The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Oct 14: Grayscale $1 Billion Q3, Top 10 Most BTC Friendly Cities, Porn and Yield Farming

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Look up. See how this matter until they have a show. Grayscale Secours $1000000 in Q3.

Porn and yield farming and the 10 most bitcoin-friendly cities Across America coming up today in the decrypt daily.

Good afternoon. Everybody. Today is Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 and we are in the middle of the AC be there in the corner. That's a CB Amy Coney Barrett hearings this day 3 and I want to tell you it's been pretty interesting. There's been a lot of great questions coming from the Senators are Republicans and Democrats a great statements. And you know what I want to tell it to say that a CB which I guess I guess I guess we're going through this ACB to replace RGB. She's answering these questions very professionally very well-thought-out. I'm not saying that I want the court to go 326 conservative or right-leaning very actually very right-leaning, but I will say that she's been hitting herself a very well within these proceedings. It's been very interesting to watch him. Honestly. It's been civil. If you remember back to the Cavanaugh hearing it that was a debacle that was a mess. That was a spectacle that was honestly and embarrassment for the whole process then especially for scotus the Supreme Court of the United States, but this is redeeming himself from that.

Let it go last time. I want to say congrats to the second hand ACB yourself or with a bit of class with a said I would want to say that she is a very smart very thought out the very thoughtful and a very good lawyer and judge. So when she speaks we have to make sure that we understand that she says exactly what she wants to say. So the lgbtq + Community I just want to know is that when she said preference is she meant it but this has been an interesting three days to listen and watch and really deep dive into her career her judicial openings. And the way that this whole process works because of the Deep dive, let's go deep dive into our crypto prices.

Here Wego money talk in a recording this at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Fitness in at $11,318.93. Aetherium 37465 Litecoin 4950 chain-link 1070 and xrp 24.7. And why am I not tell you how much does a sub from yesterday is because I did not do the prices yesterday. So I don't know total market cap for all cryptocurrency is 350 6.7 billion dollars worth of BTC dominance up 15.7%

In our first order of news Russia telecommunication Services regulator has black access to local Bitcoin. Wow, they're blocking Bitcoins Bitcoins portal in the country does far. However, it doesn't mean to have much of an impact on the uses. Russia is the P2P crypto exchanges biggest Market in my two cents. You can block the porthole. You can block the website of localbitcoins. But remember it's a little cold baked white. They'll be able to organize in many different ways than a website.

Inverted repercussions of the indictment of bitmax according to head to Paris AKA come to Mom. She says that us users of a crypto product expect enforcement of u.s. Laws and she says that message was made loud and clear. So exchanges are otherwise i c o s t o s dex's or defy projects. This is saying that all the law register your security offices security do kyc and AML and don't launder money better for us better for you butter for the space.

Do you live in one Italian most Bitcoin friendly cities in America? Well, let's see the Deep dive into the cities with the largest user base. Let's see what they said. Not a surprise Los Angeles is the most Bitcoin living city in the US according to Poker. Org Los Angeles leave the country with 17 businesses that accept Bitcoin Fall by New York with 13 San Jose with 6 Houston San Francisco Boston Fort Worth with 5 in Dallas Seattle in Washington DC with for each have to look at the industries that accepted Bitcoin as a payment. Most popular is financial services the internet again hosting which makes a lot of sense video games currency exchanges f&b with 3.5% of all FMB accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and then going down to baking and mortgages and finally which cities have the most Bitcoin ATMs in Los Angeles with 677 Bitcoin ATMs felled by Chicago with 351.

Atlanta 350 Houston also with 350 and Miami with 314. There's a top 10 list. I'm going to be tomorrow. You can click the link in the show notes if you want no more on that list.

Digital currency asset manager grayscale Investments today announced that is digital asset investment report for Q3 of this year the company revealed that it raised over 1 billion dollars in investment products in the lead is the grayscale Bitcoin trust with a g b t c with an inflow of just under $7 and twenty million dollars is quarter wowzers also have grown with a total of 31% of inflows accounted for a few 3 coming from his other projects such as grayscale Litecoin trust and grayscale digital large-cap fund year-to-date investment for the grayscale family products has surpassed a 2.4 billion dollars this represents already double or what they had in 2003 to 2019, which was 1.2 billion dollars.

So what's a better combination in peanut butter and jelly obviously is liquidity of farming in porn. Duh. Life has been a profitable company since 2017. It's a hard not to be profitable incentivize you to stay there even any created incentive program called squirt where you can actively stake your swag to build go through proposals problem solved and we'll learn more swag tokens. If you wanted castles out. You can catch them out to USB C or two cream token. I'm really not making this offices in description below swag cream squirt tokens incentivize you while you watch porn be part of the community get involved with crypto while you watch porn

the win win

between August 11th and September 14th microstrategy a business intelligence company invested more than 425 million dollars into Bitcoin. Then a couple weeks later on October 8th Square the company owned by Jack Dorsey of Twitter filed suit and bought $50 in Bitcoin microstrategy. CEO, Michael Saylor said that this is extraordinary and even though square has more money than God. This is a wonderful thing for the crypto space say that are fast money dudes and wash Ruby think about how to get ahead of the next investor and follow a Jack Russell lead isn't turn can promote an avalanche wonderful things that can happen in all add up to this simple observation Bitcoin is a good thing. It's a safe thing and you might want to get some and finally following a Tesla giveaway. Scam. I'm going to just do it another PSA. This is a PSA for everyone. Listen. Do not send your big.

Or cryptocurrency anywhere. If you see a contest, they said sent us a little bit coin. Don't win a Tesla. Don't send anything you send me one. I sent you two don't send anything. It's a scam do not send your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency anywhere. And if you do send it somewhere make sure as soon exchange which isn't or off ramp that has kyc AML and it's registered in your country. That is that somebody did is due diligence. Make sure that isn't a legitimate exchange besides that to keep it in your wallet. Don't keep it in that exchange keep it in your wallet in your Ledger or trezor or something like that, but don't send your crypto anywhere. Please stop it people getting rich by just making a simple tweet saying you send me one Bitcoin I send you two don't do it.

Thanks for listen to this episode The decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Aaron, and don't forget to subscribe like share and comment on Apple podcast podcast app comes with a visible and it allows us to have a bigger read some more people who get their daily crypto news. I'll see you tomorrow and happy Halloween, buddy.
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