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Good morning. This is Laura.

Welcome to the new corner office the podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work. We're location and hours are more flexible than in the past. Today's tip is to ask for introduction asking friends and colleagues to introduce you to their friends and colleagues is quite possibly the most efficient way you can Network and it is a very rewarding way to grow your business.

This tip comes from marketing consultant Shonna Chambers new book 100 marketing tips for small business owners right there in the middle tip number 52 is to create a list of people you think could help your business and get in touch.

Getting in touch often requires working your network. So I reached out to show not to get her advice on seeking introductions. Why are they so important? She told me that if you approach someone you would like to connect with cold or they may be interested. But if someone they already know tells them about this interesting hard-working new person unless you can imagine it makes the likelihood of the new connection being interested a lot higher. We are all influenced by word-of-mouth recommendations. If someone you know recommends a new coffee shop, you are more likely to be impressed then if the new coffee shop recommence themselves via advertising shut us.

Now my guess is that you already know this but most of the time when people think they are asking for introductions and referrals the actual ask is pretty vague think the note on your dentist bill or your Realtors business card saying that the highest compliment you can pay is recommending us to a friend or family member that is not really asking for introductions. People are busy to make useful connections. You should ask for specific introductions to specific people.

So, how can you politely go about doing that Jonah says that depending on the relationship you have with someone you may ask to take them out for coffee or a virtual coffee and build your request into a nice networking session with them. That way you have warm them up and reminded them of your good qualities before asking for an introduction.

Some of those good qualities you are casually reminding them of might be things that you are doing for them making introductions offering your own recommendations that sort of thing networking is always Mutual.

Perhaps most important when you make your requests don't make it a fishing Expedition soda says that it's good to have a reason ready to give your contact for the request. For example, you are hoping to move sideways in the organization and you feel this person could be really helpful in that or you could tell your contact how you really enjoy the articles that the new person publishes on LinkedIn and you'd like the chance to talk further with them about this show Dimensions that you could also talk about a shared interest anything that seems less out-of-the-blue essentially. She says you are trying to ensure that your relationship with your contact stays healthy regardless of the success of their introduction.

Any clear what you are going to use this introduction for a 15 minute phone conversation is a reasonable ask weekly hour-long mentoring sessions. Not so much wait until you've established an independent and good relationship with your new contact before you go too far out on a limb.

Finally make it really easy for your friend to make the introduction and request you could write an email for your contact that's easy for them to add to or they could simply forward it. You shouldn't be cc'd on this forwarding you want the other person to freely up in to this double opt-in introduction, then you know that it's all good once you follow up.

In any case think about who you'd like to meet think about who you know who can introduce you think about why you would like to be introduced and be specific about your request make it easy for your contact to introduce. You most likely everyone will be happy to go along and you'll expand your network and make your contact feel good about it too. And if it doesn't work, well no big deal not everything in life does work as long as you are doing good things for your friends and introducing them to other people as well. It will all come out in the wash when your friends know that you do want to be introduced to people they will likely start looking for opportunities for you. And that is an incredibly efficient way to network.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's the succeeding in the new corner office.

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