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NPR News: 10-26-2020 5AM ET

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Support for this NPR Podcast and the following message come from betterhelp online counseling by licensed professional counselors specializing in isolation depression stress and anxiety visit news to learn more and get 10% off your first month from NPR news on Giles Snyder receta de set to hold a vote today on Supreme Court nominee Amy, Coney Barrett Republicans expected to confirm Barrett over unified Democratic objections. They advance for nomination yesterday voting mostly along party lines Democrats are pushing back against Plans by vice president Pence to be on hand for the vote. After two of his top staffers tested positive for the coronavirus President Trump said to had today to Pennsylvania state that seen frequent visits by both major-party candidates Trump has a busy schedule ahead of election day next week yesterday. He rally supporters in New Hampshire from every station WBUR Anthony Brooks reports that Trump is making the bushes.

I'll show him trailing Joe Biden New Hampshire gave Trump his first primary victory in 2016. Helping to launch is unlikely bid for the White House. He narrowly lost the state in the general election to Hillary Clinton. And the last four paws have them trailing Biden by as much as 12 points, but outside of Manchester Trump told supporters that he plans to carry, New Hampshire on November 3rd, when four more great years in the white house. We're going to keep it going.

Trump again downplayed the pandemic even as infections continue to climb and he continue to sow doubts about the Integrity of a coming election saying the biggest risk is fake balance, though. There is little or no evidence to support that for NPR news on Anthony Brooks expected to remain in his home state of Delaware today. Yes campaign. Stop scheduled in Georgia tomorrow estate Trump won in 2016 that appears to be competitive Now by race also shaping up in Texas democratic vice presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris scheduled to travel there on Friday as tough as Texas public radio's Paul flat reports showing President Donald Trump Vice President, Joe Biden. The state is not voted for a Democrat since 1976 text message and early voting record this season with no more than 7 million votes cast and includes many more first-time voters Paris will be visiting the state on the final.

Early voting Harris cancel than earlier Texas trip after a staff member tested positive for covid-19. Trump campaign will not return to Texas in the final stretch because it doesn't consider Texas a Battleground State Farm Poplar Ave in San Antonio California's largest utilities shut off power to hundreds of thousands in an effort to prevent wildfires Kate Wolf is with memorization KQED to the Electrical Company PG&E 2D energize lines throughout Northern California in 2017 and 2018. Once the winds subside utility will check thousands of miles of illogical lines for damage before re-energizing which may take until Tuesday morning.

Health experts are suggesting several possible reasons for the latest surgeon coronavirus cases in Canada. Dan Carpenter duck reports at most agree that the growing number of cases will continue without the imposition of much tougher measures Health officials in at least two provinces Blaine family gatherings at Thanksgiving celebrations two weeks ago for the spike others also pointed fewer restrictions, and it increased testing capacity Quebec Remains the epicenter of the pandemic in Canada with a total of more than 100,000 confirm cases. And for the first time during the pandemic Ontario surpassed 1000 new cases of covid-19 in a single day Western Canadian provinces, even with lower populations are still recording single day highs in case numbers Health experts say they fear one reason could be covered for Tegan's many Canadians grow tired of taking precautions for NPR news. I'm down carpet shops in Toronto in Australia second largest city of such a large Ali emerge from a coronavirus lockdown Victoria's a premier. Daniel Andrews is also

Pop's restaurants cafes and bars will be allowed to open an outdoor contact Sports can resume after the city recorded its first day without a new coronavirus case and more than 4 months. Melbourne has been under strict lockdown measure since early June Los Angeles Dodgers could wrap up Major League Baseball's World Series tomorrow the Dodgers now have a three games to to lead after last night's game 5 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays Global Financial markets are down ahead of the start of the trading Recon Wall Street stocks mostly down in Europe and benchmarks in Japan Australia and South Korea fell in Monday trading on trial Snyder NPR news.
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