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Welcome to before breakfast a production of iHeartRadio.

Good morning.

This is Laura.

Welcome to the before breakfast podcast is to find your people. If you want to make progress toward your goals, you can find or create a group with similar aspirations and that can help you stay on track.

In an earlier episode this week. I describe the benefits of having a goal group. The social aspect makes goal-directed Behavior more fun when we schedule things. We tend to do them and group activities tend to involve scheduling.

A group also provides accountability to ensure you make progress, of course wanting to achieve a goal as a group and actually becoming part of such a group are two entirely different things. Especially these days connecting with people can be a little more challenging but don't worry. Your people are out there. You can find them when you find in a fried your specific goal. The first step to finding a group is too. Well. Ask tell friends family members colleagues that you were looking for. Some folks to help you write that novel train for a marathon get out of debt or change careers.

Poster question on social media and you might be directed to various groups oriented to these purposes not all of them are going to be great, but you might be able to study the options and see which best match your style. You might also go where the groups might be book stores might sponsor book clubs or clubs looking for new members might post Flyers there that you can see libraries might sponsor various groups or have information from Community groups on display the staff can also direct you and athletic store might sponsor or recommend running or cycling groups an outdoor store can connect you with hiking or kayaking groups your house of worship might be a source of all sorts of group activity 2 and anyone who is well-connected such as say a pastor might be able to put you in touch with other people aiming is similar directions.

Small and local is great, but don't discount massive group effort. Either thousands of folks participate in the National novel writing month challenge and write a 50000 word novel draft in November vast quantities of people also stopped drinking during dry January. Even if you're not part of a small group, you can take motivation from the fact that many other people are doing the same thing at the same time. Of course, you can start groups yourself to this is pretty much the best way to ensure that the group you wind up being part of matches your style.

You don't have to know a ton of people with similar goals. You really just have to find one or two and then ask them to tap their networks as well until you reach a good size a committed people. I took this approach for creating a writing strategy group a few years ago. I wanted to feel like I had a few more colleagues in this business. So I asked them people I knew who had similar business models to mine. If it's like to join. We now meet every month by video chat. We send our questions around beforehand and discuss strategy for a few minutes a piece. The upside a video chat of forest is that you can convene people from anywhere and that's really a good thing.

The pandemic has taught us that meeting face-to-face isn't the only way to do business getting together as a group is probably easier when you don't have to travel anywhere you can spend less time on Logistics and more time focused on your goals.

Consistency is key.

Come up with a regular routine for checking in with each other. This can be as formal or informal as you wish a group text could suffice for people working on cooking more instead of ordering takeout. You send each other photos of your Creations, which is great for inspiration and accountability. You could email a writing group your word count each day or send your running group a screenshot of your workouts. Just knowing that your friends are expecting news of your accomplishments can fuel you for that next Sprint. And if you need help or encouragement, you know that they are just a text away.

If you are part of a goal group, I'd love to hear about how you found or started your group and how you support each other. We might be able to use this as part of some future episodes. You can reach me at Laura at Laura vanderkam. Com.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time.

Hey everybody. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips of your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pie. That's be the number for then breakfast pod. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcast at that before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch.

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