are reimposing restrictions as well Motel is the medical in a centralized Countryside in Paris and 1/8 of the cities for at least the next month and Reporting from Berlin. The US Postal Service has agreed to reverse changes it made this year that has significantly slowed mail delivery the agreement settles a lawsuit by Montana Democratic governor, Steve Bullock. He says people have their prescriptions and benefits delayed in the mail and weren't able to pay their bills on time the reversal by the Postal Service covers earlier Cuts in retail and should include the restoration of mail sorting machines and collection boxes election mail is also supposed to be prioritized.

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2 American hostages have been released from Yemen one is a female Aid worker. The other is a businessman. They had been held by a roni and back Rebels the remains of a third person or being repatriated Associated Press. As this release is part of an exchange Oman State News Agency tez 250 yemenis who had received medical treatment in Oman are being returned to Yemen's Capital the president of the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan has resigned from office after 10 days of Street protests and political turmoil, and then. Lucie and Kim reports are mozgov. He's the third president to be overthrown in a popular Uprising since Kyrgyzstan gained independence from the Soviet Union has first broke out in Kyrgyzstan Capital Bishkek, this month amid accusations of vote-buying in parliamentary elections authorities are the election results for protesters also demanded the resignation of President Sauron by Jin baek of as demonstrators gathered outside his residence gym.

Announce his resignation. Thank you wouldn't cling to power and didn't want to go down in history as a leader who shot at his own people. The developing situation is being carefully watched and Russia took it stands made a life and a source of financial assistance Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow. It will be hard drive and very windy in Northern California today. The state utility Pacific Gas and Electric is cutting off power thousands of customers in 24 counties. Utility officials say they don't want to take the chance that electrical equipment could spark new wildfires in California Encore bokuman NPR news.
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