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NPR News: 11-07-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder a winner in the presidential election is not yet been to clear but Democrat Joe Biden says he is preparing to assume the presidency. You don't have a final Declaration of Victory yet.

But the numbers tell us has clear toaster clear and convincing story. We're going to win this race side and speaking there in Wilmington Delaware last night as is lead grows and Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia President Trump meanwhile volume to pursue legal challenges, but they have largely been unsuccessful in Nevada. A federal court has again rejected and attempted temporarily halt Polk County is latest lawsuits. To stop the use of a signature verifying machinist NPR's Leila Fadel reports voter to vote for the Clark County registrar-voters said he dealt with her personally verified her signature and offered that she challenges sign an affidavit and cast a provisional ballot, but she refused the judge in the case explained his decision not to pause ballot-counting or stop the use of the machines which would slow down the process. He said there was no evidence or legal showing sufficient to risk disenfranchising scores of

Voters over one possibly improperly cast Alex adding that he believed the voters could have rectified even that Layla Falls in NPR news Las Vegas separate all balance at a ride by mail after election day from current total State Republicans filed an emergency peel yesterday to limit counts as Joe Biden sleep increases in the state Tyler practice with member station wlv are the order signed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito effectively. A firm is a practice that was already in place, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy book fart old County's last week to separate late-arriving balance, even though they're allowed to be counted under state law alito's order denied another request from the state GOP to stop counting the late arriving ballots. All together before has previously said she doesn't expect the late arriving ballots to change the elections final results and attorney for Pennsylvania state Democrat says illegals order has served only throw food.

On the fire of mistrust that the Trump campaign continues to generate without providing evidence for NPR news on Tyler. Pratt will be a funeral service today for Walter Wallace jr. A black man killed by Philadelphia police has Ivy Wolfe and Eric reports with member station. WHYY service comes nearly two weeks after two police officers killed the twenty-seven-year-old Wallace outside his West Philadelphia home and it comes 3 days after Philadelphia police Release Body camera footage of the incident setting off another round of protests Wallace. His family said he was suffering a mental breakdown at the time police encounter him. His family is not calling for murder charges against the officer, but is calling for several reform. You're listening to NPR news.

Rescue and relief efforts are ongoing and Central America following floods and landslides Spark by store Mater as a death toll Rises hurricane, Maria Martin rather reports as President says many remain missing especially affected communities in the mountains of North and water Mala on Friday. The soldiers had walked to the world Villages as roads were blocked by landslides, which also buried hundreds of homes, Sean Mathias asking for US military helicopters to assist in the rescue effort while relief operations continued throughout. The region is expected to strengthen back into a tropical storm today before making landfall along Cuba Southern calls. The storm is expected to approach South Florida late tomorrow to baseball the Boston Red Sox bringing back Alex Cora as Minister Esteban Castillo.

What's with member station WGBH in Boston has more its meet the new boss same as the old boss for the socks as Alex Cora will come out of Exile and return as Boston Skipper Cora and the team parted ways over his role in the sign stealing Scandal surrounding the 2017 Houston Astros score was on Houston coaching staff that year and MLB suspended him for the 2020 season under Cora Boston won 108 regular season games and the World Series in 2018 for NPR news on a stepmom who steals in Boston, and I'm trial Snyder. This is NPR.
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