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NPR News: 10-18-2020 6AM ET

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Flights from NPR news on Giles Snyder President Trump predicting Victory come election day in the White House.

The president speaking to supporters in Muskegon, Michigan yesterday. He followed up that rally with my parents in Wisconsin. Despite Rising coronavirus infections in the Upper Midwest. Both States Trump won in 2016, but pulls to just support for Democratic arrival Joe Biden this year biting me while I was in Michigan on Friday holding a campaign event in Detroit after it wrapped up. He was the president's refusal to denounce of qanon conspiracy theory televised Town Hall.

Delray this is a terrorist organization his own FBI said so no public events on the schedule yesterday but plans to campaign in North Carolina today Trump has said to speak to supporters in the battle ahead of Thursday's debate thousands of demonstrators gathered in cities across the country this week in calling for voters to reject President Trump and Republican candidates in the November elections in Salt Lake City, Utah how organizers wanted that rally to be different from another event held there three years ago. Emily means remember station kuer reports.

Group that organized the demonstration in Utah's capital city said previous March has had excluded people of color and lgbtq communities. That's why they say it was important feature speakers. Like are Mia fan on a trans woman of color is this white women directly saying their activism needs to include all kinds of women trans women as women President Donald Trump's immigration policies, the black lives matter movement and the importance of local elections for NPR news. I'm Emily means in Salt Lake City communicable disease illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease and purest Marine eisaman reports University of Washington project dubbed version of disease that causes of death and disability.

In every country in the world the good news over the last 20 years. The poorest countries have made enormous progress combating infectious diseases. Unfortunately that hasn't been matched by progress against non-communicable elements, like stroke and lung cancer result these potential Killers now account for about 66% of the health burden in low to middle-income countries and read NPR news in Bolivia going to the polls in a presidential election delayed by the coronavirus pandemic today's vote a rerun of last year's disputed election that sparked deadly protests and led to the way to the resignation of former leader Ava Morales. This is NPR news.

Rescuers in Vietnam in Pakistan dealing with the aftermath of landslides or digging through mud and debris for at least twenty-two Vietnamese soldiers were missing and landslides at an army camp at the foot of the mountain the land side and Pakistan buried a minibus with 15 passengers on board. Both landslides occurred after Heavy Rain is calling for a continued Collective efforts in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic tan carpet shark reports. Her appeal comes as numbers in the country's two most populous Province continue to climb and its Public Health authorities said 1279 people tested positive beating the previous high of 1161 2 weeks ago and after several days in the 700s Ontario reported another series with 805 new cases that led the province to place at 4th hot spot under re-imposed restrictions. Meanwhile Canada's Chief Public Health officer. Dr. Teresa Tam orange people to keep the number of in person.

Contact slow and to follow Health guidelines. She said there are no quick fixes. So the response has to be sustainable through to the end of the pandemic balancing the Health social and economic consequences. There are now more than 196,000 cases across the country for NPR news. I'm Dan Carpenter. Kanter Auto within three weeks her labor party won a commanding victory in yesterday's election speaking at a cafe near her home in Auckland today ordered said, she would prioritize work on her government's response to pandemic on trial Snyder NPR news.
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