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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President Donald Trump a US Attorney General William Barr. Say federal agents will be in Albuquerque New Mexico help deal with recent waves of violent crime Trump has been touting himself as a Law & Order president blaming City governments and called for police defunding for upsurge in the violence. The same politicians have now embrace the far left movement to break up our Police Department's causing violent crime and their cities to spiral and I mean spiral seriously out of control Portland, Oregon and more than a hundred federal agents of also been sent to Kansas City, Missouri where gun violence then the life of a young boy, those Federal authorities include employees with the Department of Homeland Security who generally conduct drug trafficking and child exploitation investigations local authorities in Portland say the federal action is exacerbated.

Mansions of the nation's oldest environmental groups a Sierra Club founder Wilderness Pioneer John Muir. ER is Kirk Siegler reports racist remarks about indigenous people in Blacks have long been a source of controversy within not conservation movement in a letter to Sierra club members director. Michael brune says the recent civil rights protests are an opportunity to re-examine his clubZone substantial role in perpetuating white supremacy, the views of some of its Founders like California naturalist, John Muir. We was riding and activism led to a legacy of federal Wilderness protection including Yosemite National Park, but he also held racist views about blacks and Native people and was friends with white supremacist. The Sierra club's Bruin pledge. The group will reorganize its structure to ensure that a majority of its leaders are people of color Kirk Sigler NPR news.

NPR's Jim zarroli reports company also made a highly-anticipated announcement the location of butts next assembly plant Tesla made a little more than a hundred million dollars during April May and June. It was the fourth straight quarterly profit and that's an important Milestone. It means the company is eligible to be part of the S&P 500 and it's likely to become part of the retirement accounts of millions of Americans. Tesla has already seen its stock price soar this year and news about its profitable quarter Cent. It's priced higher in after-hours trading Tesla. Also announce the assembly plant for its new Cyber truck pickup will be located near Austin Texas. It will employ at least 5,000 workers Jim. Zarroli NPR news today. The Dow was up 165 points to 27005 the NASDAQ closed up 25 points the S&P 500 Rose 18 points today. This is NPR.

What comes down to whether most Americans think schools should return to normal operations this fall the answer appears to be primarily know even as President Trump and his administration of been pushing for full reopening Associated press-norc Center for public affairs. Research survey finds only about one in 10 Americans say daycare centers preschools in K through 12 schools to start the school year this fall like any other most think Mash requirements are needed to restart in person instruction and 3 + 10 say in classroom. Teaching should not happen at all yet, San Diego Comic-Con kicked off today, but this year the massive Gathering of comic TV and movie fans is going online and BR Spectrum are reports instead of packing into a Convention Center fans will be able to watch hundreds of panels on YouTube on is famous for its and with lines, but you won't be waiting in line for anything this year instead. You can go to YouTube to see more than 350 panels plus the Eisner Awards the Oscars of the comics industry.

The highlights are author Max Brooks comparing zombie outbreaks to real disease outbreaks cast members from the Star Trek universe including Patrick Stewart and Charlize Theron talking about her career as an Action Hero, Connie is also famous for its interactive exhibitions. That's not happening this year. But the FX Network is offering a series of online trivia and games themed around some of it shows there will also be an online-only costume contest and exhibit hall and for that real convention touch, you can go to the Comic Con website and print out your own batch Petra Mayer NPR news. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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