NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-08-2020 8PM ET

NPR News: 11-08-2020 8PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst Riverport a coronavirus cases worldwide has now topped 50 million with another record number of new cases in the US. If you're sorry eisenmann has more than 50 million Global case. Tally is largely driven by the United States which continues to lead the world in Daily News reported coronavirus infections. And we're dealing your case has been writing to ever higher levels since late October on Saturday the days count in the US reached a new high of 126740 to report a new infections and USA's total number of reported sections since a pandemic began is now on the cusp of topping 10 million. India has the second largest number of total reported cases followed by the European Union as a whole than Brazil Russia France and Spain and with the exception of India in all of those places new cases are still on an upswing NPR news rather than divide and made health.

Cherokee part of his campaign including the creation of a public option but with the makeup of Congress up in the air, it's not clear if he'll be able to deliver by then did not run at a desire to remake the American health-care system. He rejected the idea of a single-payer system for instance. But even his more modest plan to create a Medicare like program and run by the government that anyone could choose make it stuck in Congress is Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation is to affect Health policy without Congress. Leavitt notes Trump has made a playbook for doing that making changes to Medicaid reproductive health and more Health policy Watchers to justified in might use that Playbook to undo. My name is a change has President Trump made during his term in office Salina Simmons Duffin NPR news.

Saudi Arabia's King and Crown Prince have congratulated president-elect Biden. What is NPR's Jackie Northern reports? It took the royal family more than a day to officially acknowledged Biden's when Congratulations by Saudi Arabia royal family came long after leaders from other Gulf Nations and from around the world reached out to president-elect Joe Biden Crown Prince Mohammed. Bin Salman cultivated a close personal relationship with both President Trump and his adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner who view the kingdom as a buffer against the Ron President Trump was seen as giving the Crown Prince a past on human rights abuse has a devastating are war in Yemen and the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal khashoggi, but during his campaign Biden May didn't know that he may reshape the US side a relationship which could include holding back weapon sales Jackie, Northam NPR news.

Asian markets are trading higher at this hour the Nikkei the main Market in Japan up 1.4% This is NPR.

A strengthening tropical storm at a slice across Cuba today and forecasters say it's likely to become a hurricane again before hitting South Florida and the keys tonight or tomorrow National Hurricane Center Director. Ken Graham says Florida has to be ready for heavy rain has some places to get 15 inches of rain that becomes dangerous, especially with the storm surge makes it tough to drain hurricane and tropical storm warnings are out for South Florida and the keys Alex Trebek the longtime host of Jeopardy has died at the age of 80 in Austin March of 2019 that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but it kept on working and Paris Mondelez el barco has more

For decades on Jeopardy Alex Trebek quiz television contestants on everything from history and geography to Hip Hop lyrics he told NPR in 2016. He appreciated their intellectual skills. I love spending time with bright people. I don't like spending time with stupid people and Jeopardy puts me in touch with bright folks all the time. And I enjoy that started his TV career in Canada where he was born emceeing a high school quiz show beginning in 1973. He hosted a string of TV contest in the US from The Wizard of odds to Jeopardy. He also connected to fans online keeping them appraised of his cancer prognosis Mendeleev about akal NPR news crude oil prices are trading hiring overnight Asian trading up 2% at $37.92 a barrel. This is NPR.
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