NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-05-2020 10PM ET

NPR News: 11-05-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President. Donald Trump is democratic. Why will Joe Biden remain locked in an extremely close race and number of crucial swing States and bears Windsor Johnson reports election officials are continue with the tally balance across Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina says, he has no doubt that he and his running mate, Senator. Kamala Harris will win the presidency. He's also urging the nation to be patient as the remaining votes are being counted out has been completed will know very soon fighting continues to lead Trump in the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency, but the race could still go either way in the meantime and the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Nevada citing a lack of transparency at the poles similar suits filed by the campaign in Georgia and Michigan have

Tossed out by state judges Windsor Johnston NPR news on President Trump is showing no signs of conceding the race 2 days after voters went to the post there still no clear winner to find Trump tonight continue into alleged voting irregularities without evidence and saying he thinks he's the winter. I'd like to provide the American people with an update on our efforts to protect the Integrity of our very important 2020 election. If you can't the legal votes I easily win. If you count the illegal votes they can try to steal.

The election from us if you count the votes that came in late we're looking at them very strongly a lot of us came and laid again Trump's claims having no basis. In fact a federal lawsuit filed by the campaign. The Philadelphia fishel's were not giving Republican observers access to view the vote count officials in Suburban St. Louis say man who worked at a polling place on Election Day despite testing positive for the coronavirus is now. I'd raising concerns for the nearly 2,000 people who voted their st-charles County, Missouri spokeswoman, Marianne Gordon news release today said that person was an election judge supervisor the Blanchard Park Memorial Hall polling site official say they learn the supervisor tested positive for the virus October 30th was advised to quarantine for 14 days. You're going to ignore that advice working Tuesday. The interest rate setting Federal Reserve is wrapped up. Its two-day meeting in Washington leaving its current relax monetary policy in place and pledging to do whatever kandon coming months to help an economic recovery being threatened by the

The virus that policymakers not mention the election in which states are being counted in their end of meeting statement on Wall Street stocks continue to write a post election day wave the Dow of 542 points today. You're listening to NPR.

Alabama's Governor is signaling she may end a mandatory mask order in that state. Even as the number of coronavirus cases there has begun Rising again for public radio's Kyle Gass at report. Some restrictions are also being loosened to boost holiday shopping order which requires residents to wear masks through December 11th, but she did not make clear if that order would continue beyond that date. I have I'm willing to keep the magical in place while they acknowledge Him that sooner rather than later. It's going to be up to each of us to do the right thing regardless of what ligament is mandating that are not Ivy is lifting occupancy restrictions from businesses to allow stores to take advantage of increased holiday sales. This is happening as the number of coronavirus cases are rising in Alabama this week the state averaged 1400 new cases per day from PR news on Kyle Gass it in Montgomery more productive for the just completed core.

The labor department reporting today non-farm productivity was up 4.9% during the third quarter that's on top of Vivian the larger productivity game for the second quarter the fastest growth since the 1970s. It was likely distorted somewhat by the coronavirus pandemic into straight quarters of increase mirror pattern change during the 2007 2009 recession in the economic recovery was not accompanied by a strong employment growth Futures prices close lower today the price of oil down 36 answer Barrel ending the session at 3879 a barrel of the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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