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NPR News: 10-25-2020 5AM ET

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Support for this NPR Podcast and the following message come from Better Health Online counseling by licensed professional counselors specializing in isolation depression stress, and anxiety visit news to learn more and get 10% off your first month. I from NPR. Sun trial Snyder vice-president Pence's office as he is considered an essential worker under CDC guidelines and will maintain his campaign schedule despite his chief-of-staff testing positive for the coronavirus Spence's office confirmed Bart shorts positive test at least two others and Pence's orbit have reportedly tested positive herb over the last few days then some self as tested negative his office as he still plans to attend the rally this afternoon in North Carolina presidential campaign in New Hampshire today after returning to the White House late last night from Wisconsin from Member station wuwm in Millwaukee, Angelina Moshe Salazar reports.

Other than the conservative stronghold of Waukesha, Wisconsin for Trump's rally currently the state is grappling with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country and on the topic of covid-19 trump praised the drugmaker regeneron for his rapid recovery from the virus regeneron and I wake up the next morning and I felt like Superman. I ripped my shirt off their visits in the key Battleground State ahead of November 3rd, as some people suggest the state will be won by slim margins as it was in 2016 for NPR news. I'm Angelina Motors that are in Milwaukee on the campaign Trail this weekend from Member station WLRN Natalia Clement reported the address of driving rally in Miami on stage in front of more than two hundred cars for the Drive in Raleigh North Miami. He address key issues for South Florida voters, including one of President. Trump's attacks against his former vice president.

The Republicans you think Joe was more common in the Castro. Don't fall for that garbage. Don't buy and it's not a socialist. He was a senator from Delaware. He was my vice-president other folks would know if he was a secret socialist by not Obama encourage voters to finalize their voting plans in order to deliver Florida to the Biden Harris campaign. He also stress voting blue down the ballot to create a change in the country for NPR news. I'm Natalia Clement in Miami for the state supreme court has temporarily mail-in ballot collection box each Andrew Snyder of Houston Public Media reports Supreme Court of giving both sides until Monday at 5 p.m. To file their responses as the justice is consider taking further action both common cause Texas and the Anti-Defamation League of filed a lawsuit challenging the governor's order Max Feldman of the Brennan Center for justice is representing the two organizations. We're fighting

Texas voters here to make sure that they have reasonable options for returning your ballots. And that's in the pandemic the move by the state supreme court to hear arguments comes after to lower state courts in one Federal District Court ruled against the governor / NPR news. I'm Andrew Schneider in Houston.

Forecasters are tracking another tropical storm tropical storms a deformed overnight off. The coast of Cuba say does the earliest 27th Atlantic storm of the hurricane season National Hurricane Center in Miami says it expects the storm to skirt. Cuba and Mexico so you can have Peninsula tomorrow before entering the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday to Chile Chileans are voting today to decide whether to scrap their constitution dating from the country's dictatorship years. The referendum is seen as a milestone in the country's history NPR's Philip Reeves reporte tensions are running High the restaurant The Box challenge to decide if they want to dump a constitution imposed 40 years ago during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet opinion polls suggest. I'll say yes. Also decided they wasn't elected citizens assembly to write the new one in the tents off the mouth of last year's Mass anti-government protests of a social in a coma

A new constitution was among the demonstrators main demands. They hope a new charger will guarantee social rights compelling the government to provide decent pensions health care and education opponents of the idea won't work meet expectations adding to tensions in a steel tubular Nation Philip Reeves & Beyond use Major League Baseball's World Series games of Pisa Tampa Bay Rays got the weather over the Los Angeles Dodgers following displays that allow the races score twice in the game with an 827 Victory game 5 tonight in Arlington, Texas on lighter. This is NPR news.
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