NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-06-2020 3AM ET

NPR News: 11-06-2020 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens presidential election results in Georgia have tightened even further as officials continue to count absentee ballots as Georgia public broadcasting Steven file a report president trumps lead over Joe Biden has narrow to fewer than 1,300 photos with bated breath as Georgia slowly reports more votes Gabriel Sterling Secretary of State's office says it normally takes time for every vote to be counted and even more will be reported once County's process provisional military and overseas ballots fast is right and we appreciate fast we more appreciate accuracy. The margin between Trump and Biden is smaller than the number of balance remaining most votes are coming from heavily Democratic areas. So it is possible that I had once the final tally is made for NPR news. I'm Stephen Fowler and Atlanta Federal Judges dismiss the lawsuit seeking to Halt that Accounting in Philadelphia is NPR Salinas tell you for 4

Case was among several brought by the Trump campaign at the Philadelphia ballot counting side was not giving its Representatives close enough access to quote meaningfully observe. The federal lawsuit even accused the city of intentionally refusing to allow is observers inside the venue altogether in core the lawyers admitted that the campaign observers had been given access to the facility though argue not equal to the Democrat District Judge Paul S. Diamond got both sides to agree to a deal. Both political parties would be allowed up to 60 observers who could stay as closest 6 and then he dismiss the lawsuit as mood Alina selyukh NPR News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania close to separate mail-in ballot for voters. It failed to show proof of ID. The ruling came in a lawsuit challenging whether it was legal for the Secretary of State to extend the deadline for that information.

The US Postal Service says it's inspectors found about 1700 balance during sweeps of processing facilities in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh yesterday as NPR's Brian. The other reports a federal judge has ordered sweep supposed to Priscilla T's in several key States and testimony before US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. It was revealed that as many as 68 mail-in ballots were not delivered in Atlanta in time to be counted and some 1,400 ballots mailed over the weekend and arrive by election day in Pennsylvania that officials there have until Friday to count them and the postal service has been told to keep sweeping its facilities for balance until then the postal service has been under extreme scrutiny during the selection season because of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic some 65 million Americans vote by mail Nationwide, but despite some glitches experts say they're spread problems with the postal service is handling of election mail, Brian Naylor NPR news.

Lower in pre-market trading. This is NPR news.

For a second straight day US Health officials announced the record number of coronavirus cases on Thursday more than 109,000 us cases of the disease were recorded the US has now confirmed for the 9.6 million cases of covid-19 with nearly two hundred thirty-five thousand deaths has proved less severe in Africa compared to other regions but a new analysis by the World Health Organization five nights at the outbreak has substantially set back efforts to prevent other health threats the tales from NPR's Andre Dyson. I found it over May June and July when many African governments instituted their most stringent social distancing measures against the pandemic people's use of chi Health Services dropped by an average of more than 50% compared to the same. In 2019 be affected Services included outpatient consultations inpatient admissions skilled birth attendants malaria treatment.

And the provision of a key combination vaccine for young children, despite some wrapping up of Health Services since then the knock-on effect continued. Franceandson, August 310 women in Nigeria died in childbirth. Double the figure from last year Eisenman NPR news at least 57 dance across Central America of being blamed on what's left of tropical storm meta which flooded areas from Panama to Guatemala before moving over Waters from the Caribbean hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed but since Adam made landfall in Nicaragua late Tuesday as a hurricane, this is NPR news.

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