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Hello, everyone. This is the draysbay blay off podcast series World Series game 2 Instant reaction Ray's Tire Pro Series at 1 a piece with a 624 Victory Blake Snell on the mount. He looked sharp the offense. They came alive 10 hit six runs and got Danny Russell Darby Robertson Jamal wilberg on the show guys. We got to start off the show with Brandon laugh because He Came Out Swinging the night and at what a sight to see in the world series at Globe Life field, but for him to it to come out like that in A Moment Like This Danny Rand and Lala what it was like to see him come out tonight. It feels so good. It feels so normal, you know, we spent the previous podcast saying the offense needs to start hitting and most of all Meadows Lau Troy need to be heading for the races start winning some ball games and lau answer the call tonight a hundred and six miles an hour off the bat 410 ft in the first inning and then after me.

Got a hard hit through the infield to get on base miles an hour is 381 ft it skips off of the top of the wall for second home for another night. It was a vintage brand allow performance, and it was exactly what the Rays needed.

Young wheat we see Lowndes been doing it a lot of good contact, right? He's had some good hot hard contact that did didn't find the hole and he's had a lot of bad. So it's been it's been bought he's had some lot of bad luck and he's also had not a lot of grief like well earned earned results, right? But today it was both those two home runs were absolutely earn hundred and six miles per hour is 104 miles per hour crush gonsolin crush May.

That's it. That's the dog. That's the guy that you want in the two-hole. That's the guy that Kevin cash is King saying he's coming like he is the guy that was the Team MVP he's going to show up eventually and he's back.

And he's back right on time. It's felt like he's been on a milk carton for a while here and just not coming through when we need him. He's been over 10 in his last 10 at-bats in the first inning. That was his first hit in the first inning since the Wild Card round and for all the heroics we talked about with Randy arozarena and spending the amazing story, but those heroics are there because we haven't gotten the production from the folks that you typically would see any production from the race. So as Randy has slowed down it's been right on time that you get the contributions from Lao and some of the other race hitters tonight.

And okay guys, I want to talk about Blake's now, but I'm challenging you guys to bring up Todd tichenor and not for thinning yet. We can talk about it. But let's talk about how sharp it was the fifth inning with two outs, right, but let's talk about talk about

Guys will and I also for the second time ever the Rays of Wanted game in the World Series. I'm still just as majority of his night. He is the third pitcher in MLB history with two strikeouts in four consecutive Innings. The other two pictures are Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson. This was a masterful performance from Blake Snell and it was more than it was it was size Ella. It was his young self showing up to play today and it was exactly what race is needed. If they were going to be competitive in the World Series. Yeah. I really like the way he talked to strikes on all four pictures of working it it was it did if you look at 2018 smell and compare it to some of those other outings in other years. What are the biggest difference that you can see on a surface level is how he attacks the strike zone and the way you feel

Tonight is the exact same way you pitched in in 2018. So yeah, great to see.

When he's not I mean we we saw it one of the stats earlier today was that he he is he up for about 36% of his pictures in the zone. Yeah by the nipples. He is a guy that goes out of the zone 2 lot e

Can sometimes spiral those things in a game where where it's going? Well things start to go poorly and then it just kind of spirals out of control, but this was not that tonight. I mean fifth inning is it to own thing and I can't talk about why is that thing but more towards the fifth inning when he was absolutely talking felt like he was he was when he was missing. It was pretty close. It was it was he was missing on the pictures that he wants to miss where you're okay with giving up of the Dodgers, but you want to make sure that the next guy you don't let it spiral out and that's what's know that this was the type of stalker performance that we really needed after he was walking people. He was not in command Lakes now was and that was a huge huge difference today the talk so much has been about how much of a juggernaut this Dodgers

Offenses in the Dodger lineup in for Snell to have a no-hitter through 4 1/3 and to get nine strikeouts was easily should have been 10 for a reason so we won't talk about but nine strikeouts in that has started off that really set the temple that the raised its really felt like a game that the race should win and will win just from getting through that early start from smelling those sliders were just they weren't they were unhittable the way that he was throwing them in this getting getting swing-and-misses. It was a really great start by by PSY Zilla. All right, let's do it. Go for it.

Okay, so the bottom portion of the strike zone just didn't exist play Todd tichenor. This was awful. I feel like there is a equal Dodgers podcast saying the exact same thing because this was a unforgivably bad performance in the World Series. This is a game 2 of the World Series. This is awful. And this is awful for everybody. You can't have that. I want to see the Los Angeles Dodgers face the Tampa Bay Rays the two best teams in baseball. I don't want to have to talk. I don't want to know who Todd tichenor is like that's a that's a failing of MLB that I actually know that he is one of the worst rated umpires in baseball any really showed it today like the best players come out to play and fell man. Oh man earned every bit of that.

Play Snow base. We just got squeezed. He's got two outs in the fifth inning and he got no calls and we can we can probably analyze it tomorrow. If we really want to we might have staying just for Saturday purposes because the Rays won this game. Anyway, Strike Zone called balls. No hitter with nine strikeouts. What are you doing? You got weird in the same way, you know glass not had one bad inning or had one very bad. Any I'm not mad about the home run the Blake Snell gave up.

I mean Taylor had to reach out hit a curveball that I'm pretty sure was in the opposing batters box. I'm not really sure he went opposite field with that. But it was sometimes I just get the hit. This is Advertiser contact.

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Yeah, definitely one other guy all the money guys, but man Walmart out his performance the way you work counts today, and I've been big All Season about praising the guys miss raise light at that can work out to Yoshi on d-i, Jose Martinez. Did I walk while he was here and steals a base gets on base again on the 4th on a lot of bass head and then if the interest himself, it looks like I won't look so that that one you're talking about and I believe he also fouls the ball up both the right-field line and the backfield line and then it does a little protection swing and it's a hundred and ten miles an hour off the bat. This dude is just seeing the ball right right cash in the trainer go out and check on him cash is don't worry. You're not stealing. What is one of the best deal bikes picked out? Of course, whoever the picture was at that time.

I don't know off the top of my head hurt doctors Kelly off. The first makes not a great throw Muncie. Probably going to stop it, but it goes towards the wall Margo's able to take second base. I ended up that he does not score that it ain't but a huge day for Margo maybe one day The Outfield that happens. I guess you could say you hoped it does happen in the World Series, but it's not really costing the Rays. So yeah. I just wanted to shout. I thought I had a great game tonight. And so did everyone this line up working working cows and and getting on base a ton a ton in bringing six runs, so great job raise off at

And then the other guy is Joseph Patrick Wendell. I mean like we talked about the contributions Brown from all the raisin and everyone but if he doesn't your window comes in and he's got three RBIs on the game last cop the other three, but that double was clutch and then him getting a productive out to score score the Run later in the game. Those are those are placed that really keep the gut keep the leave going keep the game going really set the entire tone for this raise offense. And if not for that is clogged again. Just catching back whatever velcro glove he's got like you're playing with a toddler in the backyard. That's just sitting there on 3rd. He makes that great catch right off the bat me out. Those are all key plays that bones is a little bit higher. He's a little bit out of place. This is a completely different conversation. We're having we're not smiling and bees conversation. So yeah, I think Joey wendle is

Want to get one of those guys that you did so much in the game, but it's going to be so lost as can be lost in the conversation because of Laos homerun Snell's performance and the Umpire behind the plate eight of the ten hardest hit balls in in tonight's game came off of rays backs are the only other ones but there's a groundout by I can't see it right now Cody Bellinger and then Corey seager's home run off a few Fairbanks. So give me a heart attack he twice and that is the cleanest textbook home run if you just needed to capture for posterity for future Generations. What does a homerun look like Corey seager's home rented dead freaking Center had to go like 450 ft was bananas.

Yeah, but we do have to say Fairbanks came out in pitch really. Well that that one was a rough one. He also his other Kitty gave up was the one where take a amargo kind of flavor does a little Flair it it was 74 miles an hour off the bat. I went and looked it up in a lake that is weak sauce. Right? Somehow KK Margot don't communicate on that should have been caught by take it. But other than that Fairbanks really came in and was dominant like this. This is again, we tall was joking about it how basically Fairbanks comes in usually and it's a little ramp overthrowing and he's throwing balls at first time and then he goes and comes out and he's usually like this time first appearance in the World Series back that way. It's going to be back in taxes. He's never in this Stadium back in, Texas.

And that presenting was one of the cleanest most dominant Innings we've ever seen from Fairbanks to raise could get to the Dodger Bullpen like that was like the starting pitching. Obviously. We are Buhler in Kershaw has been really good this postseason you're going to struggle but if you can get to the bullpen we talked about it a lot and gave me one how the game could have been a lot closer to the Dodgers and it showed these are not their best pictures using guys like Dustin may can be very good but is also very young. I'm Tony gonsolin. What's okay, if you could have been a little better, but he only pitched an inning in 1/3. So yeah, this is this is the day the race should have had offense and they came through real quick because the contact the customer gave up we ready for it Randy Rosario groundout 107.5 miles per hour Brandon Lowe Home Run hundred four miles per hour, Austin Meadows.

108.4 miles per hour is 107 miles per hour Willie Adamas groundout to get Joey wendle double 99.8 miles per hour Manuel Margot single. The one that scored to Dustin may ends a cast with all this red is as red as that afro. Holy moly my opinion. I mean perfectly Mad As baseball game tonight and we criticize the Mart in game 1 of the podcast and comes out game to perfectly manage game in my opinion. I would like to hear your guys's takes but from the pinch hit the fence runs the defensive changes and obviously

Pitching decisions. I really have nothing bad to say about Kevin cash tonight.

I guess that means that everyone agrees another well-planned well-managed game and in good use, you know, there's the blood pressure starts going up when you see Aaron Loup come in and it definitely can start coming up when you see him come back out for a second inning. But yeah with all the with the lefties that were out there and and understanding the three batter will it it's it makes sense and and Luke didn't need a deal. We keep more rest for the bullpen to come in and another game as well and his last game. We we felt like maybe Dave Robertson had the upper hand and I feel like I kind of came back around and it really played into what cash this drinks were for this game all the way the Dodgers get their lineup up. It's almost always Lefty righty Lefty righty all the way through and it's really hard as a manager today and try to exploit a cluster of left-handed hitters, which has been possible.

Pause won. The Blue Jays shoes are possible. When the Rays play Houston tonight Dave Roberts kind of really put himself in a bind. So you had Bellinger Pollock Hernandez 678 Edwin Rios. Another Lefty pinch-hit for Pollock in the sixth and Joc Pederson pitch hits for Hernandez in the 7th. So now you do have a cluster of lefties Bellinger Peterson all left-handed hitters lo and behold they come up in a high letter situation in a row allows Kevin cash to bring in Erin Loop. He knows that he's going to get three left-handed hitters. Ultimately that wasn't the case when Luke comes out for the night. They decide to lift Peterson for Austin Barnes which even though you don't have the lucky Lefty knocked up the fact that they're lifting Joc Pederson for Austin Barnes is a win in itself. Not only did Dave Roberts put himself in a bind Kevin task force his hand to bring in a a worst hitter Aaron Loup habitation with a $3 roll, but he's able to get the

Diego Castillo comes in get the final out. And it honestly I think that was a huge part of the game and bananas a little bit differently. It was close game. Like if they have Pollock in there or Hernandez, we seen both of those guys get big hits and big moments that could have changed the outcome of the game right there.

Yeah, I previously said on the podcast that I only wanted to see Erin Loop Inn in big big lead singer or picked up his butt. If he's going to pitch like that. I'll be happy to see Aaron Loup every night that he wants to go out there and get on the mound. But yeah, well managed to get ready. We got another day of rest. I think one of the things that to consider with game one was the Rays actually had to travel in and the Rangers did and saw there was a difference in the time we there yet. This is really there for their first full day in Texas. So get ready for game game 3, what I do is talk about one more moment with Erin Loop that $95 an hour fastball to Cody Bellinger call a lot of the plate and I hope he doesn't like that again. But what about the the fortitude for Aaron Loup to throw 95 right there? I don't think he was expecting 95 right down the middle, but that's what he got. Six. Evan Lucas to strike out the both of them look into this game.

It is outrageous. Yeah, I mean, you're totally right. See what you got and that that's incredible. And so he threw one there and actually it's called the ball the first one that he dead center and then he goes right back to it. Which made me actually that's that's a hat tip to Todd tichenor cuz Bellinger's like I guess that's a ball now and then I don't know what's going on.

That was a huge moment. Right? Like you mentioned it how to the night we all I got confused I have so this is the first time I've been confused by the three better minimum rule because both of even mention it like, oh you have to face two guys and then they can go to Diego ending the inning and then come back and he knew that basically the best of the worst case scenario is Austin Barnes who's not a very fearsome hitter is comes in right into breast milk gives up a homerun there to Austin Barnes. Obviously, it's not ideal. But then you're still going one out you turn the ball over the age of these Diego Castillo and always got to do is get you out to get to save end of the land to get one worked out perfectly. And yeah, I guess I Rely just I love news Kevin cash made Philip Reyna might be equal running wise.

I don't I don't really know about obviously Phillips slightly better Defender comes out there. He makes play in the night. So yeah doctors are not giving him anything to really had like he had like a couple of fastballs and that's about it. Which smart on the Dodgers good good management right there got to walk your ass is finally actually run. He's been jogging so much in this stuff. You got an inside hit an infield hit to Brandis way too fast. That's his 22nd. Hit that ties Derek Jeter's rookie hits postseason record. So there you go Randy arozarena and Derek Jeter moving right over and I'll turn it over to you guys for final thoughts. Is that after the last night's 823 game which we thought was probably a little closer than the scoreline showed.

A lot of a narrative was well with the Dodgers just going to dominate this series. That's just not true. This is going to be a battle. It could go either way, but it's going to be a battle to get to go six or seven and tonight show that you know, the Rays can hang with the doctors and they will continue throughout the series. Those are my thoughts that you guys got.

You came into this series and said that after two games you'll be one in one with the loss coming against Clayton Kershaw. I don't know many folks so many race fans. That might not be okay or think that this is a really good outcome and place to be so I think regardless of the score if you're going to drop the game with Kershaw on the mound and then you come through with Blake Snell and get ready for Charlie Morton in game 3. I think it's after being realistic. This is probably the best case scenario. You looked at coming into the series Gris 100%

But the offense really woke up today, right? Like they they they really this was we've been asking for we've been begging for it 10 hits good walks Work Down Under hard contact on the outs work hard and Loud the the hits were well-earned and like this was a they absolutely tag after I mentioned that Dustin may want but they tagged on Sunday tag, Alex would they tag Joe Kelly like this everybody that was coming in from the bullpen for the Dodgers. They were whipping their next around because the Rays were putting on really good swings and before the game. I was mentioning this on Twitter that

We have seen the Rays in a huge lump, right everybody is swamped. And this is looking like we basically played like I bought him 5 off that's not the right the razor not the Braves they are not at top 5 off. However there an upper-middle off spray and that's way more than enough with this kind of pitching staff for very long. However, this is the kind of offense that show drive you can put a good work ethic and again some good pictures and then really abused the bad pictures and six runs could have been even more they had a lot more chances, but this was they got some big heads. They got some home runs with people on base. They got the opportunity to add more. So this is the type of offense that is not an outlier. This is not a fluke game. This is the weapons that we are accustomed to which is enough grinding at bats that you can produce enough runs that this pitching staff can be really tough to be even for a lineup of the Dodgers.

Yeah, definitely. All right. Well that is going to do it for tonight's instant reaction out. Danny's got one more thing. It was my turn. I was letting Darby find it when I can use my ears. My takeaway. Here's here's where I'm thinking about this series because

There's going to be at least five games, but when it comes to a sports cliche, if I if I may be allowed there are such things in the world series as a must-win game for the Dodgers have decided that game to game four and a possible game 6 are all Bullpen days. And as far as I'm concerned to four and six are must-win if it comes to sex

Because the other games in the series are going to be Kershaw Buehler Kershaw Buehler pictures might be able to lock it down. So we have gained three coming up against Jeweler if you can sneak that one razor in a fantastic position, but just taking one of those four outings and getting the three Bullpen days is a reasonable path to World Series victory in 6 and or 7 today and it's that the recipe for success and I'll get a little hot bothered so I think that's going to do it for the action.

That's the 5-series from here on out gentleman. So we finally getting off day. We can relax and get to think we get to go crazy in our own heads. But thank you everyone for listening. If you want each of these episodes download it directly to your device, make sure to subscribe to our podcast feed. We had another interview with Dan Shulman that came out today on some great Insight on the rest of this year's if you haven't listened to it already, I highly recommend it and make sure as always to head on over to draysbay. Com to check out all the great coverage from this 2020 postseason run. Thank you once again for listening and will talk to you after game 3

Is the Rays and Dodgers are both getting bad calls. Is that a dish protect?
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