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Hello, everyone needs to be raised a playoff podcast series ALCS game 5 instant reaction Astros win this one for 3 after walk-off home run from Carlos Correa, and we're going to get at least a game 6 in the series after the Rays got two chances to shut the door. So I'm right Rutherford. We got a full house tonight. We got Jim turn on the podcast. We got Brian Menendez, and of course Danny Russell is here as well, Danny.

Corelle walk-off in the ninth off of Nick Anderson. That's a really good picture. What are you feeling out after I do?

I feel like sometimes quality baseball players put one over the fence and that was a competitive pitch and that was a great swing. Yeah, I don't know if it was the moment or the broadcaster's kind of setup that we are going to I'm going to call moratorium on the POS broadcasting that we heard tonight where the claims of the narrative shift happening in the fifth inning and the the dramatic need for the Astros to if they throw a curveball while you've never seen a curveball go 11 to 5 before that's a that's an amazing that I can't handle it so that I don't hear your thoughts on on this game is your first instant reaction podcast in and what what a Wanda hop on so it was a close game throughout the Astros seem to always have a little bit of an edge and ultimately they pulled away and won the game.

Feeling after that control. That's that's how I that's how I feel about it. I feel like anytime the Rays have there was traffic on the basepaths. It seems it seems like every in it and there was a guy on first or a guy on first and second. We were drawn a lot of walks, but I feel like in those moments beat some of the Astros pictures through very hittable pictures of missing out. I was telling Jim I think it was the 8th through the 9th cir. I think that Randy arozarena in Austin Meadows had really good approaches at the plate against Presley it look like they were both sitting sliders and they both got very hittable pitches and they just missed them. So I think when when the moments are matter the most I think that they're just not coming through with the big heads.

We're not going to win with solo home runs. It's just it's just not it's just not going to happen. You know, I do hope that the opportunities keep coming because the more traffic that gets on base like you just hope that at some point at 3 remember going to happen, but the strike out there to control the home runs or solo home runs. And if you're the Astros even with the home runs, I'm sure on their side. They're saying, you know Solomon Define, you know, so that's that. That was my thoughts were at the game.

Ian Jimmy Kimmel go to you next to talk about I don't know what your thought process going into game 6.

Brian Hussein little bit. I think the number that is just pops for this team is 17. That's the number of men left on base by the Rays. That's Insanity. That's that's a lie, but I actually instead of seeing it as a problem Looking Backward, which I do kind of think it is. I think they're really easy take after this game right now. Is that the Rays were lucky to win any of these games? This should be an Astros sweep faster the better. I don't necessarily agree that the Rays did get a couple of breaks in the first three games and you could argue that they did get lucky a snag all three of them, but the Ridgid really unlucky tonight. They they should have won this game tonight. If we're going to be counting those Astros lucky winds that we have to count this as a lucky win for Houston type. I think I see what it is is to really close evenly matched baseball teams. They honestly kind of funky they got the 300 and now we're seeing that the flip side of that and indirectly in the end of May come down to can the Rays win one of the next to coin flips in the next few days and you have to like

Right. I mean I think if if this year he's went Rays win game 1 Astros win games two and three Rays win games four and five, you know like this. This has a much different feel to it. Then then the rains going up three nothing but at the end of the day, it's the same result. You know that Siri is going six games you told anybody that does he was going at least six games when it started like I'm sure you two good teams evening aux like you said and I could probably will go all seven now. We hope we hope not at this point. But yeah, we're up tonight and ultimately G-Man Troy who would it would have been one of the biggest moments the postseason it'll probably be forgotten at this point after the Astros going to win the game. But Randy arozarena hit another homerun Heroes Arena, and I know we talked about it every night and there's not much more to say but

This posting he's having is already one of the best if not the best postseason performance in Rays history. It's going it's going to go down if the Rays go on to the World Series as maybe the best offensive performance in in postseason history for all the baseball he could end up leaving and hit home runs extra-base hits all-time in Major League Baseball and pussies and I know it's been an extra long postseason for longest postseason baseball ever seen the Randy arozarena what he's done and it's not like you just one moment to moment every single night. He's bringing yet and I like tonight which does not a whole lot of positives it we got to keep talking about randy for sure. It's gotten to the point. Now. Where is Randy doesn't hit one out or Randy takes a pitch in the zone. It's shocking and baseball is a game. We said it before IS300 and you make the Hall of Fame and for Randy. I feel like he hits 500 and that coin flip every at bat.

It's surprising. So at this point, yeah, of course Randy home Homer. Yeah, of course. He tied Eva Longoria's rookie record for homeruns in the postseason. Of course, he's what one or two hits away from tying. Jeter's rookie record for hits in the postseason misses astounding and it breaks your brain a little bit. I think in a lot of ways, I think last year we saw in the World Series where it was kind of Juan Soto is coming out party and granted Juan Soto had two very good years before that series. I kind of kind of I see the same are all happy with Randy. Arozarena has really been the Randy arozarena show and it's it's been really fun to watch some would say he lyrics All Night day and year going back to the 1st long ball the day there is two brand.

Wow, who had what three little bit lost? What what do you three make of I think that could be a pretty pivot table. I mean if you can be by in a leadoff, I could be a pretty big fat either wake up or stay sleep. And what are you guys make of his day after he wasn't even in the lineup yesterday was going into this game that the biggest decision of the most shocking decision made by Kevin cash and he made good contact in the Spurs play. The parents comes up in the third hit a homerun and yeah, he did struggle at the playoffs. Had two more strikeouts later on in the game clothing in the in the ninth inning, but

Brandon loud like that is a moment that can spark something and now that you're in crunch time or he might only have eight more plate appearances in the season or less. Is a big moment. He's got to start getting high and I think the Home Run was It was obviously the best way to do that.

Yeah, I think with brain allow you love to see him hitting a homerun today. I think the reason you stayed with him is because you know that he's good and and even when he's at his worst you you hope that you can run into one that said though. I can't think of a player in this series who's been more exposed than Brandon Lau. I mean the Astros just know how to pitch to him. Other than the Home Run winner is you know, a very hittable fastball. I mean, I would go back to the entire playoffs. He just he just has to look good in me. He's he's swinging at 9 competitive pictures at this point. So the team's know how to pitch to him. I don't I don't see the opponent's changing anything unless he changes his approach.

Yeah, one more thing. I Brandon Lyle we talked about all season and all the improvements he made at the plate. He struck out a whole lot less he walked whole lot more. He was hitting for more power.

Now what would not even disregard the batting average in the on base percentage, but the strikeout rate is going and almost getting as high as it was in 2019 and I was a major problem for him and all star in the regular season and I'm not worried about him. We're like, you said, it's just not looking competitive and he's going down really easy. And yeah, that's that's that's troubling that's been inducted as big as issue and you hope that tonight getting making some good talking about driving out for a home run is the Catalyst that he needed to kind of get back on the horse.

We talked about scheduling. Yeah. Well one thing one thing I'm really curious about from the Houston side of things going into game 6 and 7 is Dusty kind of man. Just one like having cash today. I don't know the exact Final Countdown pictures, but did he use a lot of bullets 7 pictures like 75 pitches at some point to something. I think the approach I think Yoshi has to be in the lineup at these guys were going to get him six seven pitches deep and we need to work that count and get into what is going to be a tired pain if we do, I am feeling good. But if he's sitting at 75 pitches and 7th inning, it's going to be a little it's it's not going to be a good time for the race, even if they hit a solo Homer to like they've been doing all day.

Yeah again, and that brand was going out of town for the Houston. It'll be most likely Blake Snell for the Rays will be on normal rest and fish and game won the Rays pitching staff. Now out of all the games in terms of getting to the a bullpen and being that bridge for the Abel pain, which is kind of felt like it's been all postseason.

This was the worst of the options for the race and not a bad option at all. Then you get three endings. Are you going to give up two runs out of Josh Fleming could have been a little better. If it was not bad by any means when you get 2 and 2/3 Innings out of a sliders he gives up no runs. Then you turn the ball over to make a person who looks good. I didn't think on the fastball was a really good pitch 96 on the outside in front of the plate was just clobbered but I like Blake Snell is going to be going to let him ride then you've got still got the advocacy out. You've still got to Fairbanks. We talked about Jose Alvarado now, he might fit in two more light high-leverage situations. Now that he's got an outing in his belt and make it look like he's going to be available tomorrow as well. If need be I do not want this to go to game 7 they want to get this taken care of tomorrow night.

Really impressive and the fact that they were able to eat up all those out and preserve so much of the bullpen now and we're in the part of the Season where it's only about winning. It's not about Bullpen preservation, but that was huge tonight. We saw yesterday. It's truly on the night. That's huge going into going to the game stats for the Rays still have almost a full stable.

Yeah credit to this legend for stepping up there.

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Play what a bummer. I felt like this day had magic. I felt like this was the day that it was going to come together was a tie ballgame three man. I'm just I'm thinking back and the moment that sticks out to me in this game and I can't get over it is eight 9 in the lineup get on base and there's the two bouncer to do Austin Meadows in right field and he throws the lupus throw home in about twice on his way back to the plate and bounced twice to him and bounced twice on the way back then, you know actually made a great stretch to to pick up the ball off the hop turn around and try to get Maldonado but Maldonado hustling from second base should not have been able to slide in so easily. I think that's the moment.

That we look back on in this game. And yeah focusing on Game 5 here, but Austin Meadows, the guy who has never really perform defensively at the big league level and that throw it was awful and in my opinion not getting too much in the Weeds on that because we're just focusing on the series in this game, but you did Jonny Diaz you stick metal sound, right? You've got Hunter renfroe who was on the bed. You also Kevin Kiermaier didn't start the game. So Mardel play Zen Center, you probably would be playing in right? But yeah, that was a decision that having Meadows in the field hurt the race tonight. We talked about their great defense and we've been spoiled don't get me wrong. We've been spoiled with the series but tonight it is it hurt the race.

Not not to put too much stock in that one situation and say that you know how to Renfro been right field. He definitely would have thrown him at home and the complexion the game changes, but I think there is an interesting conversation to me had where you know, you have Meadows. In the lineup even though he's struggling because you know that he can run into one. I mean really Renfro that's really why renfro's on the roster to and if you had him in right field message rayshun, I think like if Renfro makes a 50% throw it's better than Austin Meadows is desperate. You don't even know if Maldonado would run if it were Meadows or Margo in the Outfield, they might just go get the next batter in a conversation.

Definitely definitely on the touch. I have not seen an official announcement on Twitter and no one sent it in SLAP tear things up or not.

I mean if you think about who still available in the Rays Bullpen, I am feeling pretty good about tomorrow Diego Castillo fresh beat Fairbanks fresh air and Luke. Probably fresh Jose Alvarado warmed up today and didn't pitch I assume he's good to go. Ryan Thompson. Yeah, you know who is a push for the Rays Bullpen, but would be like what the fourth best reliever in the Astros Bullpen for something like that. So maybe V

Well, I'd imagined Presley coming back in tomorrow, but I guess you can yeah, it could come in scrub got used to tan tonight. So that means what Blake Taylor and Josh James again congestions go three in a row to bash. I think out of all the relievers. I never gave up the homerun to Gmail today and then left with an injury. So we don't really know the full status right now. But if he's good to go you have to imagine these available still in elimination game replica. I think they look pretty good. But in my mind when you came in I was like, you know what I think of all the pictures throughout their she was probably the most vulnerable didn't I'm operating on the little bit of confirmation bias right now because you mentioned but yeah, I mean

As far as going within the next two games, I mean you got to remember that like yes, I think like the the they said that but these were guys that the Astros have depended on to keep being floated wendgames the entire season so really this was there a bullpen and the Rays match than piss perpich. You can argue that Curtis is dirt a pain but Fleming in slegers as good as they weren't as good as it has been lately there that they're seabolt then right. So like Danny said, you know, Nick Anderson can go so I can get a second game to Steele's fresh herb. Asus rash Lupus rash Thompson Square as you look at the Astros and all these guys he's pissed today. You know, it's Presley going to go 3 days in a row, like I'm going to repeat everything I said, but

What is Mike Zunino also is a moment we can think back to when he had the bases loaded and he had one very deep to the warning track, man.

Think I was going to go that far but then when I saw already drifting back, I know I was hoping but that was just the story the night though. They were always men on base and they're always just not quite it will be driven that I mean if it's frustrating but I don't think I mean, I guess the the counter to the the the high strikeout rate right bad that is the type of thing that makes you struggle with with in scoring those Runners, but I don't see 17 left on base of 6 & 7 so I'm still feeling decent as we head out one one possibly completely not interesting thing. I just want someone had mentioned that night was interesting thing about lease for a second. Was that the format being 232? We don't really need a 2-3-2 format in the ALCS this year, but I may argue but I would have loved to last outside in this game for sure and I'll give you one on one who knows if the game played out differently for this kind of certainly don't get your walk off for a creosote.

Yeah, definitely a question for you guys. So tomorrow's game 6303 you to leave it. Blake Snell starting that's been announced already.

If thing I know you got the table pan rusted, is there a chance that we could see Charlie Morton or Tyler glasnow tomorrow?

I feel like they would save them for what was the last thing about it glass tile pitched yesterday.

Probably not for 7 maybe more in for 6 interviews. Man games actually probably not starting but I don't think the rays are going to have to do that because the Abel pain is rested. Now if you had to blow through you Abel open today in the answer came back and won then you maybe go from now to more than game 6, I'm just because that's all that's left and you don't want to go to a game 7, but I don't think there is going to be in a situation where that's going to need to happen tomorrow. At least I hope not Galveston go complete Game Shop pieces do it, but I don't think tomorrow is going to be managed like a game 7 especially with Blake Snell. He's he's he's one of your top two three guys, some could argue top one at like I think about I think about it was like 2011 or maybe

Jeremy hellickson got to start and in the second inning it was bases loaded with no outs and Joe Maddon getting them ready. I think he's free Blake's in a little bit differently than a picture like alexandrite.

Blake Snell is going to have a little bit more of a longer leash. They're going to let him get out of at least one or two. Jams Blake Snell really has to not be your best option for cash to take him out. So with that said, I mean that it said Blake Snell or so I could could tell her glass Network Charlie Morton pick tomorrow. I mean, theoretically yes, but I don't think it if either of those to pitch tomorrow, I think things are not going very well either. It's Blake Snell just really didn't have it and they had to dip into the bolt into early or the games in Extra Innings, and everybody else has been exhausted.

Agreed agreed with all four times. It came to the plate today to walks single and then obviously the big home run that won 70 is that the longest home run of the year for the race from maybe hit while the red rose and you know balls at Fenway Park Zoo. Nina was 453. I think this bow season 1 of the dead center on the two balls to hit at Fenway Park that stack testing register those probably both even though they would have left field during those were massive home run, but you naturally I thought he was really, you know, you did he did a really shallow job at the plate Willie Adamas struggling still and yeah, I mean, it's where the Panic buttons at its over at the edge of the desk the lid still on it.

The creek that little took them off very quickly there tomorrow night. I'm with Danny. Honestly, the the feeling isn't like panic.

Down looks like a hot man with I'll be honest. I bought champagne this morning and I never said I was when I bought it for them and I didn't consider it jinxing. I consider it. I considered it manifesting. So let's hope that tomorrow night. When run this is your action podcast. I can have a nice glass of champagne and maybe everyone else does too. So any final thoughts on the game tonight?

What happens when you start the Pale Horse?

Hey, he was fine real quick.

I guess that's what happens when you have just amazing hitters are the top that lineup. So I just said because I brought that up taking off Altuve at first base was glorious. What are the light at bright how hard is it to get that through off the first base that fast. So when a left-handed pitcher is pitching you keep going right on a writing bigger you like if you're if you're caught meaning that's it you're done because like even when he goes to first base, they're still doing a full leg with the regular. So you going to keep going and you put if you're calling it The Writing you're just done in that will help me.

Yeah, I mean I'll be honest and I'm probably not as accomplished for the picture is Jim Brian rather. If you're on first base, I'm not even looking over at you. I was I was bad and got to still on me. So I'm glad that John Curtis isn't in the same way. It was always fun watching Jose Altuve get picked off which was so bad for the guy. I ever feel bad. I just hear people say when I would feel bad for her. I feel bad that stores that sell platform shoes anymore. He has to have a custom face mask the full extent of me feeling bad for Jose Altuve.

beautiful strike out of Korea

like like vera for Fleming, you know 2 and 2/3 Innings or whatever window. I think if it's 3 need the readings to runs like that's not the greatest line like if you just look at it, but if you were to tell me that going into the sixth inning this game would be 3 2 1. I mean you take that every time you know one of those runs but I'm so mad about that there. He did pretty well. I'll be happy if they don't float in Flemington do that tonight.

the PA system started playing Danger Zone after Josh Reddick singled and then

and if I'm not going to base and that's when the eight nine got on the end of PA system to explain danger zone and then there's like a little Tapper back to the mound or just left of the mountain. To Third Base side and flemingfield it and then rifled it great play great play love that moment. I was like who's in The Dangers know now can't have nice things.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Alright. Well that's going to do it for tonight's episode of the draysbay playoff podcast series ALCS game 5 in skin reaction and number for being on it's really great to be able to talk. It's very therapeutic. I'll say that talk through the game like that that ended like that and I'm ready for game 6, so if you want you to these episodes downloaded directly under device, make sure to subscribe to a podcast feed and make sure to head on over to the cam to check out all of the great coverage from this 2020 postseason run. Thank you guys for listening and I will talk to you tomorrow. Give me a smell what does Ella is cooking?
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