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NPR News: 11-06-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman the u.s. Presidential race remains undecided Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden remains ahead of President Trump and Electoral College vote key States remain outstanding, but President Trump has Again full sleep claimed victory in the election. He made more claims with no evidence about fraud and vote-rigging that are not true and pure Tamara Keith reports Trump statement on Thursday was full of falsehoods in key swing states votes cast on or before election day are still being counted but a very normal process Trump insists. There's a conceit to deprive him of real action know that it's supposed to be to the advantage of the Democrats, but in all cases, they're so one-sided.

Heading due to the pandemic as those votes are being counted what looked like a large lead for Trump on Election night is shrinking Tamara Keith NPR news Democratic Presidential nominee. Joe. Biden is urging Americans to be patient and wait calmly for the voting results vote is sacred.

It's how people of this nation Express their will and it is the will of the voters. No one not anything else that chooses the president of the United States of America the outstanding States left to declare a winner may include Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, man, Pennsylvania Trump is leading in Alaska and in Pennsylvania Biden is leading in Nevada abandoned now in Georgia overnight, Georgia officials released new totals that Joe Biden has taken a lead of less than a thousand votes over Trump. However, further ballot-counting Muse underway Will trump leave in Pennsylvania. He is margin there is shrinking Trump's campaign also filed a lawsuit in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia and bears Windsor. Johnston has more

Fighting continues to chip away at trumps lead in Pennsylvania as election officials Talley the remaining votes in two of the state's largest Democratic strongholds the Trump campaign on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia claiming a lack of transparency at the polls a judge later tossed the case out Secretary of State Kathy bovard says election officials are working diligently to get an accurate vote count. They are really taking their time making sure that every single voter is having those pallets accurately and securely counted Trump needs the state to win re-election Windsor Johnston NPR News, Philadelphia

Will get an update from the labor department this morning on job growth during October NPR Scott Horsley reports forecasters expect some improvement in the unemployment rate at last check. The u.s. Is recovered just over half the 22 million jobs that were lost this spring when much of the economy was shut down in a desperate bid to control the pandemic by September the unemployment rate to drive from Ely 15% to less than 8% But a Resurgence of coronavirus infections across the country could throw a wet blanket on the economic recovery Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell highlighted that risk after a policy meeting for the Central Bank promised to leave interest rates near zero for the foreseeable future house has another possible rest cuz people are exhausting their Federal relief payments. He suggested not for the first time that more federal aid could be helpful at work. The NPR News Washington Sports Network. ESPN is going to lay off hundreds of workers because of the pandemic about 300 workers.

You let go and the company won't fill another 200 jobs. That's about 10% of me is pn's Workforce. The number of new daily cases of the coronavirus continues to soar in the u.s. Johns Hopkins University says nearly 103,000 diagnosed cases were reported on Thursday the second time this week. They've exceeded 100,000 new infections are up by 50% in the u.s. In the past 2 weeks. The outbreak is growing most quickly in the middle of the country states that are seeing huge gains include, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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