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NPR News: 10-19-2020 11AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman. There's been a substantial increase the selection season in early and absentee voting Observer site the pandemic and enthusiasm about the election the US elections project finds more than 28 million people have already voted and fear is Tamara Keith reports both presidential candidate spent the weekend campaigning for more support tightly-packed Rally's on Airport tarmacs Trump promises. A vaccine is coming soon normal life. Just mean while biting his holding small or socially distanced events like this Drive in Raleigh on Sunday. My grandfather would say

This guy's gone around the bend if he thinks return the corner.

Turn the corner things are getting worse. It continues to lie to us about the circumstances coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are on the rise Tamara Keith NPR news on new survey says testing for the coronavirus. He's getting faster in the US. But if he has Rob Stein reports, it finds that still too long to effectively prevent the virus from spreading research team basic Northeastern University surveyed more than 50,000 people in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia those who got a coronavirus test waited almost three days on average for the results that's down from about four days back in the spring. I put the researchers say that's still too late to have prevented them from spreading the virus to other people African Americans in Hispanics. We did about a day longer than whites on average and only about half of those who tested positive or contacted by a health worker to get the names of other people who they might have been infected Rob Stein NPR news. China's economy grew nearly 5%

And in the third quarter of this year compared to the same time last year. That's a little better than Economist have been forecasting and fears. Emily Fang reports. China may be the only major country whose economy will grow during the pandemic half a year ago. China's economy was in Dire Straits strict lockdown is over. The entire population is stopped all activity in the economy contracted by 97% the most it had in three decades since then China has restarted and managed to keep new coronavirus cases to near-zero overall. China's economy has grown .7% this year Chinese leader Xi Jinping will convene a meeting of top Communist Party officials next week during what you will announce details of an economic initiative that encourages greater domestic Reliance on technology and consumption Emily Chang NPR news Beijing on Wall Street stocks. The Dow Jones Industrials are down to point at 28605. The NASDAQ is down about five points that eleven thousand six.

Sex this is NPR.

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving a dispute between Congress and President Trump over how Federal money you spend at issue is President Trump's decision to divert money that Congress had already appropriated for military funding instead Trump is seeking to use it to build a wall. He has championed at the border with Mexico. The people of Bolivia are waiting to learn who will be there. Next president. NPR's Philip Reeves says counting has begun in what is seen as the most important election in Bolivia in decades first indigenous president last year after nearly 14 years as a major figure on the Latin American left vote counting at an early stage already claiming outright victory for his candidate for my economy Minister Louis on sale.

Yesterday's vote was peaceful to the relief of Bolivia's election authorities. Now appealing the patients at the country awaits. The official result capris and PR news firefighters in Colorado are battling a new wildfire in the north central part of the state. It's near the city of Boulder The Cow Wood Fire has for nearly three thousand people to evacuate it only started on Saturday. It is burned about 14 square miles at least 26 structures have been destroyed. But Colorado authorities say they haven't been able to check all the area that is burned 1/4 of a Coleman NPR news.
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