NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-23-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 10-23-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly the coronavirus pandemic was a major focus last night as President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden paste often Nashville, Tennessee in their final debate of the 2020 campaign NPR Sarah McCammon reports after Trump refuse to debate remotely following his coronavirus diagnosis. The latest Face-Off between Trump and former Vice President Biden was more restrained. So it was marked by some tense exchanges Biden on the coronavirus pandemic. Hope that he came here. It's China's world and you know what? It's not your fault that he came here either with just under two weeks until the election. The candidates also sparked over issues including race Criminal Justice Reform and immigration.

Sarah McCammon NPR news and the Department of Homeland Security say state-sponsored hackers and Russia have been targeting the networks of dozens of state and local governments in the West in recent days and weeks NPR's Pam fessler says the advisory was issued a day after the directors of the FBI in National Intelligence warned that Russia and Iran were interfering in the presidential election. Federal officials. Say Russian hackers were able to steal data from at least two of the systems, but there's no sign any government operations were disrupted or election information compromised instead. They warned that hackers could be laying the groundwork for future disruptions while it would be extremely difficult to change actual votes hackers Creek cause Confusion by tampering with reporting systems in voter websites. She says Aviation networks have also been targeted by the hackers in Colorado a large Wildfire has forced thousands of people to evacuate their

Homes near Rocky Mountain National Park, the fire has burned at least 200,000 acres and has been fueled by strong winds and voice with Colorado Public. Radio says it's one of several large wildfires being fought by Cruise in the state for Seaford has received yet another alert on her phone.

Seifert says she finally bought her dream home in the town of Granby last year as far as she knows it's still standing but her roommate had just left after attempting last minute measures to protect the house. He was spent the night there last night heard explosions. He thought that it was Thunder and it was actually people's propane tanks exploding and houses burning up fever is staying at a hotel that serving as an emergency shelter. It's unclear. How many homes have been lost in the fire for NPR news on Dan voice in Winter Park Colorado. This is NPR news.

Hurricane Epsilon Pasquale east of Bermuda last night prompting forecasters to drop warnings for the island National Hurricane Center in Florida that says Epsilon has since week into a category 1 storm in the Atlantic it stop sustained winds are down to 85 miles per hour is expected to produce dangerous rip currents along the coast of New England over the next couple of days or well-known choreographer for Hollywood films and TV shows has died in Los Angeles at age 101 has Jeff London reports, March Champion was also the model for Walt Disney's Snow White marks Champion was born to dance her father was dancing teacher for Hollywood stars among them Shirley Temple Betty Grable and I are who used her is the model for Snow White and characters in Fantasia.

Professionally, they were in several musicals and television shows together including Showboat and lovely to look at don't ask me how she continue to tend to choreograph for films and appeared in a Revival of Follies on Broadway at the age of 82 for NPR news on Jeff London in New York game 3 of the World Series is tonight in Arlington, Texas between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball's fall classic is tied at a game apiece.

I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington
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