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NPR News: 11-04-2020 9PM ET

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Support for NPR in the following message come from sentinelone AI powered cybersecurity design to autonomously stop cyber-attacks on endpoints iot and Clyde workloads replace your company's Legacy antivirus Sentinel NPR live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to step into the presidential election by deciding which votes count in Pennsylvania going to be counted if received for three days after that previous decisions one on a tie vote the other on a vote of 523 refused to block the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and its interpretation of the State Constitution, but lawyers for Trump know that the high court still has before it a petition seeking full review of the question and it's now asking the justices to intervene in much the way the

Or did in Bush versus Gore 20 years ago given the election results of vote in Pennsylvania. May. Well determine the next president of the United States the Trump campaign set and the US Supreme Court. Not the Pennsylvania Supreme Court should have the final say Nina totenberg NPR News, Washington, North Carolina minute. Be called for more than a week. Is that stayed ways for the last few absentee mail ballots to arrive Steve Harrison for member station wfae has the story.

President Trump leaves in North Carolina by about 77,000 vote in Republican Thom Tillis is in front of democrat cow Cunningham buy some ninety six thousand votes in the states high-profile Senate race. All precincts have reported their results for the State Board of Elections says, there are as many as a hundred seventeen thousand absentee mail ballots that could be returned in counted some of those ballots were likely never mailed back and some of the people who requested mail ballots likely voted on Election Day, but Woodbine having won nearly 70% of male votes so far. It's possible to Sergio late arriving mail ballots could change the outcome of the state elections director says the final results may not be known until a week from Friday for NPR news. I'm Steve Harrison in Charlotte the US Senate the GOP isn't quite ready to declare Victory. Either of Republicans are some notable Democratic efforts. That is Victoria coming is Maine Republican Susan Collins. Hold on to her seat. Please have released.

Body cam footage and audio relay to the police killing of Walter Wallace jr. Last week, why was killed after family members and neighbors called requesting help remember station WHYY, Laura benshoff has more the recordings consists of two body can videos several 911 calls and police dispatch audio the videos show police shooting Wallace as he crosses the street in front of them turn to the side family members are heard yelling. He's mental and screaming at police after he falls to the ground Wallace his family and City officials waited to release the recordings until after the election on Wall Street today the Dow up 367 points. This is NPR.

Flippers declared the victor of the presidential race that person will have to deal with a global pandemic this claim for the 233,000 u.s. Lives. In fact more than 9.4 million American Colder Weather moving in many parts of the country case numbers are showing no signs of easing total number of cases in the u.s. Today Rose by our record 100,000 mile Trump's presidential term ends January 20th in less. He wins re-election between now and then help experts say another 100,000 Americans could die of major changes in policy on instituted. The Italian government is approved restrictions to curb a surgeon covid-19 infections there and PR Sylvia fagioli reports many of the measures are limited to the hardest-hit parts of the country. Can you measures include a nationwide curfew from 10 p.m. To 5 a.m. The closure of museums and exhibitions and on weekend shopping centers will be shut the country has been divided into zones according to the gravity of the spread of covid-19.

Cases in the Red Zone which includes Italy's industrial Heartland Lombardi people will be allowed to leave their homes only for work health reasons an emergency bars and restaurants and most shops will be closed 24/7 in the orange Zone people can move freely within their towns and cities but not Beyond shops will remain open but not bars and restaurants and in the green zone only Nationwide curbs will be in effect. So beautiful jewelry NPR news Rome. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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