NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-04-2020 10PM ET

NPR News: 11-04-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer the path to the presidency for Democrat Joe Biden widened further today with the pickup of two key States Associated Press the clearing by the winter in Wisconsin. And Michigan increasing for now is lead over encumbered Donald Trump. They can do in Wilmington Delaware Biden saying voters will decide the outcome. The people rule can't be taken or stirred.

It flows from the people. Is there a well that determines who will be the president of the United States and their will alone Trump is expected to win some of the states of you have to finalize their vote count in Pennsylvania one that could still go either way Democratic governor. Tom Wolf is promising to count every vote Pennsylvania election election will be free of outside influences, despite not having the electoral votes needed last night declared himself the winter and bound Court challenges by Nina said he remains optimistic about the outcome of the race in the late call tonight. The AP is calling the Michigan Senate race for incumbent Democrat Gary Peters, the Republican party of Georgia and the Trump campaign or suing a County in Georgia over ledge mishandling of absentee ballots, Georgia public broadcasting Stephen Fowler explains. The suit alleges about 50 ballots were improperly counted the lawsuit alleges that are Republican poll Watcher saw a Chatham County election worker makes balance the came in

After the 7 p.m. Tuesday deadline with ones that came in on time. So the state Republican party and Trump campaign want the Coastal Georgia County to account for every single ballot. They received to make sure that late votes did not count. The legal challenge in Georgia is notable because it doesn't seem to block state by counting but instead focuses on a potential narrow violation of election law, Georgia saw a record-setting turn out in the selection. Thanks to a surge in absentee and early voting for NPR news. I'm Stephen Fowler and Atlanta to us another alarming milestone in the coronavirus pandemic countries. Now averaging more than 86000 cases a day over the past week new record will storm reports latest record is the peak Dr. Anthony found. She has warned the country could see one hundred thousand cases a day. If not more. This winter nationally cases have gone up by about 45% on average over the past two weeks in the Midwest and

Northeast that increases more than 60% as of Tuesday more than 52,000 copatient swear now hospitalized the last time hospitals had this many patients. It was early August but unlike the summer the spike and hospitalizations is more widespread with big increases in different regions from New Mexico to North Dakota to Ohio for NPR news. I'm will Stone on Wall Street the Dow Jones up 367 points today. You're listening to NPR.

What country still does not know who won the presidential race but some voters are already trying to figure out how people can come back together after a bruising election, Colorado Public. Radio's Steve Sig has more.

Kim Culver is a Democrat who lives in the tiny conservative town of Crawford and Western Colorado. She worries about the emotional wounds. She seemed form in her community and Beyond during the selection Sandeep hurt there and I don't think any amount of platitudes or love your neighbor or pot. Answers are going to help that Colorado had mixed up comes Tuesday. Former Governor. John Hickenlooper flipped. His senate seat for the Democrats will far-right political newcomer Lauren Hobart when it's tight race for congress, Joe Biden carry the state news in Grand Junction official. Now, you are formally leaving Global Pack Ford five years ago to a Birthright of catastrophic climate change the days move further isolates. Do you wash from other nations but has no immediate impact on International efforts to curb globe.

Warming 189 countries that remain committed to the 2015 Paris Accord, which is named cutting greenhouse-gas emissions taking other actions to slowly increase in average temperatures worldwide crude oil Futures prices and it hired today following stocks oil gained $2.49 per barrel today to end the session at 3915 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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