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NPR News: 10-17-2020 9AM ET

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Support for NPR and the following message come from Simon & Schuster Publishers of is this anyting by Jerry Seinfeld in his first book in 25 years Seinfeld shares his favorite work from across five decades comedy. Is this anyting is available wherever books are sold from NPR Tucson Giles Snyder. The Supreme Court has agreed to speed up review of President Trump's attempt to change the numbers from the 2020 census in Paris on Cielo by the Trump wants to make an unprecedented change to who's counted of the numbers used to reapportioned seats in Congress. The fourteenth amendment requires account that determines each state Sheriff congressional seats to include the whole number of persons in each state on November 30th. The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments over whether President Trump can break with more than 200 years of President and exclude unauthorized immigrants from those numbers the hearings timing increases the potential for Sean to try to alter the numbers during a

Current term in office but there was no question about immigration status on this year's census forms. So it's not clear sight information about some unauthorized immigrants specifically those in detention centers in PR News New York to buy new campaign last night in the key state of Michigan telling a crowd at a drive-in rally in Detroit at the time to vote is now Quinn Klinefelter memorization wget reports advises remarks came as a state court limit. The amount of time Michigan has to count absentee ballots. Biden says voters can save the Affordable Care Act or combat racial Injustice if they are not discouraged from casting a ballot the Michigan court of appeals that just ordered the state to only count absentee ballots received by election day, but by noted in Detroit alone dozens of early voting centers are already open.

It matters Michigan matters you elected me and Barack Obama in 2012 and you bet on us when we bet on you and better American workers Michigan remains a Battleground State President Trump hold the rally today at a private airport in Muskegon for NPR news. I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit is also campaigning today in Wisconsin part of a string of events. I had to be like Sunday during a rally in Macon, Georgia last night Trump sought to cast himself as an outsider.

Call Washington politician is because I'm not a politician.

And if I don't always play by the rules of the Washington establishment, and it would make you know, it would make my life a lot easier. To be honest. I know how to play those roles Senator David Perdue Democrats demanding an apology from Purdue after he repeatedly mispronounced Democratic vice presidential candidate. Kamala. Harris's name is locked in a tight race with Democrat. Jon ossoff who tweeted are Purdue would not have mocked a fellow senator who was male or white for the spokesman says Purdue did not mean anything by it. You're listening to NPR news.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda ardern says her party's commanding Victory and today's parliamentary election is an opportunity.

Economy that works for everyone to protect our environment and a Duracell climate challenges could take on poverty and inequality to 10.

And High Times into Kohl's for Hope and optimism eat enough to rule by itself Zealand in years nine people have been detained over the killing of a French teacher by a student in the Paris suburbs in Paris Eleanor Beardsley reports that the student is believed to assist the teachers throw because the professor showed caricatures the Prophet Muhammad in class president was enraged that the teacher showed the caricatures during a civics lesson about freedom of speech. The lesson was in the context of an ongoing trial in France 14, people are accused of giving logistical support to the two terrorists who attacked the Tirico Weekly Magazine Charlie hebdo 5 years ago, the boy's parents brother and grandfather have been detained as well as some other parents who is signaled their disagreement with the teacher showing the cartoons. This is the second act of violence since the Charlie hebdo trial began several weeks ago a Pakistani man Angry

At what? He called? The magazines blasphemy knifed an innocent bystander. The teacher's killing is being investigated as a terrorist attack. The eighteen-year-old assailant posted a picture of the victim on Twitter before being shot dead by police Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris.
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