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NPR News: 10-24-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder President Trump says, he's confident that he's winning the presidential race to spiteful showing that he's behind NPR's Franco were reports that Trump says enthusiasm is higher than it was four years ago President Trump State campaign swing this weekend following a rally in Pensacola, Florida President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that the crowd side was simply too large for him to be in second place.

Are we supposed to be way behind your just passed right behind?

Play a head wave is going to be much bigger is to go before election day. President Trump is trailing and most national polls in. Each side is working hard to turn out supporters. Franco Ordonez. NPR news is left until election day coronavirus infections in the US are surging according to Johns Hopkins University has reported more than 83,000 do infections yesterday at Daily Record Democrat. Joe. Biden has been attacking a president over his handling of the pandemic covid-19 dwarf anything. We've faced in recent history.

It isn't showing any signs of slowing down speaking from Wilmington and his home state of Delaware Biden pledge to work with Congress to get a new economic relief package enacted by the end of January. He is to campaign in Pennsylvania today. President Trump says that Sudan will start to normalize ties with Israel becoming the third Arab state to do so in recent months US mean time taking Sudan off of terrorism list as NPR's Michele kelemen reports President Trump was surrounded by his aides and have the leaders of Sudan in Israel on speakerphone as he announced the deal today's peace agreement will enhance Israel security and end-to-end long isolation from the world because of what was taking place. He's notify Congress that he's taking Sudan off the list of state sponsors of terrorism for its part Sudan, which once housed Osama Bin Laden put aside $335 to compensate some of the victims of the 1998 us.

Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania Trump is predicting at five more Arab states will soon normalize ties with Israel, Michele. Kelemen NPR news on the Trump Administration broker deal between Sudan and Israel Iran foreign Ministry saying today the agreement to normalize relations. It's phony and secured by Ransom new classes are being reported today between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed region of the cournot Karbach a day after toxin Washington aimed at halting the fighting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met separately with a foreign ministers have out there by Sean and Armenia to Russian brokered ceasefires collapsed. This is NPR.

Dry winds this weekend in California could prompt intentional blackouts in an effort to prevent wildfires. The state's largest utility Pacific Gas and Electric says more than a million people in 38 counties could be affected most in the San Francisco Bay Area. PG&E says the safety blackouts could begin as early as tomorrow morning a NASA spacecraft that collected rocks from an asteroid this week picked up a lot of material. In fact had scooped up so much. There's an unexpected problem and pear is no greenfieldboyce reports when researchers use the camera on the osiris-rex spacecraft to look at it sample collection device. They saw that it seems to be holding hundreds of grams of asteroid material, but some of it is escaping a mylar flap isn't closing right because rocks are jammed in there Dante. Lauretta is the missions principal investigator. He said they think they're losing only a small fraction of the material.

It's more than I'm comfortable with. I know I was pretty concerned. When I saw these images coming in to prevent further loss. The team is making preparations to Stow the collecting device and its return capsule as soon as possible. The capsule will return to Earth in 2023 Nell. Greenfieldboyce. NPR news show called Murder Hornets today, and this is the first to be discovered in the United States workers with the state agriculture Department spend weeks Fine Again. The Asian giant hornets are a big threat to honey bees on trial Snyder NPR news.
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