NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-20-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 10-20-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens the justice department and 11 states are suing Google for alleged antitrust. Violations is successful NPR's Bobby Allen reports that Google could be divided into smaller units the zoo claims Google abuses of command of online search by keeping out competition. Justice officials are asking the court for structural relief something like spinning off Google Chrome browser from its search business. For instance Gene. Kimmelman is a former senior antitrust official at the justice department. He says the suit May usher in a new wave of legal and Regulatory troubles for Big Cat. I do think it is the beginning of a new era in policy. It's the end of hands off of the tech sector is probably the beginning of a decade of a series of lawsuits against companies, like Google Google says the action is deeply flawed saying the suit will lead to a propping up of lesser search Alternatives Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco.

Google is a financial supporter of NPR new jobs lower taxes fewer government regulations and border security President Trump today urged rally-goers in Erie, Pennsylvania to give him another four years in office Trump also called for an end to coronavirus restrictions insisting that his response to the pandemic is better than the alternative.

Close your school's shut down our country. And by the way, Pennsylvania has been shut down long enough. Get your government to open up Pennsylvania. Joe. Biden has spent the past two days in Delaware preparing for his third and final debate with Trump on Thursday. Kamala Harris is once again insisting that the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic is a reason to vote him out of office. The Democratic Vice Presidential nominee was speaking today at a virtual campaign event for Milwaukee early voting is now underway in the swing state of Wisconsin where voters lineup and chilly weather to cast their ballots as Wisconsin public. Radio's Megan Hart reports. The wait was more than 2 hours at some precincts in Milwaukee all the cities early voting sites this morning butter Suzanne freshly says, it was worth waiting to cast her ballot at a local library by even have my mail in ballot, but I thought no I want to be here too.

To actually put my ballot in I'll have my ballot counted right here in Madison each have more than a dozen early voting sites open but Wisconsin's third largest city has just won Greenbay official say wait times reached up to 3 hours to vote today at City Hall the large turnout among early voters in Wisconsin likely means more waiting for results state law prohibits clerks from Counting ballots before election day for NPR news on Megan Hart in Green Bay, Wisconsin Wing Tuesdays games on Wall Street. This is NPR.

A Louisville judge has cleared the way for Grand juror to speak publicly about the Brianna Taylor case. They were filed suit after the top prosecutor announced that no police officers would be charged with causing Taylor's death a new survey finds that nearly 80% of people in the US are stressed out by how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives as NPR's Ritu Chatterjee before it's the level of stress among Americans is the highest since the Great Recession the American Psychological Association people about the major sources of stress in their lives psychologist be alright is senior director of healthcare Innovation at the organization. She says the vast majority of respondents pointed at the pandemic that's a really high percentage loss of life covid-19 and incessantly about the future are all contributing to their distress right says people are also reporting.

Parenting layers of stress coming elections the economy climate change social unrest you can almost make it again to a collective trauma lead to tragedy NPR news announcer space probe has successfully reach the surface of an asteroid that's floating in space the osiris-rex sent confirmation after it recovered a bit of cosmic dust or Pebbles from the asteroid Surface by controllers are expected to start receiving photos overnight, but it could be another week before they know whether osiris-rex gathered enough samples or whether the probe should be sent back to get some more. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news support for NPR.
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