Tampa Bay Rays Podcast - James Shields, Jayson Stark, Andrew Kittredge - 10/22

James Shields, Jayson Stark, Andrew Kittredge - 10/22

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The waves radio network proudly presents this week in Rays baseball.

Gives your host deal solons really enjoying the moments should have been part of this 2020 postseason for the rays. Look at it. Been 12 years since Tampa Bay had been to a World Series and what a World Series game. So just winning game too. And we all want to see this group win. The whole thing is tremendous and hopefully you enjoy their game to win here with her being the off today and always had a unique opportunity in Arlington to get to do even socially distance from really cool interviews with a lot of individuals with grey ties to Major League Baseball or the Rays and some sleep with both. So we in with our hour-long pregame show. Sometimes we don't even have enough time to fit it all in so I thought we'd give you kind of extended versions of some of our

Where are Chats on his podcast you're going to hear from three individuals? You'll hear from Andrew Kittredge who is working his way back from an elbow injury in certainly was a big part of what the race were doing early on this year. You'll also hear from the immortal Jason Stark and would have would have his most interesting observations is Dan about this World Series in about the Rays and we have done a lot of reminiscing with the 2008 folks and they really are pulling for this 2020 team to win the whole thing. And so we'll have a conversation with James Shields, but I'll start with Andrew Kittredge. Andrew is back with his wife and his little one and you'll hear the little one in the background to come and I asked him. You know what this whole ride is meant to him and his family.

Even though I haven't been with the team for for a while now just because of the injury and everything, but just being attached it to you and seeing you know, how the whole thing is progressed and how you know everyone you know, we've had a lot of injuries not just myself. I mean obviously there's been so many injuries in the bullpen and stuff it just to see all the guys that have stepped up big I mean throughout the regular season and then obviously in the playoffs. I mean, it's it's been so much fun to watch even from a distance, you know not being able to be with the team but, you know being a part of the team as I was at the beginning of the year and then and then following up the rest of the time it's just been it's been outstanding so they told me about the fact that you guys were either facetimed in during the celebrations. What did that mean to you? How did Itachi personally?

Oh, it was so cool. You know just just in that moment. We're all those guys there or obviously, you know having such a good time celebrating going to the World Series so quickly think about us who aren't with them and include us in that that was pretty special. You know, I didn't expect it. I can't speak for the other guys on on whether or not they expected it but it was really cool. You know, when I got that FaceTime from Joey 10 minutes after the game, you know, and then I'm just getting kind of passed around the locker room and and guys are saying hello and congrats and everything. It was it was really special and something that I won't forget. I mean I know at the time for them if I don't know if that if they knew how much that would be does but for me that was pretty special and for you and Toby and your little one to get to be at a World Series game with are going to mean

I don't know. It's funny. I was thinking about that the other day, you know, three or four or five years ago. I guess, you know, I kind of really given up on but I think I kind of never even know knew or thought I kind of lost lost the idea that I might even make it to the big leagues and then, you know here three or four years later the team this time representing is this playing in the World Series. That's that's something that I it's kind of hard to wrap my brain around but it's I mean, it's at the same time. It's pretty awesome. I mean that I I can't be in uniform in and be with the guys there but you know to be able to go to the stadium and watch the game special in the year where that's been relatively impossible. It is pretty cool. And obviously, you know, you're getting some good quality time with the family, but at the same time you're recovering and you were playing his pitching so well before the injury. How is your recovery going and how unique is

What you're doing to try and recover to avoid Tommy.

I think so far. The recovery is going good. You know, we just had kind of a unique time frame where you know, what if I decided to do the surgery, I was going to miss all of Twenty One season and where do you know we had kind of a little three months window or we can try to rehab it in and see if my arm kind of took to the rehab and and you know kind of went from there and then if we had the surgery, you know it and that three at the end of that three months then I still miss, you know, all of twenty one. So

Is it still kind of remains to be seen whether it's going to work or not? But I think to this point everything is going really well. I feel great. I just started throwing this week or last week's use me and so far, you know, I haven't had any hiccups, you know, knock on wood. Obviously. It's it keeps going well and I and I keep progressing and and and hopefully be ready to go for beginning of next year that what was the procedure. Did, you know your little ones excited did you have but it's stem cell work. What did they do?

I'm actually not even quite sure it was it was very much kind of like it's been so I was just injection that was trying to help kind of repair the ligament rather than then do a surgery to just completely go in and repair it. The initial diagnosis was was

Kind of that. It might not be as bad as it originally seen so that's why we were kind of willing to to take the chance the others it was a sprain and UCL. It wasn't a full tear anything like that. So it's just something that I mean, it's kind of experimental I guess so, I mean it's you know, I don't know if there's a good percentage of success rate to put on it. But everything up to this point everything seems to be going smoothly. I mean, I feel good. I'm encouraged by that, you know, I record rehab coordinator. Paul Harker has just been doing a great job. Everything is explained stuff really? Well, I mean and the doc that I saw the same thing just really kind of explaining stuff well to me everything seems to be aboveboard and I'm excited at the opportunity to possibly avoid surgery.

Not completely.

You know so naive to think that I might not have to have surgery. So, you know, I mean it will see, you know, we'll see how it goes with the with the throwing and everything. But up until this point. I mean everything's been really encouraging my arms really a reacted well to it and we'll see how it goes. Really appreciate some time. Enjoy. The World Series game go to time with the family and hopefully we'll be chatting in the spring about how well the recovery is gone. I appreciate his time. You know, Nick Anderson has been a big part of the bullpen this year in fact so much so that the immortal Jason Stark actually give him a new nickname and that's not the only reason we have Jason or podcast today is you'll hear he had a lot of interesting things to say and make some pretty cool observations about what is impressed him in the first two games of the World Series.

It's it's been a fun October a different October for sure. What is intrigued you the most about this world series and what it would have been most interesting to you in the first couple games favorite things about baseball it right now in 2020 is the way people think with a really smart teams in the game think this is the thinking man's a thinking Woman's World Series. They're just so much unique strategy going on every day every inning of every game that like, I'm just immersed in it just for example game 2

With two outs in the ninth inning. We had two things happen that it never happened in any World Series game ever played the Rays when they were up to bat used to pinch Runners at the same time. I had never seen that we looked it up and never happened in any Rays game in history never happened in any World Series game in history. And then in the bottom of the ninth two outs, nobody on Kevin Kash went to the mountains, but it's bigger Castillo. He got a 1 oz say but that it never happened where two outs in the ninth inning. Nobody on base a team change pictures and a guy came in and got to save and that's the example of what we're watching hear the game beneath the game. This is like 20000 Leagues beneath the game and not only is he really unique stuff happening Jason, but look you got your tremendous performance is happening because these things are very very talented to

Oh, yeah, the races don't get enough credit for how town and they are up and down the roster because they sit the Dodgers are more star-studded. We know that going in but anyway, but I've spent the entire month of October watching every game that the Rays play and the death of their team. The amount of Talent on their team is amazing and it was it was laughable to watch the overreaction to game one and hear people just assume that the Dodgers are going to sweep them or something that is not going to happen. I think there are certain games that lineup better for the Rays and others, but game 2 is one of those games. I think they need to win those.

Those matchups where both teams are going to empty their bullpens and use a lot of pain relievers. Those are raised kind of baseball games. So they need to make sure they win those cuz it's a struggle trying to beat Walker Buehler, right or be Clayton Kershaw when they're great. Nobody thinks them. Nobody hits them Charlie Morton in the postseason for sure. I think the one difference is

You know, you're not going to get a lot of volume from Charlie. Charlie is Charlie is great. And I think this is a real reflection of what he is now stuff. Tremendous Smart's tremendous presence very comfortable in the Big Moment On Any stage, but you're going to need your bullpen in a Charlie Morton start. I think that's likely at Walker Buehler start to just because all the listed properties not that built up but there a certain games where you just know the Dodgers.

Top Line starters are going to go deeper in the game and the rates are and the other part of it is the way that the two lineups grind through it back. So the Rays have quicker it back. That's a fact that the Dodgers wear down pictures and get him out of the game. So I'm really meant something to me to see how deep Charlie Burton can go in game 3 is that the different the biggest difference between the teams and now that it's an Essence the best-of-five World Series since it seems you're even a game at these. What do you think determines who ends up winning this? I think it's a toss-up my one worry going in about the raise was I wasn't sure they'd be able to score not and I'll just go through the numbers of the guys in hair line up.

Night after night and it's amazing to see why the guy hitting leadoff tonight's hitting 107 and a postage stamp in game one. He struck out of nine of his 15 plate appearances in the postseason.

When you get to these types of games you're facing great pitching and

It's hard to hit right now. It's really hard to hit the best pitching the game with all the game plan that goes along the razor's strikeout Throne. Anyway until what the hell they scored in this postseason. It's mostly with the long ball. And even though Brandon loud did hit 2 out in game 2. This is a much tougher Park to Homer end and then the Trap or even Petco the way it's been playing and so they're going to have to do what they did in game two and that is get the big hit in the big moment. We've seen with both games of this World Series. So far the team that is playing from ahead uses Bullpen markedly differently than the one that's playing from behind passing of the way Kevin cash handled his pain in game one, but I think it's a reflection of exactly that when he gets a lead in almost any any, you know, I could be the third inning.

Find the fifth sixth seventh. He's already thinking.

How am I going to deploy my A-list out there that are the best of my stable and he thinks a little differently when he's behind even if they're running behind and I can't get away from him and in game 1. I think that's why because he is a different plan when he's ahead vs. He's behind the Dodgers clearly have the same strategy who just won the Dodgers have more uncertainty and have it going to get to the 27th out. Then the Rays to the race can get there a million different ways. Don't care how they get their butt in the Dodgers case. They're built for Kenley Jansen to get those last three outs and he's been shaky now. He he had some better moments in the ALCS, but that's still a big question that hangs over their team and hangs over. This world series is Kenley Jansen the guy who pitched those two games in the ALCS, or see the Kenley Jansen. We've been watching all season.

And with that you actually you mentioned getting to the 27th out. You rename Nick Anderson. So to speak in your latest column. Thanks for the help. You know, I'd ask Kevin cash after that game like it's obvious that Nick Anderson's not your closer. So do you have a name for what he actually is and your team is it out? I'll leave the names to you. I don't have a good night when I was dangerous, but I thought this is this is Twitter at its finest. This is one Twitter can actually contribute to the betterment of human life throw this out there and collect the best names that people can fire at me even though it's 1 in the morning and it was amazing. How many great ones that I got? So I want a listing my my top five and the more I thought about it the more I thought the leverage against the coolest ring to it. There's some really good ones.

Whiten was good, cuz he was George Clooney played the fixer in that movie, right then the nick of the nick of time fun names of but it didn't make the cut but I just felt like if you were going to cast and Nick Anderson movie the lever just works for me and just just so you know the beat like that the magical Factory that goes with this is in this postseason. He's been used as a traditional closer got a free at 7 9th, but he's also pissed in the third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth and Ninth Innings because this is just the raisin 20/20 is it?

It has been as you call it the a regular season and we've enjoyed reading you and I hope people will read your column in the athletic Jayson Stark alone is worth the price of the athletic subscription. So appreciate some time and continue great riding here in the world series that man enjoy the series great stuff from Jason Stark and I do mean that just his writing that is Ken. Rosenthal alone is reason enough to subscribe to the athletic. I've got my subscription and you're missing out on some really good stuff. I just covering the game of baseball if you're not following and you should follow Jason on Twitter to because he's a really good following additional is terrific Collins and then we've been on these a podcast or or during the course of this World Series really doing much of this year when we had the pandemic we caught up with a lot of guys from the OA team and you know, how could you not chat with James Shields? He still by the way, and this is how I introduced in the only Rays starter.

To win a World Series game because it was Nick Anderson knew that the victory in relief in game 2 of this World Series will see if that changes hopefully sell but for now James's alone in the record books. I'm having a blast of this. I mean, it's it's so much fun to watch the Rays back in back of the World Series, you know, definitely brings back a lot of memories and and the fact that I was born and raised in LA in in group a Dodger fan of the two teams that I that I love are in the World Series so much fun to watch the distance is it when the team was in San Diego? What did that mean to you? It was awesome. I got the phone call, you know the day before and fortunately me being in living in San Diego and and and having a team right down the street I wasn't able to actually go to the stadium and then throw the first pitch out but you know being able to do it virtually and

Do it for the boys. I mean I was that was pretty special for me. You know, I mean it was it was an amazing amazing thing the Rays did for me but definitely doing it for the boys. And for the Rays man you touched on the memories that they've jog, what are the things that come back to you when you watch them?

I mean for me it's it's this is what it's all about. I mean, this is what it when you grow up as a little kid, you know, your main goal is to win a World Series and go to prison and actually play well and do well and that's the main goal for every baseball player and and so definitely brings back a lot of memories as far as being a kid also it brings back a lot of memories in in you know, when we went to the World Series in LA and in this team definitely reminds me a lot of who we were character-wise, you know RL a team so but yeah, it brings back a lot of memories for us and we had so many so many good times and get celebrations and and and good people so it's good to have you been texting with a lot of your teammates when you were with the raise in 08 during this time.

Actually, we we we started at a little a little 2018. So we got about nine of us on on the feeding and so we've been kind of going back and forth and messing around and talking smack to to some of the clubhouse guys and get them going. So it's a lot of fun the who's on that group. Text JP Mack Garza Garza BJ's on their dpd prices on there and I think it's kind of conflicting for him when he yeah, but you mentioned, you know, you see similarities between this team and that team what are the things that you see when washing them?

Yeah, they're young and they have pitching and defense, you know, I mean, obviously we had some pretty good hitters on our away team in the race have some pretty good hitters right now as well. But for me, either young or exciting to watch, you know, they move Runners over the way we did and there's a fun team to watch remind me to the most of how they can cheer each other on a roof each other and they're really just they they're really enjoy each other's success that makes any sense. So, you know, they're in the Dugout really rooting for each other and and their one team, you know in and and they they really get it and and I know back in the day we used to call the REI way in and they're really really

Putting out their the rate their own with Ray way and and shows to the television for sure.

You know, you mentioned David being in your group text and I know what a joy he was to be around with this club during the year is how much of a hard time are you giving him over the fact that he's contractually with the Dodgers and he's got to his his current team in his original theme piano playing off one another and said too much but a couple of times but yeah, let me know. We just meet me just just just bring back memories of of r o a team but it was it's more just kind of just saying hi to each other and and going back and forth and and just just Reminiscing on on the days that we had in 08 and it's always fun man needs like the baseball is a small world and it's a it's a it's a it's a boys club that always remember and cherish and we had some really good time. So but we hasn't.

said too much stuff right now in the text message say

as soon as he should it is really cool that you know that you can see the similarities between these teams. The one thing that is different for me and it's the guy who starts game 3 is Charlie Moore and you guys didn't have that Katia gristle the veterans in the bullpen maybe on the bench, you know with Floyd and hinske and those guys we didn't have a Charlie Morton. What impresses you about him.

I mean Charlie's a professional, you know, he goes out there and pound the strike zone and that's one of the things that he's so successful out of me. Obviously, he's got some good moving on fastball and he's at he's at he's a veteran man. He knows how to pay. She knows how to navigate his way to the lineup as you as you saw in the ALCS when he pitched nail Siesta mean I mean to seem like you had 70 pitches in in in six or seven to three times you line up no problem. So that's one thing that he's going to say that bull pen for the most part. I think that it's it's nice to have a guy out there. Especially not rotation teaches guys how to how to do things properly.

Omani great man. I mean it's you know, we we obviously came up short on 2008, but just to be able to be a part of an organization and be able to root for him. I'm in love the culture changed, you know a long time ago back in 2007 to 2008 days and it just hasn't stopped and I kept going for a long time. You got guys like Kiermaier who are really embracing not and embracing the guys who helped build that organization in keeping keeping them alive over there is the reason why they've been so successful in the front office has done a phenomenal job of bringing in the right Talent the right guys, you know, you look you look down their lineup. I mean, there's not too many huge Superstars now lineup, but they're always costly win, you know, and and and they're always know is grinding away and and they got a good program over there and you got to

A lot of credits that for an office not see the scouting the scouts and in their you know, I'll be able to do a great job of really identifying. You know, who's a good players are and who's a good character play? Yeah. Yeah. There's no question about that this team like you guys had a great character people. It seems like that's been the Hallmark. You know, what Edition is so many of the things that's been a Hallmark of this group.

Yeah, I mean absolutely. I mean good character whence you know, I mean, I know a lot of people talk analytics all the time and that's a very important part of the game specially nowadays and you have to you have to own that in for sure and there is going to be the one of the the benchmarks for that. But at the same time you have to bring any guys that with good character and you guys did they create a good chemistry in the club house? Cuz you know, everything's contagious, you know, and if you're not working together as a team and you're not you're not buying into the process and and guys did players aren't buying into whatever is putting out there. It's not going to work and these guys have bought into Kevin to Cash's program over there and the railway and and you know, and it definitely shows out on the field. It's a definitely shows every single day they play

James great stuff hopefully they get this world series. We appreciate a few minutes. Enjoy the rest of the games that I know good luck buddy. Thanks, man. Great to have James Shields and also Jason Stark and Andrew Kittredge with us on our latest podcast. And certainly we appreciate you being with us as well. Join us for every World Series game 7 p.m. Pull our pregame show lots of cum each and every night. We thank you so much for joining us continue to be part of our broadcast. We will chat with you soon.
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