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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump is continuing his Law & Order push ahead of the November election as NPR's Giles Snyder reports Trump says, he's expanding a federal Crackdown on violent crime in cities around the country Frozen and confirm the expansion during a Wednesday event at the White House saying his administration of surging Federal officers to Chicago and Albuquerque young Bill to plan with attorney general Barr at his side or judging other cities to ask for federal help and accusing the movement to reduce Police Department budgets for what he claimed is a wave of violent crime ministrations is Operation Legend is separate from the controversial deployment to Portland, Oregon Schneider, California now has the most coronavirus stations of any state in the country, but 13,000 new infections confirmed in the past 24 hours to Tales From NPR's Nathan rot. Most populated state in Los.

County where residents are nervously waiting to see if there will be another stay at home order many of the new cases are being found in people under the age of 41 Health officials earlier this week said it's a tragedy that some younger people are not taking the threat seriously putting others at risk, although California has now surpassed New York for having the most confirmed cases of any US state is number of deaths is still far lower weekly death tolls are increasing in California though as they are in a number of other states Nathan Rott. NPR News Southwest Airlines will soon test thermal cameras that can spot Travelers with fever beginning early next month in Dallas. The idea is to evaluate the cameras where they should be placed and whether the technology will slow screenings at security checkpoint United Airlines requires passengers to wear masks that ticket counters and in airport lounges all major US carriers require passengers to wear masks during flights.

The Trump Administration is proposing do greenhouse gas emissions standards for airplanes as NPR's Jeff Brady reports. The EPA rules are modeled after International standards that environmentalists are too weak. Most of the Trump administration's Focus has been on rolling back environmental regulations. But this one would reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from airplanes that are changing the climate Aviation accounts for about 2% of all human cause greenhouse gases EPA administrator Andrew wheeler says this proposal will make it easier for domestic manufacturers to sell their planes to other countries that older less efficient airplanes are replaced by newer mortician models that make and more government help in the offing they say this is a good time to rebuild the industry with even cleaner Plains Jeopardy NPR news.

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Mississippi civil rights activist James Charles Evers has died at the age of 97 and 1969 average became the first black candidate since reconstruction to win a mayor's race and any multi-racial town in Mississippi ear an unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1971. And as for US senate seat in 1978 both times as an independent Charles was the elder brother of civil rights leader Medgar Evers who was assassinated by a Ku Klux Klan been in 1963.

Tesla has announced that its new electric car and truck Factory will be built just outside of Austin, Texas Jimmy Moss from Member station K. UT has more employee 5,000 workers at the factory. The 1 billion-dollar plant will produce Tesla's new pickup trucks and semi trucks along with car models 3 and Y for the eastern US CEO Elon Musk is excited about the possibilities of his next gigafactory it right on the Colorado River. So we're going to have to have a boardwalk worth of hiking biking trails in a baked. Brie be an ecological Paradise musk says, the factory grounds will be open to the public Tesla was lured to the area after receiving approval for more than 60 million dollars in property tax breaks over 10 years in Austin close higher after a volatile trading session. The Dow gained 265 points US futures are lower in premarket.

Reading and Asian Shares are mixed higher in Hong Kong. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news support.
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