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NPR News: 10-28-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens election day is less than a week away and more than half. The number of people who voted in 2016 have already cast their ballots. Both presidential candidates are using the remaining campaign days to drum up support in the most contested States President Trump made stops in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska yesterday Fred. Knap of any team who says jumped out of his administration's support for farmers during a rally in Omaha the president appeared in a closely contested congressional district that could give him one electoral vote and he made a pitch for what is Administration has done for farmers in the region Trump cited estimate. The Chinese retaliation for his trade policies head cost Farmers 28 billion dollars. So he said he imposed tariffs of that amount on Chinese goods and gave it to Farmers else is going to do that.

But some people say our farm is doing better now than they did when they actually had a farm reactions of the subsidies has been mixed with Farmers expressing gratitude for the help. But also saying they'd rather get their income from the market rather than government payments for NPR news. I'm Fred knap in Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday in Georgia after two decades of being a republican. Stronghold WABE is Emma heard reports that polls show the state is now a toss-up find spoke to people seated in and on several hundred parked cars over the noise of counter-protesters across the street if we told you all a year ago or trouble

Right down the street a year ago how competitive George was going to be and you would have all looking like one another like her crazy for years ago. Neither President Trump nor Hillary Clinton visited the state after the primary and Trump has visited three times since the summer more than just Electoral College votes are at stake. Georgia also has two Senate races. Are there snow stake more consequential than Georgia and that's white $3000000 have already been cast in Georgia nearly double the total early votes in 2016 for NPR news I've ever heard in Atlanta and Philadelphia protests over the police killing of Walter Wallace turned violent for a second straight night relative say they called 911 because Wallace was having a mental health crisis family attorney. Shaka Johnson says, it's baffling the police were dispatched instead of an ambulance and wind up with the people who you called killing you.

Even conceived the concept. I just can't please say that Wallace was shot after refusing commands to drop a knife Louisiana's bracing for the arrival of hurricane. Sada landfall is expected tonight. South of New Orleans. The city is still housing evacuees from earlier storms this season.

This is NPR news.

Wisconsin Governor's urging residents to shelter in place after his State recorded more than 5,200 new coronavirus cases with 64 deaths yesterday. It was another single-day record for Wisconsin Idaho's Governor is reinstating some coronavirus restrictions and bit of surge new cases and Pierce Kirk Siegler reports that many of the state's larger hospitals are already at capacity cases in Idaho are surging again with covid-19 Hospital admissions increasing by more than 50% in recent days plus Grimm warnings from hospital officials that the public and policy-makers are seriously Governor Brad little move back to a stage 3 order which caps gatherings in public 250 people, but the governor refused to put in place any tougher enforcement measures bars will mostly remain open and unliking many surrounding states. There's no Statewide mask law in fact officials and one of the state's most populated metropolitan areas in northern Idaho recently lifted a regional Mass coordinates even as the main,

Claire says it's at 99% capacity and could soon have to transfer it's covered paid Schantz to Seattle Kirk Siegler NPR news Boise called leader. Keith raniere has been sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking extortion and other crimes sixty-year-old Ranieri is the founder of a New York base organization called nxivm which starts thousands of dollars for self-empowerment courses that involve humiliation and obedience members of one female only unit of Nexium. We're branded with Renee Aries initials co-conspirators it pleaded guilty to recruiting and grooming sexual partners for Ranieri. This is NPR news support for
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