The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Nov 4: The Legal Framework Needed for Voting with Blockchain

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From the Crypt. Co this is it occur daily hit. My name is Matthew Aaron today on the show $14,000 Bitcoin ethereum 2.0 set to launch December 1st. And what legally needs to be done so we can start voting using blockchain Tech coming up today on the decrypt daily.

What's up, everybody? Today is Wednesday, November 4th 2020 the day after I hope everyone had a great time watching the election results come in last night your state or local elections your state. How is your state senate your judges your Senators your house Representatives. All those good things came in last night. I had a blast staying up watching all of the results come in yet. The presidential election is still going on there probably will be some recounts there might be even some lawsuits. There might be some Supreme Court and then I'll push me to one thing. Why the hell are we not using blockchain tech for voting and I thought it must be the legalities. There must not be laws in place to do that. So I try to look for some lawyers to explain this to me. So I talked to two people about the two different aspects of the law. The first is just floating on the fighting and the second is verifying who you are or your identification on an app or using

Could that be the hang up what we'll figure that out? But before we get into all that, I think we're be happy with our crypto prices today.

And I'm recording this at 3:15 Eastern Standard Time Bitcoin over 14,000 at $14,107 up 2.8% from yesterday. Aetherium 40320 up 5.2% from yesterday Litecoin 54-49 up 2.2% from yesterday chain link 1056 up 2.4% from yesterday and xrp 23.8 sent exactly the same as yesterday xrp is our new stablecoin Total market cap for all cryptocurrency is 406 billion dollars with a BTC dominance of 64.4% top five coin Bitcoin, ethereum, Heather xrp and Bitcoin cash.

I like I said an intro. I want to find out two things about voting on The blockchain why the hell isn't here in two aspects. Is it your identification on the blockchain or is it just boxing text in general? Well for that latter question, I asked Joon Kim general counsel of 01 labs to come on and talk about it. Thank you for having me. The United States is seeing itself in a very interesting situation for absentee ballots have been cashed or early voting has been cast in The History of the United States in the election and all the different states have different laws of how to count boats how to govern it how to what votes are counted when they're counted and so on and so forth and only thing I can think about in one of my biggest like ideas for boxing technology is voting on The blockchain, but with that you need to have a legal framework of how that would work with the different state sir Cornell NYU legalese, you know it tell us how could we get voting on the black sea animal with that look like Lily Ford all the different laws in the United States.

Thanks for having me on again. So, you know, I think we start with the US Federal constitution rights to the US Federal Constitution does not impose explicit limitation on whether we could we cannot use boxing building as long as electoral principles are adhere to an electoral principles are the Electoral colleges that were all watching the news for right now, which means sad on each state which has tremendous discretion over how it could carry out the election how it could cast and receive vote and count the vote would ultimately have time to primary decision-making power in terms of weather and how it could roll out the blockchain voting. So a good example of this I look no further than West Virginia, which actually rolled out a blockchain voting mechanisms for its mid-term election and that actually allowed absentee ballots to be casted through mobile application for military workers.

In the beginning, I think a lot of good press came out of it and then it was suddenly help that for alleged. I think security vulnerability but ultimately program shows us that it doesn't require a new law or it doesn't require tremendous Federal movement for a state to decide to opt into boxing building as long as state laws governing election in election process that are already in place are adhered to by such loading process, which is a security vulnerability of West Virginia is early voting primary election in using a blockchain technology. And in that also is like one of those legally things that would have to come into play like how would that be litigated in a disputes moving forward like so you use these new technologies boxing technology comes and I mean right now we understand that you pick up a physical ballot you look at it. If you could come to this is a dispute. What would that look like for hacks or fraud or any other kind of things that can happen in a digital space? Maybe if it's just social hacking

Look, like I think I would argue that there's actually a very secure way to vote on blockchain, but perhaps the point you mentioned about the fact that there is vulnerability. I think we are in fact on a front loading a lot of the efforts that are occurring today and yesterday in terms of post cast process and in counting and sort of voter fraud concerns atoms Republican candidates have our are really being handled in the back. And after the vote is cast I think the idea with the blockchain Voting is you front and a front load that into beginning of when a abortar were to receive let's say a ballad that would entitle them to vote through a system by giving that voter a unique sort of information that's only attribute to that particular motor. And as long as we have that process, correct, I think the Rest by by the blushing Network Technology, it could be fairly create a secure environment that's verifiable that doesn't require an observer or

Miniature verification which Trump's legal challenges in various states are arguing for stopping mail in ballots. And it also doesn't create crazy events like Bush versus Gore 20 years ago where you know, it took us 35 days to finally realize you know, who was going to be the president relating to Florida, right? So so in effect, I think what I'm trying to propose has really blocks in as good way to have a smooth process near or on Election Day as long as we make sure that the the the front end verification is as good and it's persuadable to all the states and is it is not open for fraud you think that these legal challenges would even have be legal challenges if we were voting using blockchain and app similar devices many many challenges has growth go away. So for instance, right? I think if you study the legal claims that Trump's legal teams have brought in various key swing States, they have commonality which is there.

Are worried the mail-in ballots are not being processed in a secure and legal manner. So for instance, you know and in places like that, Pennsylvania, Michigan, I think a lot of the claims are there is no signature verification process. There isn't an observer that some securing the spot. There's a drive-through a polling site where people would just drop off ballots Dozer not allies of trumpets a secure and it's it's right for fraud and I think before we dismiss that concern I would point out to the fact that Pew research shows that only 14 or 13% of the people feel very confident about the presidential election process happening in a secure and fair manner. This is a very widely serve except the sentiment and I think blockchain technology is set up the correct way could ask solutely prevent legal challenges before and

Especially after the election day your experience in the boxing spacer experience within the law as a citizen. Of course what you think of some of the major push back is to going to digital voting Solutions. So what's happening today and yesterday are standard procedures, right? So these are all all the things that have happened before people are used to it. People are used to manually counting their used to having scanners go wrong and then running City Hall to pick up new scanner and strung out. These are all the things that the people are used to what they're not used to this crazy system where people could just click a button after a robust verification sending boat online through I think that concept is is very foreign and it makes people uncomfortable and I also think that people who don't know the technology fear with a rifle your wrongfully about vulnerability is associated with this time technology where we would argue that this the vulnerability is not anymore.

In fact, it's much less than what's happening today in terms of manual accounting terms of Postal Service not being able to track three hundred thousand votes there for federal judge ordering this morning saying like you need to go and sweep the locations to find out where does Luis went. So I think education is probably the most important element and also it's important to make sure that we do not politicize this process. So each state will have its own discretion. But if there is some kind of like an organization, that's bipartisan, or I could come in Hope with the implementation of this kind of loading process and letting them know that this is vetted by both both sides of the Isles. Right? And therefore we do sin Easter of conflict where allegations are legal claims that could occur election day. Perhaps we could live in a world where we don't have to wake up with no sleep and we still don't know who the president is on November 4th.

Be using a black and golden solution. I think I would be about 8 and it is at 8 higher than the currents of snow. We have no absolutely okay its way higher ISO, but there's still two points between the 8 in the 10 there. What is that lack of confidence and does it have anything to do with being open source or private? I think it has to do with making sure that the voting itself is conducted in a way that prevent text somebody to privacy if it's supposed to start the nostril absolutely, and also relates the Chiefs and we have to store that betta then we let you know we encounter the problem of where is it stored? Is it stored in a DWI in the store on Google the servant vulnerability bear? I'm obviously it's something we need to think about but aside from that I think you know if if you make it central or private.

Even if you make a decentralised, I think the system itself stands for you no verification and security that far exceed the value of human hands could do and finally in your legal expertise opinion. How do you think this election is going to play out? I wish she had asked me this tomorrow morning cuz I was a part of me sincerely wishes that we don't see Bush versus Gore again. But if if certain States playing a certain way and we have a one state that determines the outcome of the election. Let's see Pennsylvania, and I could see the president and his legal team challenging would now very conservative Supreme Court and place the decision by the state supreme court to respect mail-in ballots to be receiving counted even received three days after election day, so I could see that

Lodging happening if the result of certain States happened, but right now it's difficult to tell I do think that a lot of legal challenges that happened prior to the election date will go away. Because of brightness and standing issues, but I could see if anybody brings a bush versus Gore again. It's probably President Trump and Kim 01 Labs. Thank you very much for coming on the show star months now to the former question. Maybe it's Friday, maybe the legalities of using a verifying somebody's identification using Tech is in place. And for that I asked Dental, 1215 Steinbeck to come on and talk about it. Awesome. Thank you. So I just got off the phone with Jun Kim and we were talking about voting in the box and he said basically hate you can vote on the black pieces of boxing does nothing legally seen that you can't all the states would have to do is roll it out. You don't have to make new legislation. You don't have to go to the Supreme Court. You don't have to make new laws it set up just on the box and then I was like

Eureka white women at doing it. It must be because we can't validate our idea that might be something with our ID or who we are at identification using an app for blocking technology that some sort of legal barrier from doing it said just trying to figure out why the hell we're not using it yet, but you can help me out with this. Is there anything legally saying we can't use electronic ID to vote using apps or blocking technology question Matthew, you know, people have been talking about digital ID's for a long time and obviously blockchain is a great application for that. It's always a mystery to me why technology takes so long to be incorporated into a voting systems that of course, I think digital ID's can and should be used as soon as possible that they're already being used. That should say in non us jurisdiction said there are many countries around the world that have already started to do this. I mean, I think it's just a question of when not if this rolls into the u.s. Process

Can is what does the United States need to do? What kind of legal framework within the United States need to have to do this or is there any laws saying that you can think of right now if somebody can challenge and go? No, that's just unacceptable to vote or is everything in place in the framework there and we're just waiting to roll it out in the United States is highly regulated. So it wouldn't be as simple as you know. Hey a local state regulator. Just want to snap his fingers and incorporate digital ID Services has to go through it's obviously a very sensitive issue, but obviously it can be done. So we're at least for the most part most of us aren't necessarily using registration cards and with hanging Chads and things like that. That was a thing of the past though slowly but surely technology is advancing. But yeah, there's there's nothing that specifically says digital ID is not

I'm bet it would need to be incorporated into the voting systems in a way that complies with voting regulations. What is your opinion about voting using blockchain Tech? I think blockchain is the perfect technology to facilitate voting. What do you need in a boat? You need a immutable transparent and secure database which is an exact overlap with what blockchain provides and so I think it's only a question of time before voting systems are put on the blockchain. It probably won't happen all at once meaning you're not going to wake up one day and then all of a sudden, you know, what the US government is going to roll out in advance and complicated blockchain voting platform what you'll see is little pieces here and there incorporated into block and so it existing technology will be put onto the blockchain and slowly but surely

Blockchain will cover more and more pieces of the election technology stack and that's what we're seeing likes Guatemala. That's exactly what they did. They were they are voting by hand. And then at the district level each district manager, basically Grace a handwritten card, and then that card is there are hundreds of districts. Those cards are sent to the capital where they are counted shockingly Guatemala's had a history of problems that somehow between the districts and the capitol the cards get changed or altered shot go in 2020 is non-profit who's a me to bring transparency to Guatemalan elections. All they did really simple is take a snapshot of each district card cashed it put it on the blockchain and lo and behold every time when all of those cards were sent to the capital and the demonstrated they all matched because of course they had them at so I think what you'll see is little bits and pieces of the voting process.

Put on the Block thing. And then in time it will just naturally incorporate more and more pieces of that process. We're looking at this election election right now. The presidential election is going to go for a recount at least one state or more. It might go to courts might be contested in one way or another legally. Do you think as a lawyer blockchain technology could prevent all of this BS that we're going to see roll out with this election. It can certainly prevent large portions of it because what items that are going to be disputed could have been solved via blockchain meaning voter registration voter count who voted how many times they voted that these are all issues that blocked chainsaws much better than humans and you know thousands of gyms across the country. I'm in then ultimately for

Friend, I hope you enjoy myself. What would be your first step for somebody and maybe somebody's listening to this in California or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or sitting there didn't vote because they like I have no clue if I was to be counted. I don't know if it's going to get to the right place. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not even in the country. I would love to go but I'm not I'm not I don't trust the mail. What as a lawyer would be your first step to try to get this implemented in one of these towns cities or states. I would love to see an end. Maybe this exists if it doesn't matter where of it, but I would love to see a nonprofit dedicated to this specific issue pop up and start advocating for blockchain and voting services to be incorporated into our technology stocks state senators. There are a lot of different places where we as Citizens need to vote and I think the sooner we start incorporating blockchain the sooner we'll see it at the ultimate level which again would be

a presidential election Dean Steinbeck general counsel for Horizon and Horizon labs

and in other news the long way to upgrade for the theorem will launch December 1st. If and only if there are 16384 validators the network, each of these valladares will need to be staking 32 ethereum or $12,700 worth for a total amount of 209 million dollars the towels tweeted the other day at 3 a.m. To deposit contract is released, but you should know that fun should not be sent directly to the deposit contract instead. They should be staked it using the staking mechanism via the Launchpad. Be careful. Don't send your coins to the wrong place check double-check and triple-check, but I'm excited to see what F 2.0 has in store for the crypto space.

3.5 million dollars worth of coins stolen funds are on the move. Even remember the crypto exchange was hacked on September 25th, 2020 and has been estimated that over 1,000 Bitcoin was stolen along with other cryptocurrencies. How much is Litecoin Heather and xrp know what the heck was a while ago, but the funds continue to move across blockchain as the hackers are trying to escape basically they're just bounced These funds all around paying gas prices and fees and what have you trying just to slip by the watchful eye good luck with that. I doubt you're going to succeed.

And finally, this is xe a fun story because I reported on it about a month ago that hackers have been trying to hack into the fourth biggest Bitcoin wallet for some time. Okay. So this file containing the primary keys for the Bitcoin wallet has been floating around the dark web, but they haven't been able to get into it awoke. Maybe they haven't been able to get into it because the funds or the 69370 Bitcoin or just shy of a billion dollars of Bitcoin just moved now. He's quite have been sitting in his wallet since April of 2015 would Bitcoin was around two hundred bucks in this is also free Bitcoin cash Fork. So along with that almost billion dollars a Bitcoin There is almost 17 billion dollars of Bitcoin cash. Just sitting there like is the fourth biggest Bitcoin wallet and it's the 18th largest Bitcoin cash wallet. Well all of that just move so it's either somebody figure out how to hack it or the owner wise up found out was go

That was like I better get this crap out of here and I really hope it was the owner of that moved that Crypt up. It would be very hot even know. I don't even know what would you what would you do if you found that you lost $50 in Bitcoin because you're a private key was floating around the dark web that would even make the 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza seem small. I hope it's you owner.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the decrypt daily. Happy Halloween everybody all we have don't forget to subscribe like and share this and leave me a comment on Apple podcast from his assembly email Matthew Aaron at decrypt. Co and another reminder for cocaine to ensui and floating 20/20. I have some books and some T-shirts for you. Send me an email. I'll see you tomorrow. Happy Halloween.
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