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NPR News: 11-01-2020 7PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst 2 days out from the presidential election of both candidates President Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden are sprinting to the finish on the campaign Trail by his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris his campaigning in North Carolina. And Georgia to States Trump is also visiting today. Remember station WABE in Atlanta and Hertz has more this is paris's second trip to Georgia in 10 days for Vice President. Joe Biden visited last week are spoken to drive in Raleigh and Suburban Atlanta to thank you for all you've been doing these years of these months in these weeks in these days. Look at the kind of turnout. We've already seen in terms of early voting nearly 4 million Jordans cast their ballots in early voting almost as many as cast their ballot in the entire 2016 election this year pulling in the states with the presidential race as too close to call President Trump has visited three times since the summer.

I'm scheduled another campaign stop in deep fried Northwest, Georgia tonight for NPR news. I'm a hurt in Duluth, Georgia a crucial swings day that he won in 2016. He told the rally he's confident. He'll be re-elected.


going to Win 4 more years in that very beautiful place called The White House and Trump is rallying in North Carolina at this hour, Georgia and Florida are up next plan to distribute and expected vaccine against covid-19 is drawn criticism and purest role of Rose reports top elected officials in New York to the plan discriminates against communities of color. Once the vaccine is approved by the FDA. The Trump Administration is making plans to distribute doses to all Americans through Pharmacy chains in doctors offices that officials in New York are concerned that the plan relies too heavily on the private sector attorney general Letitia James warns that could perpetuate the same inequities in healthcare that came to light earlier in the pandemic of communities of color in this country have suffered disproportionately from this virus and then turn around and break the system once again against them it's hard to Fathom doesn't account for the healthcare.

Deserts that disproportionately affect black and brown communities in New York and Nationwide Joel Rose NPR news and they're more than 9.1 million in the US more than 230,000 death. According to data from Johns Hopkins University and cases are spiking in Europe Germany and France and England are have reissued lockdown orders today to prime a British prime minister Boris Johnson said, there's no other choice in says science shows covid-19 deaths could be twice as high without action you listening to NPR news.

In Canada police have arrested a twenty-four-year-old man who was dressed in medieval clothing and armed with a sword in connection with the stabbing death in Quebec of two people on Halloween five others were injured Carl Gerard had a hearing today. He faces two counts of first-degree murder police say they believe the attack was personal and not terrorism in France police a six people are now in custody over a deadly Church stabbing in the southern city of nice and peers Eleanor Beardsley reports Italian police are helping in the investigation because the Killer is a Tunisian who entered Europe through the Italian island of La Medusa in September the nice assailant shouted God is great in Arabic before slitting to people's throats and stabbing a third-person. The gruesome killings came just two weeks after a teacher with the headed by a radicalized Chechen teenager who was angry the teacher had shown caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a civics class on freedom of speech and another

Next Friday night in Lyon a Greek Orthodox priest was critically wounded by a hunting rifle when he was shot at as he was locking up his church police are questioning one person and there's a Manhunt underway for another suspect the motive for the Leo attack is unclear Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris.

Female hundreds of parishioners gathered outside behind a security fence around the Notre Dame Church in nice today to hear Mass from a distance contract down more than a half percent Nasdaq futures down about four tenths of a percent. You're listening to NPR news.
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